"I'll call you" Joey said smiling as he saw another woman out of the door, Phoebe moved out of her way as she walked up towards the apartment. As soon as the woman was around the corner Joey's smile vanished.

"Oh did we not like her?" Phoebe asked walking in.

"No it's not that, I liked her but if I call her again I have to see her again" Joey responded closing the door.

"And this is a bad thing?" Phoebe said confused.

"Well yeah because I see her again, that means I have to take her out again and I'm pretty tight on money. Then I get to have sex with her again which is great but then she'll want more from it and she'll start talking about where this is going and relationships and I just really don't want one."

"Okay then if you don't want these problems then stop having sex with women." Phoebe responded simply.

Joey laughed "You're joking right, me not have sex?"

"Well actually no..."Phoebe said sitting down, putting her coat next to her. "How many times this week have you had sex?"

"1,2,3...4,5..."Joey mumbled while he counted his fingers. "Yep five."

"Five! Joey you have problems!"

"I know, I'm sorry!" Joey whined slouching in the seat next to her.

Phoebe rubbed his shoulder sympathetically "I think you need to get over this whole commitment phobia thing because you're starting to sound like Chandler and you don't want to end up like him now do you?"

Joey shook his head vigorously.

"Right then, you're just going to have to man up, lay off sex-"
"But-" Joey interrupted.

"No I said lay off not cut off. But finding the right person can take years and you're not going to find them by sleeping with them and then not calling them now are you?"

"No" Joey said looking down.

Chandler walked through the door and Phoebe stood up grabbing her coat. She walked over to Joey and with her free hand lifted his chin up.

"Chin up,eh'? Just remember you could be Chandler" she said lightly squeezing his cheeks smiling.

As she made her way to the door Chandler turned and looked at her clearly insulted and asked "What's that supposed to mean? Hey!"

She laughed as she shut the door. Chandler then turned back and saw Joey in a stare smiling at the door.

"Hello!" Chandler shouted. "What does 'you could be Chandler' mean? What's wrong with being me? I'm funny aren't I?"

"It's not that" Joey said looking at him laughing. "It's your whole commitment phobia thing."

"Oh right, no I'll let you have that one, commitment, it's a scary thing!" he said as he made his way to the fridge.

"Tell me about it" Joey said swivelling his chair back around.

Chandler took the seat next to him. "So you having problems as well?"

"Yeah, Pheeb thinks I should try and stay in a relationship with someone instead of just sleeping with them, I want to do that but I just don't want the whole hassle of having to pay for dates and then trying to keep the conversation going and then probably finding out you have nothing in common and that original spark that was there when you were sleeping with them is gone and then that's the end of it but your $200 short every time."

"Yeah I would say I know the feeling but I don't really ever date..." Chandler said. "So basically you want to date someone who you don't have to take on dates, who you already connect with and know that you have stuff in common and still manage to keep the spark so that you get to sleep with them?"

"Yeah that would be nice..."

"Dream on, something like that would take ages to build up!" Chandler laughed. "The only way that would work in a short period of time is if you dated a friend"

"What one of our friends?" Joey asked.

"Yes obviously, who's friends did you think I was talking about?" asked Chandler confused.

"I don't know" Joey responded. "And no way, I can't do that, it would be wrong, we're all too close."

"Yeah I suppose" Chandler said going quiet. "Hey say I was to date one of them, which one would you see me with?"

Joey thought about it for a moment "Monica."

"Why Monica?" Chandler asked.

"Just because, there's something between you both the way you act, I could just see you as a couple."

"Yeah...no I don't see it."

"No it's definitely there. Who would I be with then?"

"Phoebe" Chandler replied straight away.

"Really how come?"

"Oh please have you seen you two together, how many times have you kissed her before?"

"Twice, but in my defence she was supposed to be Ursula the first time."

"And the second?"

"Well you were there she was doing me a favour."

"And you were really getting into it from what I saw."

"Well I'm an actor."

"And her excuse for getting so into it?"

"Well who could blame her?" he said laughing. "I'm kidding" he said seeing Chandler's face. "She was just being cooperative."

"Okay then" he said rolling his eyes and getting up.

"What was that?" Joey said standing up and following him.

"What was what?" Chandler asked.

"That eye rolling thing?"

"There was no eye rolling thing."

"Yes there was, now why?"

"Well..." he said opening the door. "To put it bluntly...no one can act that well" he said shutting the door behind him.

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