I woke up in the middle of the night. I heard a creak at the door. A slight crack showed. I took a breath and starred at the ceiling. The thought of the wedding filled my mind. How was this going to work, I wasn't of royal blood. I had taken off the ring and set it down at my tableside. The pearls had wrapped around it. I worried how we would make this happen.

I woke again seeing the blinding light rush through my window. Everything still in place. Then I noticed the ring was gone. I checked under the folio, the bed, but it had just seemed to have disappeared. I bit my lip. Tears had almost reached my face when I heard a knock at the door.

"You may come in." I said uneasy. A maid walked in with some flowers.

"A gift from the emperor" she said. I took the flowers from her and read the note.

"Come down the garden for a special surprise." The maid had left me alone. What was I going to tell Kygo? I got dressed at made my way downstairs with heavy steps. Then I saw him sitting on a bench. I stood behind him. "Hi." I said to him. He turned his head.

"Oh hi you startled me." He replied. He turned and kissed my lightly on my lips and again on both cheeks. "How is my lovely bride to be."

"Look I need to tell you something." I said to him.

"I know what your going to say, You're going to say that you are unsure about the wedding but I'll make it work, I'll make a law and… He stopped and starred at me. "Why don't you look happy?" he asked.

"Oh, no it's nothing, really." I answered back to him. I stilled starred down at the floor, tears just about to reach my eyes. Any moment I would just collapse in tears.

"Please, tell me what's wrong." He said. He lightly touched my cheek.

"No, stop" I say to him in an uneasy voice. "I do not deserve you." I pulled his hand away from my face. One tear had escaped from my control.

"What do you mean." He asks.

"I mean that, I lost- the ring." I say in a low voice. Tears ran down my cheek making its way to the floor.


"I lost the ring, I'm sorry but-" He puts his hand in front of my face, silencing me.

"You are no longer worthy." He says. "You don't deserve love, not anything" I try to reach for him but I pull away. Nothing will work. Not at this moment. I collapse into the floor. I dug my head into my knees. I stood there until lady Dela saw me and called Ryko over to carry me to my bed. Once again I woke what had I done?