A/N I even typed it in an online live word counter as I wrote it, Rosawyn!

Lemmy was always my favorite koopaling. There's just something innocent and curious about him that demands further writing.

I'm awful at these 100 word stories. But for the sake of Rosawyn's 100 Word Challenge with Prompts from The Reviews' Lounge, too, I tried. The prompts are dragon (this was sort of a cheap cop out lol) and love.

I hope this passes.

Also, fun fact: the author's note is also 100 words!

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It wasn't uncommon for inquisitive young Lemmy to stop his dragon father for the sake of a question. Bowser smiled wide and said "Hey, Sparky."

Lemmy was always Sparky because his brain worked so hard you could see the sparks.

He spoke. "I've been wondering. People are always talking about right and wrong, but I don't think anyone knows which is which. Do you?"

Bowser's heart thudded as he thought of a kidnapped princess and a welcome lover that defied logical standards.

He swallowed as he answered.

"Son, the closest you can do is leave perceptions and find reasons."