They Hated It, but I Didn't

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Summary: The giants that captured Lisa, Ben, and Rick may not have liked the kiss between the two lovebirds, but did Lisa and Rick enjoy it? What they think of the kiss demanded during the episode First Contact. Rick/Lisa

A/N: Hey guys! So I'm a new writer for Robotech, but I love the show. Anyways, I recently started watching the show, and I decided to write this when watching "First Contact". This is what Lisa thinks of that kiss demanded by the giants that captured.

Word Count: 409

Lisa POV

I sat in my room, thinking about my adventures with Rick, the Commander, Claudia, and the rest of the crew that was assigned to the SDF-1. As I was thinking about it, my mind wandered to the first kiss my love, Rick, and I shared. It was demanded by the giant race with the similar DNA structure as us, called the Zentraedi.

"Rick, that's an order."

"Whatever you say."

I then felt his lips against mine. A burning sensation was sent up my spine. I felt a spark between us instantly. I felt his passion, and I enjoyed it. It was then they demanded us to stop. I did not understand why this was done, but then when we looked towards the giants, they had a disgusted look on their face.

'They must not be used to this.' I thought, a mental smirk in my mind.

I still wonder why they reacted the way they did. But I do know one thing for certain.

They may have disliked it, but I liked it.

Rick POV

I am flying, as I always do when thinking. I am thinking of all the times I've had adventures aboard the SDF-1. With Ben, Max, Claudia, Roy, Lisa, and everyone else. I no longer think of Minmei all the time. My life is now devoted to the Robotech force, to the crew of the SDF-1. To Lisa.

My mind then wanders to the first kiss me and Lisa shared. Ben was there, watching, as well as the giant race similar to us, called the Zentraedi. We were talking about how humans had kids. I stated that we came from our mother, and when asked what a mother was, Ben said that they were the females of the human race. They demanded that we kiss. I then had a flashback:

"Rick, that's an order."

"Whatever you say."

I then kissed Lisa. I felt a sensation course through my veins. I felt a spark, and immediately felt a special pull to her. When we heard a demand to stop, we both backed up. I blushed mentally. I ten turned to face them, and saw the disgusted faces of six giants. I inwardly smirked.

'Guess they didn't like what they saw.' I thought.

I still smirk at the memory of their faces, but I still wonder why they dislike that. But I am certain of one thing.

Even though they disliked it, I did not.

Short, but I liked it. I hope you did too. Also, if you are a fan of TMNT, check out my other stories! Love you all!


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