A/N: I don't own anything related to Arrow. The title comes from a song by Krystal Meyers, called "Up to You". I don't own that either. I just thought it was...appropriate for Walter and Moira.

Walter had asked Miss Smoak to follow up on those missing funds on a hunch. It's not that he didn't trust Moira, but what she said just didn't add up.

He had never hoped so badly to be wrong.

Whatever he had been expecting to find, it certainly wasn't the pieces of the Queen's Gambit.

(What kind of woman used her dead husband's name as the passcode to the warehouse containing the shipwreck that killed him?)

The financial trail went cold there, and neither he nor Felicity Smoak could find anything further. So instead, he watched Moira, trying to puzzle out if she was the person he had always thought she was, or something else entirely.

He didn't want to believe she could have anything to do with the wreck. He knew her, loved her. She couldn't have arranged Robert and Oliver's deaths. She had been beside herself with joy ever since Oliver's return. Walter watched how she fussed over her son, how she pretended that he had simply been away for five years, rather than a castaway on a deserted island.

But Walter saw how guarded Oliver was, how he flinched when people surprised him, how he wandered the mansion half the night. Walter wondered if he should tell the boy his suspicions. But that was all they were, suspicions. If he were wrong- Oliver was broken enough. He had lost enough. Walter didn't want to be responsible for inflicting more needless pain into his life.

And if he was right, God help him? He didn't want to tell Oliver that Moira had tried to kill him. Perhaps if he were certain...

But he wasn't. So Walter decided to bide his time, and keep watching his wife.