Mackenzie left the office, caught the cab and was desperately trying not to get too excited. She still couldn't belive this was really happening –did he just say he doesn't want to waste time anymore? She was trying to stop smiling like some stupid teenager on the first date, but she couldn't help it. So she frowned. „Relax, Mackenzie. It's Will. It's definitely not going to be easy."

He was standing at the door watching her silently. „Hey" she said and smiled sheepishly. He just stepped aside and let her in.

While she was taking the coat off, Will was trying to say something. Fuck it, how is it possible, that when it comes to Mackenzie he always turns into a fish? He's the news anchor– he talks to people for the living, and he was usally pretty good at it. But not with her.

„Want some wine?" he asked at last. She looked around and saw the glass with the rest of Scotch immidiately. „Well, I see you started already" she said with the raised eybrows. „Didn't the doctor say that drinking and smoking can cause the bleeding from the ulcer again?" He rolled his eyes. „Jesus, Mac, I didn't invite you here to get a lecture about my lifestyle. I'm not crazy, I know I can't drink. I just had two glasses of Scotch, which is perfectly apprehensible after the day I had". She shrugged. „Ok, I know, I'm sorry. I just don't want to find you in the pool of blood again. You scared me to death." „I know. I'm sorry." And then with a grin: „I'm not going to do it again, don't worry. I still have the nightmares about you beating me with the magazine". She giggled. „Well, you deserved it . But back to your question – I'm not going to refuse the glass of nicely cooled Chardonnay." „Italian works for you?" She smiled. „Sounds perfect."

He went to the kitchen to get the wine and she was sitting ond the sofa in the living room looking around. She wasn't in his appartment since the anniversary party. But back then it was full of people and there was no time for memories. Now she found herself thinking about the times, when she called this place home. She sighed. It's been so long... She didn't hear him to come back until he was standing in front of her. „Penny for your thoughts…" he said quietly. She smiled sadly and took the glass. „Thanks Will". „Sure". He sat on the sofa next to her.

She took a deep breath„Ok. Let's not beat around the bush, it's almost midnight. What you wanted to talk about Billy? You wanted to ask something…"

He shrugged. „Well, for the beginning I would really like to know what were you doing at Northwestern."

She was looking at him for a while, biting her lower lip, thinking. Then she stood up, crossed the room and stopped by the window, standing there quietly, watching the New York Skyline. He didn't move, waiting.

„I wanted to see you." She continued after the small pause. „I was in the Middle East far too long.. And I wanted to go home, so I was glad when Charlie called me and offered me the job. He said I could do the news the way I alway wanted. I asked him if you agreed and he said that you were ok with that. I really didn't know what to think about it.. You didn't anwer any of my phone calls or emails, all those years. So I thought that you probably moved on and you just want to fix the show, which – to be honest – had nothing to do with the news, really. I desperately wanted to see you and this was the way how to do it. If I wanted to move on with my life, I had to be sure that there is no chance for us anymore. I was hoping, that you might have forgiven me… That if we work together, I might at least get your respect and friendship back. On the other hand, I knew how selfish it was and I knew I had no right to walk into your life again. So I told Charlie that I wanted to see you before I could give him the answer. And he sent me to Northwestern. Seeing you after three years was.. Well, it was like there were no three years between us at all. I was reallly trying to forget so hard… But when I saw you everything was back. Time didn't help. And it seemed to me that you don't look like someone who found happiness as well; you looked more like someone who lost the way completely. All those your I-don't –have-any-opinion-answers… I couldn't believe what happened to you. Will I used to know was not the man without opinion. So I tried to push you a bit – I really wanted to know, if theres is the old Will somewhere". She turned her head. „You know the rest". Then she looked out of the window again. „I really wanted to tell you. I almost did right after our first broadcast, but befere I could, you were gone. And there was no chance since. I am sorry".

She could see him in the window, he was sitting quietly while she was talking, listening carefuly. Now he stood up and slowly crossed the room. He was standing right behind her, but he didn't touch her. She shivered. He said, very quietly: „You have never stopped loving me, have you?" She turned round and looked into his eyes. „No Billy, never". She almost whispered it. He put his hands on her shoulders and said: „That was what the message was about." „ What?" „The voicemail. I said I never stopped loving you either. And I was asking you for another try". She shut her eyes . „I can't believe you just said that". He smiled and slowly touched her face. „Look at me Mac." Her heart was beating so fast, that she was sure he has to hear it. „I'm going to kiss you right now. And I'm not going to screw it up this time" His voice was raw now. The kiss was gentle, it was like coming home, so familiar. God, she missed it so much… And he did to - the scent of her was overhelming. The wild elation went throug their bodies and when the lack of oxygen made them pull apart they were both smiling. They were standing there for a while, his forehead resting against hers. When she found her voice again, she said „I thought I would never see you looking at me like this again, Billy. God, I'm so sorry. About everything" He nodded. „I know. And I'm sorry too. I've put you through hell since you came back" She sank her fingers into his hair and said: „Oh if you only knew how I longed to do it – you have no idea how much I missed you. How could you ever think that I would say no to you?" „Well, after the way I was treating you… And I gave you the option not to call me back if the answer was no..." „I would call you back whatever my anwer would be. Jesus, Billy. I thought you knew me better." He shrugged. „Now it seems logical, but back then... I don't know. I cursed myself for being so stupid – that fucking voicemail was really worst idea I've ever had". „No, the worst idea you've ever had was to hire Brian to punish me for not answering it" she smiled. „If you weren't so stubborn you wouldn't have to torture yourself with that bloody article. And you wouldn't have bleeding ulcer probably. Damn McAvoy's pride." He grinned. „Ok, I think we made perfectly clear that I was an idiot". She smiled again. „Yes. But I love you anyway".

With that he kissed her again. But this time ít was deep, passionate and hungry. She moaned and he pull her closer. Her fingers ran from his neck to the buttons of his shirt and when she covered his chest with her hands his mouth suddenly hardened on hers. Then he moved to her neck which brought a helpless response so acute she felt faint. But he was holding her tightly. He looked into her eyes, looking for reassurance. And when she nodded, he took her in her arms and headed toward the bedroom.