6 months later...

Phoebe had put it off as long as she could but Joey finally convinced her to get the tests done. Today was the day she found out who the dad of her child was. Her palms were sweaty as she drove up to the hospital, Joey in the seat next to her.

They got there and sat in the waiting room, waiting to be called in. Phoebe looked down at her stomach and right on cue felt the baby kick.

"What if the baby is Daniel's Joey?" Phoebe said worrying.

"Well then it doesn't matter, I'll be with you every step of the way."

"So there's not any part of you that would want to leave me?"

"No" Joey said confidently. "Not any part at all, I told you, I will love the baby regardless, and I'll love you."

She smiled but still felt petrified and unsure inside.

"He's kicking again"she said looking at him.

"Can I feel?" Joey asked.

"Sure" she said smiling.

"Wow he sure is kicking hard today" he said smiling.

"Yeah I know, it doesn't feel too great."

They had both presumed it was a boy although neither of them knew, they had first decided to keep it as a surprise but they now both decided against it and were going to ask what sex it was today.

As they both cooed over the kicking baby a doctor walked out of his room and called "Phoebe Buffay."

They both simultaneously stood up and Joey squeezed Phoebe's hand as they walked to the door.

"I'm sorry sir but you can't come in, it has to be just me and Ms Buffay" the doctor said to Joey.

"Oh okay, you gonna be alright Pheebs?" Joey asked not letting go of her hand.

"Yeah I'll be fine" she said smiling letting go of his hand.

Joey sat back down as the door shut and he ran his hands through his hair trying to distract himself. Phoebe meanwhile sat talking to the doctor about the gender and the father, feeling slightly faint without Joey by her side.

Joey waited for about 10 minutes before Phoebe came out thanked the doctor and walked straight past him. Joey stood up quickly trying to catch up with her, panicking.

"Pheebs!" Joey called after her. "Phoebe!"

He caught up with her and grabbed her arm. She turned and looked at him saying nothing.

"Well?" Joey said knowing what the results were.

"It's Daniel's" Phoebe said sadly.

"Huh?" Joey let out even though he knew it would Daniel's.

"The baby, it's Daniel's" Phoebe said looking down.

Joey had to admit he felt a bit disappointed that it wasn't his but he didn't felt any different about Phoebe or the baby.

"Well that's okay, so it wasn't the result we both wanted, the baby isn't going to be loved any less or differently, I meant what I said Pheebs, I won't leave you, I love you both far too much."

Phoebe looked up at him and smiled "well that's good cause it's yours."

"What?" Joey said in shock.

"The baby, it's yours, not Daniel's."

"Really?" he said his eyes lighting up.

"Well yeah I lied before. I had to see how you would react if it wasn't yours."

"This-this is great!" Joey said excitedly jumping.

Phoebe nodded laughing.

He kissed her stomach "our little baby boy."

"-baby girl" Phoebe corrected.

Joey looked up. "I'm going to have a little girl?"

"Yep" she said looking back at him.

"My baby girl" Joey's eyes watered slightly.

"Are you crying?" Phoebe asked laughing.

"No of course not" Joey said wiping his eyes. "But Pheebs she's gonna be as beautiful as you, you know. I can't believe I am lucky enough to not have one but the two most beautiful girls in the world."

Phoebe smiled and kissed him. "And I've got the most amazing man by my side, I'm the lucky one."

They walked out of the hospital, fingers locked, Phoebe's free hand gently rubbing her stomach feeling the kicking of their little girl inside.