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It had taken a while to get to graveyard plot Cathy had mentioned; they scanned rows of graves, the silence between them just as heavy as the presence of death in the atmosphere. They finally found her in one of the last rows in the cemetery, grave wholly unremarkable except for the large ring of brown, dead grass around it. Her gravestone was sickeningly scarce, devoid of flowers or mementos that so many of the other graves held, the name Cathy Matherson the only decoration on the slab of cement.

They set to work immediately, neither of them wishing to address what was itching the back of both of their minds. They dug through the dead grass and into the slightly damp soil, the only sound the occasional huff of exertion. Dean kept his gaze focused downward, trying his best to focus on digging through the earth, not letting his mind wander. He gripped the cold metal handle of the shovel, felt strong resistance of the ground beneath them as he dug in, pulled up with force and threw the dirt to the side, struggling to keep back everything he wanted to say, wanted to confess.

Sam, on the other hand, allowed his mind to wander as they pushed through. He stole prolonged glances at Dean, a tightness in his chest as he observed his brother visibly battle with the thoughts in his mind. Try as he did though, it was hard to concentrate with Dean so close to him, with the slight warmth radiating from his figure. The moon was high and bright in the sky and the moonlight fell softly on Dean's skin, bathing him in an ethereal light that made Sam's chest clench. His lips were parted just so, the vapor of his breath rising from them and disappearing into the air.

"Dean," Sam said when he had had enough of watching him, the need to figure this out far outweighing the current task. Dean stopped shoveling, turning to him, those beautiful eyes so luminescent in the moonlight, full of exhaust and desperation and tiredness.

"Sammy, please," Dean's voice was so desperate, somewhere between a beg and a statement. "Later, ok? I promise. Once we get back to the motel. Can we finish this first?" The look Dean gave him was sullen, troubled. They stared at each other for a while, until Sam nodded slowly.

"Yeah. Yeah, fine."

Dean nodded, lips pursed, and went back to digging. Sam allowed his gaze to linger a little longer before he followed suit.


Soon enough they had dug into Cathy's coffin and found her decrepit skeleton lying inside, dressed in a wedding gown. Sam took a moment to pray for her in his head before the salted the grave and lit the match, throwing it in. The fire took only a moment to light, but soon it grew, reaching up high out of the grave, whispery fingers grasping for the sky. Dean nodded silently and moved to pick up all they had brought but Sam stood, watching Dean's form by the light of the fire, forming all the things he would say to him once they were alone.

They waited for the fire to die down a little before shoveling the dirt back onto the remaining flames, effectively suffocating them. Once the grave had been re-filled, there something easier about the air around them. It was less heavy, less suffocating then it was before, the obvious effect of Cathy's moving on. Sam picked up the duffel and Dean grabbed the shovels and they walked back to the Impala.


The car ride was far too quiet for Sam to be comfortable.


Dean walked slowly to the door behind Sam, eyes glued to his brother's hair as it whisked behind him. His chest was heavy, stomach doing kick flips and handstands in his abdomen, a cold chill of Goosebumps running over his skin. The anxiety of the coming conversation made his blood run cold- there was no way they weren't talking about this, Sam was much too touchy-feely to allow him to leave before they did.

But no, it wasn't Sam he was mad at. It wasn't Sam who had brought this on them, it was him. Everything was his fault, he had developed this stupid, gay, wrong crush- he denied that it was anything more than that- on his fucking brother for Christ sakes! It all would have been fine, he could have lived with it, denied it, covered it up under the smiles and jokes like he so often did, but now it was right there in front of him. He was stuck with this damn curse so he couldn't even lie about it and Sam was way too smart to not ask and then came along Cathy with her stupid love talk and her hints and how she fucking knew everything, Dean had no idea.

He clenched his hands into fist, nails digging into his skin, eliciting the slightest of pain.

That was okay, Dean deserved it. Deserved it for what he did, what he was about to do. They had already been through so much, Sam already had enough problems with all the shit Lucifer was pulling. He was supposed to protect Sam, make sure he was okay, but now he was fucking up again and this was probably going to tear them apart for good because there was no way Sam would be okay and then he would really be alone, without anyone. Without Sam.

His blood felt like it was ice running through his veins, he was biting his lower lips hard enough to draw blood. He had long since stopped paying attention to walking, allowing his body to autopilot as he was pulled into the recesses of his mind.

"Dean?" That was Sam's voice, and fuck, Sam must see him like this, must see him being a complete and utter wreck, but he couldn't ignore him, hell if he was about to ruin everything might as well do it in stride. He tore his gaze away from the wet ground and looked up at Sam, whose eyes were so full of worry and sadness that it almost broke Dean's heart. Sam eyed him for a moment, his lips going into a tight frown before he took a deep breath and turned to unlock the door to their room.

He followed him in, brushing past him as Sam flicked on the lights. He made his way towards the bathroom, maybe he could prolong this a little more-

"No, Dean." He felt a hand pull at his arm, he was swung around and in a moment his face was pressed against what must have been Sam's chest. It was strong and warm and it smelled of outside and dirt and rain, he allowed himself to melt into his brother's embrace before he struggled to push away.

"Lemme go, Sammy." He ordered, but his voice betrayed him, not even he was convinced of his statement.

"Dean, just. Please, stop fighting okay?" One of Sam's arms rose to the back of Dean's head and began to rub softly in his hair, the other was wrapped around him, pulling him tighter against Sam's body as he struggled. "Please stop fighting me."

The comfort Dean felt from Sam's ministrations only further intensified his anger at himself but against his will he quelled at the touch and stopped pushing away, allowing Sam to massage his head as he buried himself in the darkness that was his brother's chest. He breathed in, taking in the scent he was so heavily encase in. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around his little brother's form and pulled Sam closer. He felt himself began to shake, tears stung at his eyes as he began to sob muffled cries into Sam's chest. His hands were clenched tight into the back of Sam's shirt, but the larger man's hand continued to rub soothing circles into his hair. He let all the anger, frustration, desperation, fear, sadness and the cocktail of emotions pour into his tears as he cried against Sam, chest heaving with uneven breaths. He heard the soft beat of Sam's heart and he focused on it as his realization that was helplessly in love with his younger brother broke through the cloud in his mind.

He didn't know why Sam hadn't moved, hadn't pushed him away and told him to shut up, but he wasn't going to complain about it. This, this right here was almost perfect, having Sam hold him in his arms, comfort him with the soothing strokes of his hands in his hair.

Eventually, the flood of tears began to wane, the occasional hiccup rising from Dean's chest. His mouth was dry and he was emotionally and physically exhausted, but he didn't want to leave Sam's warmth, didn't want to leave his arms. He moved to press his ear against Sam's chest to better listen to his heartbeat, willing his own to synchronize with it. Sam's hands were still stroking through his hair, and his knees were a little weak.

"Let's go sit down." Sam's voice was tender, so sweet it almost made Dean shudder. Regrettably, Sam removed his hand from Dean's hair, but lowered his palm to the small of Dean's back, leading him to one of the beds. Sam sat down and Dean sat next to him, originally planning to sit as far away as he could get away with, but Sam didn't allow it. He pulled Dean closer, thigh to thigh, one arm wrapped around Dean's waist, the other coming to take his face in his hands, turning his head to gaze into Sam's eyes, but Dean quickly averted his eyes.

"Dean." Sam said in a tone that made him look directly into Sam's eyes again. "I need you to tell me what's going on."

"Sam." Dean said in something that was supposed to be a protest, but came out as a weak plea, his voice rough and horse from the tears.

"Please, Dean. I need to know."

Dean gulped and licked his lips, hanging his head in his hands, aware of the hand rubbing circles into his back. If he had any more tears to cry he would have, but his eyes were sore. He voice was low, quiet and desperate when he spoke.

"I'm so sorry Sammy."

"For what?"


"Dean, you haven't done anything."

"I lied to you!" he screamed, recoiling slightly from the ache it caused his throat. Sam gave him a look.

"I highly doubt the fact that you lied to me would make you cry, Dean." Sam said, a searching look in his eyes as he gazed into Dean's mind. "That's not the whole story, is it?"

"No." Dean blurted out, not bothering to fight the curse. He was getting tired of it.

"Tell me all of it."

"I can't, Sam."


"Because If I do you'll-" Dean stopped himself to let out an annoyed sound, afraid to voice his fears. "…you'll leave."

Sam once again took Dean's face in his hand and forced eye contact. He held a serious expression on his face, lips pulled into a thin line.

"I would never leave you Dean."

"You don't know tha-"

"Under any circumstances. Ever."

"This is different from any normal circumstance, Sam! This is… this-this is wrong and twisted and disgusting and you'd leave in the blink of an eye. If you didn't leave you'd hate me or hurt me or-or-or-"

"Dean, I won't." Sam said, tenderness in his eyes. "I won't ever leave you Dean, no matter what. Absolutely nothing would make me do that, and I think I've sacrificed enough for you to show that."

Dean was about to protest, but he found a truth rang in Sam's words. They both had sacrificed their lives for each other; the bond between them was something nearly unbreakable.

"Dean, please?" Sam's voice brought Dean back to earth, and he knew Sam was asking for the truth, and honestly Dean was growing tired of deflecting everything, he was running out of excuses, out of loopholes.

He sighed, the heaviness in his chest never ceasing to grow heavier. He stared into Sam's eyes, hoping that everything would be okay.

Even though it wouldn't.

"I'm…" Dean took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "I'm in love with you, Sam."

He expected a punch, or a yell, or something violent and angry, but nothing came. He stared into the darkness that was his eyelids for a while, waiting. He opened his eyes to fall into his brother's gaze, eyes slightly wider, lips parted just so.

"Dean…" Sam said in an almost reverent whisper. "Is that… is that true?"

"Can't really lie right now, Sam." Dean stated, a hint of a grin rising on his lips. Sam's expression didn't change, he didn't back away or make a motion of refusal, simply stared into Dean's eyes.

"How long?" Sam asked.

"Uh." Dean was a little taken aback; he had been expecting anger and shouts, not questions. "Started at some point after you hit your growth spurt, I think. Teenage years were good to you."

Sam laughed, which was completely unexpected. He laughed, heavy and full, a smile creeping on his lips.

"That's it?" Sam asked, a hint of disbelief in his eyes. Dean narrowed his gaze.

"What do you mean, that's it, Sam? I just confessed my love for my brother and you're not even the least bit worried? Shouldn't you be disgusted?"

Sam stopped the chuckled that rumbled from his chest, shaking his head. He moved the hand holding Dean's face to the back of his neck, squeezing slightly. Dean watched as Sam lowered, closer and closer, pulse quickening until he finally felt the smooth touch of Sam's lips against his.


He made sure the first kiss wasn't anything dramatic, made sure it was soft and chaste- if Dean wanted to back away he had the chance, but he had a feeling that wouldn't be the case.

Dean's confession had lifted the weight of the world from his shoulders, and now, his lips pressed against his older brother's, this awesome. But Dean had a tendency to distance himself from anything he wanted, so he pulled away from Sam's lips with a confused look in his eyes.

"Sam?" Dean asked cautiously. "What are you doing?"

"Kissing you, dumbass." He replied with a smirk, leaning down to catch Dean's lips again. They were pillow soft, just as he imagined. For a moment he just stilled, mesmerized in the lushness of Dean's perfect lips, but when he felt him try to get away again he hurried to move his mouth against Dean's.

He had to cut off Dean's thinking before it ruined everything.

He moved slowly, enjoying the fullness of his brother's mouth, trying to coax Dean into responding. He draped his arm around Dean's waist and pulled him closer, hand going to his head so he could angle Dean's face the way he wanted. With his movements Dean came back to life and slowly but surely began to kiss him back, a soft mewl rising from his throat. Sam gripped Dean's hair and pulled slightly and Dean moaned as he pushed against Sam's lips with his own. Dean's hands rose to Sam's shirt and clenched tightly in the fabric as their hot breath fell on each other's lips as they moved closer in to each other.

"Sammy…" Dean said breathlessly when they pulled back. "We can't…"

"Dean. Shut up and let yourself have this." Sam said as he attacked his brother's mouth again. Dean's hands began to explore Sam's body as he moaned into the kiss. His fingers danced over Sam's chest and down his torso, stopping at each one of his abs, rubbing every muscle he could find. Sam's heart was already pounding as his brothers touches set his skin aflame, his tongue darted out to lick at Dean's lips and his bottom lips between his teeth and nibbled and sucked on it. Dean moaned and opened his mouth to let Sam's impatient tongue inside.

God it was amazing. Dean's mouth was hot and wet, Sam licked everything he could find, Dean's teeth and tongue, savoring the flavor. True to his personality, soft moans and mewls fell from Dean's lips as Sam's tongue mapped out his mouth, dancing with Dean's own. The air was getting hot and he could feel the rush of Dean's pulse at the back of his neck under his fingertips. His brother's hands were getting more adventurous, toying with his nipples through the shirt. Sam groaned and Dean nibbled at his lip, fingers going under the hem of his shirt and meeting bare skin. Sam let his tongue have a few more satisfying swipes before he pulled away, an annoyed sounds coming from Dean.

He let out a small chucked that turned into a moan when Dean began rubbing his nipples between his fingers. He lowered his head and kissed Dean's neck, licking over the skin there, feeling the thudthudthud of his pulse when he traced over Dean's jugular with his tongue. Dean was moaning louder now, Sam bit into the skin on Dean's neck and the older man arched into it bending his neck to give Sam more. He sucked into the bite, marking his neck with fervor. Dean's hands rand down his torso and onto his thighs, dancing dangerously close to Sam's crotch, where his no hard cock lay waiting under his deans. He sucked another hickey onto Dean's neck and brought one of his hands to press down onto Dean's dick through his jeans, rubbing the hardness he found there.

Dean took a sharp intake of air and groaned, rubbing into the delicious friction. They continued like that for a while, Sam successfully littering Dean's neck with bruises, and Dean teasing with his careful touches around his dick.

"Sammy, please." Dean breathed out as he rubbed up into Sam's palm. Sam smiled and brought his lips back to Dean's, claiming his mouth for a few moments more before he pulled back, looking at the expression on his brothers lips. His eyes were blow wide with arousal, lips red and puffy from Sam's assault on them, hair an absolute mess from how Sam had been tugging on it. He was sure he didn't look much more composed.

Sam smiled and bent to place feather light kisses up Dean's jaw, working up to nibble and lick at Dean's ears, sucking on the sensitive skin behind the lobe that made Dean keen oh-so-deliciously.

"Please." Dean said, his voice ragged and rough.

"Tell me what you want Dean. I promise I'll give it to you. Whatever you want." He stated as he nibbled on an earlobe.

"I wan-fuck- I want you Sam. Dammit I want you. Always have."

Sam moaned heavy at the confession and pulled back to kiss him quick, deep and dirty as he pushed Dean back on the bed. They crawled up until Dean's head hit the headboard, Sam hovering over him. They kissed, tongues battling between them before Sam's mouth worked its way down to Dean's collar bone. They both still wore their jeans, and Sam brought down his hips to Dean's, grinding against him. The friction between them made Sam's eyes roll back as he placed as many kisses as he could down Dean's body. Dean's hissed and began to rock up to rub his clothed cock against Sam's, desperate for more of the sinful pleasure.

Sam was leaking in his boxers, but he found that he didn't completely care as he rubbed against his brother, placing kisses over him, bending down to suck harshly on his nipples. Dean screamed, his vocalism beginning to advance, now instead of the constant spew of moans, statements at Sam's expertise fell from his lips. A steady stream of fuckyes and ohmygod and sohard and Sam's personal favorite sammyfuckyoureamazing littered the air. The exclamations only further encouraged Sam as he worked his brother into a mess, bodied rocking together, dicks rubbing between them, Dean's fingers locked into Sam's hair, tugging and pulling as if it was his only lifeline to the real world.

Sam pulled his brothers legs around his waist and ground harder into him, going up to kiss Dean deeply. He tongue fucked Dean's mouth, nibbling on his lips and sucking on his tongue.

"God, Dean, you're so fucking beautiful."

Dean only moaned in response as Sam rubbed one of his nipples.

"Wanted you for so long, Dean. So fucking long." Sam accentuated his statement with a particularly hard grind that left Dean breathless, eyes half mast. Sam wasn't entirely sure Dean was paying attention, he seemed as if he was in another world entirely, so he bent down to his ear and nibbled for a few moments.

"Now you're all mine." Dean made a sound of weak agreement as he thrust up helplessly. Sam chuckled.

"Look at how badly you want me, Dean." Sam stopped thrusting and Dean made an annoyed sound and rose his hips upward, seeking more of the friction. Sam smiled and relented, resuming his grinding, Dean let out a satisfied.

"Sammy, damn…"

"You said you've been with guys before, right?" Sam knew in the back of his mind it was futile to ask Dean anything, as he was lost in pleasure, but he couldn't help it.

"So what was it, huh? Were you getting fucked? Were you bent over, taking it from behind? I can only imagine you on your hands and knees, a big dick ramming into your ass."

Dean moaned and shuddered.

"I want that Dean, I want to fuck you. I wanna fuck you until you break Dean, until you can't even speak. Until you can't think, all you can feel is my cock in your ass."

Dean's hands shot to Sam's hair and pulled him down against his lips, kissing him for a moment.

"Please, Sammy…" he whispered out, eyes barely open. Sam figured the curse was allowing him to lose himself more easily, so he played along.

"Pleas what, Dean?"

"Fuck me."

Sam couldn't completely disagree with that sentiment, while the grinding was good, it was getting old. He smiled.

"We'll get to that. A few things first."

Sam pulled up and tugged off his shirt, helping Dean pull out of his. He gave a quick grind to Dean's crotch before he tugged at Dean's jeans, pulling them off. He kissed down Dean's body, licking over his abs, down to the light happy trail that started from his navel. Sam kept Dean's hips in check by pushing them down to the bed, almost hard enough to leave bruises, but Dean didn't seem to care.

Sam nosed his away along the elastic of Dean's briefs, drawing down to mouth of the tent in the underwear. He dragged his lips over Dean's length, earning a satisfied groan and a stifled movement of pitched hips. There was an obvious wet spot where the tip of Dean's dick was. Sam gave it an experimental lick, running his tongue from the tip and down the length of the shaft. Dean took in a gasp of air, ending it with a groan.

"Ohmygod please, Sam, please, I need you so bad…"

"Shh." Sam said, licking Dean's balls over his underwear. "I know, baby."

He placed a few more feather light kisses and tugged Dean's underwear down slowly until his dick popped up and hit Dean's stomach with a barely audible smack. Sam spent no time nosing the slight brush of pubes, taking in the heady scent of his brother's sex. He lowered his mouth, taking one of the ball into his lips and giving it a gentle suck. He gave the other the same treatment before ignoring the main attraction to give his attention to the sensitive skin on the inside of Dean's thighs. He gave light licks here and there, biting and kissing wherever he could.

Dean was shaking by now, shuddering with pleasure and anticipation.

"Sammy…" His voice was so weak, raw with pleasure, hands gripped tight in Sam's hair.

"Shh, Dean. I got you." Sam said comfortingly.

He licked his way back to Dean's dick, letting his tongue trail up the soft skin of the shaft. Dean groaned heavily. Sam gave the shaft a few more licks and kisses before sucking his way up to the head, giving a tentative swipe to the underside of it. Even with his hips held down, Dean arched into the feeling with a barely audible scream. Sam grinned and sucked the head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the tip before going down, taking the majority of his brother's cock into his mouth. Dean's panting was getting heavier, but Sam continued. He twisted his head as he sucked, letting his tongue work every inch he could reach as his hands fondled Dean's balls. Without even looking he could tell Dean was a wreck, every dirty statement and lewd moan that fell from his lips was music to Sam's ears. He continued for a while, until Dean's breaths came quick, and he could feel his balls tightening. He pulled away with a satisfied grin as he looked into Dean's face, whose eyes were half open, but gaze gone far away.

Sam took the back of Dean's knees and raised them up, and now Dean's ass was in the air, round cheeks spread open to revealing his small, pink hole. Dean's eyes had become aware with the movement, and he met Sam's gaze. Sam grinned mischievously and lowered his mouth, allowing his tongue to lick up between Dean's split cheeks. Dean let out a particularly loud moan and Sam did it again, flicking his tongue over the furled thing. He tongued and licked, sucking on Dean's asshole as he worked his brother into oblivion. He pushed the tip of his tongue inside Dean's ass, effectively tongue fucking him. He circled around, watching as it clenched in anticipation. He fantasized about what it would be like once he was buried into Dean's heat, clenching around him as he fucked his brother into the mattress. He moaned as he tongued him open. Sam did that for a while, Dean shaking with pleasure all the while, eyes closed and mouth open, panting ragged breaths.

By the time he let Dean's ass lower to the bed, his hole was thoroughly wet and open. Sam took a moment to rip off his jeans and underwear, thick cock red and dripping pre-cum. He saw Dean's eyes widen a bit and he licked his lips.

Sam chuckled and bent down to kiss him, letting Dean taste himself as he let his tongue roam in Dean's mouth.

"God, you're amazing," Sam breathed. "So fucking perfect. Beautiful. Incredible."

"Sammy, fuck me, please, I need it…" Dean begged.

"I will baby, just let me open you up a bit more. I've got a big dick, don't wanna hurt you." He brought up three fingers to Dean's mouth, who happily accepted them. Sam moaned when he felt Dean's tongue work over and between his fingers, sucking as if it was an actual dick. He wanted to fuck those pretty lips, but he had time for that later.

He pulled them out when he deemed them wet enough. He lay on his side so he could watch Dean's face as he fingered him and brought two digits down to his brother's hole. He teased for a moment, circling it before dipping the two in. Dean bit his lip as he made an annoyed yet horny sound. He groaned as they went in effortlessly, his hole loose from the thorough attention he had given with his tongue.

Dean's sharp intake of breath pushed him on further into the tight heat of his hole, scissoring him open, rubbing around the wall of muscle. Dean groaned as Sam pulled out his fingers and thrust back in, repeatedly finger fucking him. Sam bit his lips and crooked his fingers a bit, going a bit deeper, rubbing and searching for-

Dean's loud scream was filled with pleasure as he rocked down onto Sam's fingers, eyes wide and mouth wider. With renewed vigor Sam fingered Dean open, soon adding in a third to join the party. He paid attention to Dean's cock, it was read and leaking, the head a little blue. Soon enough Sam didn't have to move his hand, Dean was fucking into the fingers himself, grinding down and rolling his hips as he searched for his own pleasure.

Sam gave himself a quick tug, shuddering before he got to his knees, getting between Dean's legs and bringing up his legs to rest on his shoulders. He pressed the tip of his dick to Dean's hole and paused for a moment, waiting.

"Sammy, c'mon, please, fuck me…"

That was Sam's cue. He pushed in and Dean's hole accepted him almost effortlessly. Dean and Sam let out twin groans of pleasure as his walls clenched around Sam's dick.

"God Dean you're so fucking hot, so tight, so amazing…"

Sam stilled to give Dean a few moments of adjustment, but Dean was already rocking his hips. Sam abandoned the plan and began to thrust, sinking deeper into his brother's hole before he pulled out, only to sink back in again. The sensation was amazing, the soft muscles of Dean's ass pulling at him as he dug into the warmth, and from the look on Dean's face it was none the less fantastic for him.

"Oh my God, please, Sam, fuck me harder, God you're so fucking big…"

"Jesus, Dean, you're amazing, so good for me, baby, gonna fuck you so good, I promise…"

"Please, Sammy, harder, faster, I need it, I need you, I can't- please, Sammy, please…"

Soon they lost themselves in the throes of their passion. Sam pushed Dean's legs to wrap around his waist so he could lean down and delve his tongue into Dean's mouth, capturing every spilled moan as he pounded his brother into the mattress with quick, hard, thrusts. Dean arched to meet every push Sam gave, hands pulling on Sam's hair as he dug into him, cock repeatedly hitting Dean's prostate, driving him up the wall. Sam could swear he had never had sex this good, and that's because it was with Dean, his amazing, beautiful, perfect brother that didn't deserve all the shit that happened to him. But Sam was here now, would try and take away all the pain as much as he could, would be everything for Dean because Dean was everything for him.

He knew he wouldn't last long, and he was dangerously close, could feel the warm coil of pressure building in his stomach, in his balls. He let up on kissing Dean to reach between them, grabbing Dean's cock where it was slick with pre-cum. Dean groaned as Sam jerked him, particularly hard thrusts digging into his ass.

"Sammy, I'm gonna- I'm, please, Sam, yes, ohfuckyes, Sam- I'm about to-"

Dean's eyes opened wide, letting out a quiet scream as his back arched upward, body convulsing as he shot into Sam's hands, cum spraying all over his fingers as he fucked Dean through his orgasm. The sight was beautiful, and Sam felt himself about to go over the edge. He buried his face in the crook of Dean's neck, mouthing at the sweat there.

"So good, Dean. So good for me, baby. I love you so fucking much, be with you forever. I love you Dean, God I-I-"

Sam moaned as he came, spilling his hot seed into Dean's hole, who whimpered in response. Deans hands were stroking his hair as he came, his body shuddering with pleasure as he shot his last few loads into Dean's body. His knees went weak and he lowered them, body falling on top of Dean's form as he tried to recover from the devastating orgasm. He panted harshly, skin red with exertion, and he could hear Dean taking in deep breaths of air.

For a while they lay there, struggling to recalibrate, until their breaths evened out and Dean finally felt the huge weight of Sam on him.

"Dude… you're killing me you sasquatch…"

Sam chuckled on the skin by Dean's ear. He pulled out slowly, pushed himself up with some effort and rolled over, looking up at the ceiling.

They were quiet for a while, a sort of awkward silence between them.

"So…" Dean said, breaking the silence. "You love me, huh?"

Sam quirked an eyebrow and rolled onto his side, placing soft kiss on Dean's lips.

"More than you'll ever know."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Now you gotta go and say mushy crap like that. Thanks."

Sam laughed at his brother and pulled him close. He un-tucked the bed spread and maneuvered them beneath it, his chest to Dean's back as he curled into the big spoon around him. He lay his cheek on Dean's, arms wrapped possessively around his waist, large hand splayed across his stomach.

"You don't want to shower?" Dean asked, looking at him with a smirk. Sam made a grunt of annoyance.

"Morning. Now, sleep."

"Whatever, caveman." Dean chuckled, reaching up to turn off the lamp near the bed. The room fell into a darkness and they lay there for a while, soft breaths rising and falling.

"Sam?" Dean asked quietly.


"This… Us. This is okay right? I don-"

"Stop doubting, Dean." Sam said, placing a kiss on Dean's cheek. "We deserve to have this. I love you, you love me, it's as simple as that."


"I won't ever leave Dean, like it or not you're stuck with me forever."

He felt Dean smile beneath him. "So, Cathy was right?"

"Guess so."

"Hey, what about the curse?"

Sam smiled. "Um. We'll fix that. Eventually."


"I got a few more questions…"


"Shh…" Sam said, pulling Dean closer and nuzzling, placing a kiss to the back of his neck. "Go to sleep, baby."

"Whatever. And don't call me that." Dean breathed out. Eventually the quiet engulfed them, and Sam was on the verge of falling asleep, the warmth from their tired forms melting into each others, a sleepy haze washing over them.

"Sam?" Dean asked groggily.


"…Love you."

Sam smiled and placed another kiss against Dean's neck. "Love you too, baby."