Part One.


Kyle looked in the tiny window of the hospital door, compelled by the sleeping girl in the room. He wanted to go in and say something to her. Only he didn't know what.

And he didn't want to wake her up. She needed her sleep.

He sighed and sat down on the bench, stretching his long legs out. As long as people didn't look too long, he was just like the other patients on this floor.

"Sir? Visiting hours are from twelve to five. I'm afraid you have to leave." A nurse said from the opposite side of her desk.

Kyle lifted his head only so his eyes could see her and nodded. He got to his feet slowly and walked away, but not before he could get one last look at her as he walked away.

A nurse was tending to her now, putting something into her IV.

The girl gave a weak smile before wincing in pain from the medication.

Kyle waved to her slowly, cherishing one of the last times he'd see her. He knew that long ago.

The walk to his car was long and painful. He wanted to see her more but it was already fifteen after five. He wouldn't get the chance until the next day. That is, if she could make it and last another day.

His eyes filled with salt water and burned harshly. He wiped at them angrily. He told himself he wouldn't cry until it was true. Until he could no longer hear anything from her. And he hoped it wouldn't be for a least a few more weeks.

He needed the time, needed more time to be with her. But her disease was spreading faster than the medicine could help. He was running out of time.

He slammed his door behind him and rested his forehead on the steering wheel. This had to be a dream. She wasn't lying around in a hospital day, every day, in pain. She wasn't dying as each day progressed. She wasn't dying of cancer.

Kyle started his car and pulled out quickly. He wanted to get away from there. At least for the night. Then, he'd be back to see her the next day. And the cycle would repeat like it had for weeks.