Chapter 6- Wedding Day (2 months later, 3 months after wedding)

Sorry to every who has been following this story. It's taken me a bit too long to publish this chapter. I had finals and a really crazy holiday break. So, here is the last chapter of this story. Let me know what you think. I was also thinking about maybe making a sequel so let me know if you think it's a good idea. I'm still on the fence ha.

Today was the day, the day that Richard Grayson and Koriand'r were to join. On Earth, Starfire's name would now be Kory Grayson. She had spent the passed few months practicing her new signature. She constantly would write Kory Grayson Kory Grayson Kory Grayson, as if she were a lovesick middle school girl writing her crush's name over and over again.

Raven was in the room with Starfire helping her into her wedding dress. The dress was white and long, very similar to the one she wore for her almost fake wedding a few years earlier, forced upon her by her sister Blackfire. This time however she wore her hair in goddess curls, she wore the same head-piece but added a very long vale, the dress was strapless and beaded, and she wore her metal arm bands and gloves. Star had opted for Raven to do a similar hairstyle to hers. She had the same curls but instead of letting them out wild she had them pinned to the side to give the allusion that she was wearing a side ponytail. Unlike Starfire her make up was simple, a little black shadow on the outer corner of the eye, black liner, and bold mascara. Starfire had intense smoky eyes, with fake lashes, and blush across her cheeks.

"Raven once this is over you shall be next. You must be excited."

"I am Star but we should focus on you right now. It is your day. My day will be in a few months. This is for you and Robin." Starfire nodded her head in understanding, "Friend how do I look?"

"You look very pretty Star. You are the prettiest bride I've seen." Starfire smiled at her friend and was about to say something more when a knock came to the door. Raven walked over and answered it. It was Galfore. Raven stepped aside and let him walk in. "Princess, my little Bumbgorf, it is time for the ceremony to begin."

"Yes Kanorfka, let us proceed."

Once in the royal hall, the band played the ceremonious florg pipes as the audience stood. Robin was standing at the center with Cyborg to his left, then BB. Galfore escorted Starfire down the isle and before standing in between them. Soon after, Raven joined Starfire to her right, followed by Bee.

"Princess Starfire of Tameran, do you take Robin of Earth to be your betrothed?" Galfore spoke. As a part of the compromise, they used code names, at Robin's request.

"Yes, I believe I do."

"Do you Robin of Earth take Princess Starfire as your betrothed?"


"As Grand Ruler of Tameran, I proclaim you husband and wife. It is now customary for the groom to fly his bride to the bed chamber but since you can not fly, you must carry her there."

Starfire and Robin blushed deeply before leaning into one another. Robin kissed her tenderly before pulling away with a smile on his face. He took her hand and kissed it before carrying her down the isle.

"Now that the bride and groom are gone we commence in the festivities of the night. Everyone, you will be led to the dining hall where there will be music, food, and seating."

Cyborg escorted Bee to the party and Raven began to follow them when she noticed that someone wasn't coming along. She turned around to see Beast Boy sitting on one of the benches. Raven sat down next to him leaning into him, she put her head on his shoulder and let out a content sigh.

"Gar what's wrong?"


"Then why aren't you dragging me to the party and begging me to dance with you?"

Beast Boy looked down at her now, "It's just the realization I think. Ya know like this is going to be us soon. We're ready yeah but still, it's kind of scary to think about." Raven stood up and pulled Beast Boy up with her, "Yeah but it won't be nearly as nerve racking as this. We aren't royal, at least ours will be smaller." Raven kissed his cheek quickly, "Now come on before Cyborg gets the wrong idea." Beast Boy led Raven to the party hand in hand.

"Oh friend Raven you look absolutely beautiful! Beast Boy will not be able to contain himself." Starfire just finished putting the final touches on Raven's make up.

"Thanks Star."

Starfire had French braided Raven's bangs and clasped them together in the back with a lotus flower clip. The rest of her hair was done in tousled waves that made her violet hair shine. Starfire did her eyes in a dark midnight blue smoky eye. "He will truly not be able to keep his eyes away from yours. They are so vibrant with this shadow of make up." Raven gave her a small smile. Starfire had her eyes done in a dark purple smoky eye mix with bold lashes. She did her hair done in a full-bodied fish-bone braid. Robin knocked lightly on the door before popping his head into the room, "It's time." Starfire gave a giddy shriek and grabbed Raven's hand, dragging her out of the room.

Everyone in the pews stood to watch the bridesmaids proceed down the isle. Jinx, followed by Bee, and then Starfire holding a bouquet of flowers as the maid-of-honor. Robin, who took his spot near Beast Boy, was escorting Starfire. After a slight pause Cyborg appeared in the doorway with his arm outstretched to a nervous looking Raven. She took his arm and he led her down the isle to give her away. Cyborg stood next to Beast Boy as his best man.

"We are here today to join Garfield Logan and Raven Roth in marriage."

"Gar do you take Raven to be your wife forever?" Beast Boy took Raven's hands in his smiling down at her, "Yes I do."

"Raven do you take Gar to be your husband forever?" Raven gave a small grin at Beast Boy, her eyes beginning to tear up, "Yes I do."

"You may kiss your bride."

Beast Boy slid the ring onto Raven's finger and she did the same. Beast Boy put his hands on either side of Raven's face and cupped it. He leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips. They pulled away to catch their breath smiling at each other; the couple looked forward to forever.