Let's Write a Story While Donating Blood!

I gave blood on October 31, 2012, and because I was giving double red blood cells, it took quite a while, so I wrote this story on my leg while a pint of blood was taken away from my body and I became increasingly light-headed.

Jason's chainsaw entered Frank killing him instantly. But what about the blood itself? The body? What were the reactions within Frank himself?

Osmosis Jones was having a nice day. He was about to go to the liver and celebrate Frank's birthday with the FPD, but he stopped over by his apartment to go grab some enzymes. A few chemical reactions couldn't hurt anything, he thought….

Then he saw Drix's photo.

"Oh Drix!" he cried. Drix had been lost 3 years ago during a battle with the ferocious Meningitis. He sacrificed himself to destroy the very last virus and end their scourge in the City of Frank forever. Ozzy just wished he was the one…

Oh Drix… Oh Drix…

But… he shouldn't have been thinking of such things. Tonight was a night for celebration, not mourning! He was sure he was going to have a splendid time down in the liver.

Or was he?

At the party, Ozzy met quite a few of his old friends that he hadn't seen much of since he retired from the force last year. He did see that one girl that he dated back after the first movie, and even though they had broken up long ago, it was still nice to see her.

The sheriff was still the same, disgruntled old man that he always was, and he didn't show any signs of shutting down his career any time soon. Nobody would have had it any other way, either.

That was when the chainsaw hit.

Nobody could have possibly expected something so gruesome, so vile—how could they expect something like this?!

Blood cells from the head began rushing into the brain, flooding it and destroying the entire organ. The mayor and his secretaries attempted to evacuate. They were not able to; they were all killed by the rush of their brethren.

The entire brain was eventually wiped out as the whirling blades of the chainsaw entered it. The entire head would eventually be sliced in half, but none of the FPD had any idea what had actually gone on; how could they have? All they understood was that the brain had shut down contact with the rest of the City of Frank.

All power was lost as a result. It was almost impossible to see, it was so dark. It was absolutely frigid. But these were not the worst of problems after the brain's destruction. There were no new nutrients being created in Frank anymore; there was no food left.

What would happen? How would the citizens of Frank survive without any food? Nobody knew.

Ozzy went to the slums almost every day, handing out every scrap that he could to the women and children, but the supply was diminishing rapidly. There would eventually stop being any, a fact that most everyone was well aware.

Wars broke out, with dozens of factions fighting over the few remaining resources on Frank. Some resorted to cannibalism, even. It was too much for some people; autocytosis was a common option among those.

None of it mattered, Osmosis Jones realized near the end; it became obvious what had happened. Frank had died, just like Drix.

And soon, so too would he.

tl;dr- Don't mess with Jason, or else he commits genocide on the entire ecosystem living within you.