This is in no way based on the new show (hopefully they will make it) and I do not own Life With Derek or any of the characters in any way.
My Step-Brother, Again.

Chapter 1-Changes

It's been 2 years since my parents allowed Derek and Casey to date. 1 year and 9 months since they went off to college and I skipped a grade into senior year. 1 year since Derek got kicked out of college and started playing professional hockey. 6 months since Marti got her first boyfriend. 3 months since Casey got her first maternity jeans. 1 month since Edwin kissed me and I started to ignore him.

So this is were we start off my story. Dropping bombs like I drop cuss words.

I'm Elizabeth McDonald and I'm 17.

1 year and 9 months ago, I cut all my hair off, dyed it black, got my nose and eyebrow pierced and rebelled against the world. Books and school have been my safe shelter for years but I've been relying on them even more now a days.

I'm not trying to get attention. Really. I'd rather just be alone. But nobody can give me the satisfaction.

It's like once Casey and Derek got together, everything changed. Edwin started to look like a guy instead of my brother. I had to be worried about what I looked like around him. In case one day he too would want to start a relationship based on incest. I wanted to look sexy at first, but once I noticed Edwin staring at my boobs or my butt and not playing around with me, I tried to dress like a boy. It didn't seem to change. No matter what I wore. Then when Casey left for college, I just got depressed. I had nobody. My mom was too busy with worrying about Casey in a different state with her live in boyfriend/step-brother. George was too busy teaching Edwin how to play hockey... which failed horribly. Edwin was too busy staring at my body. Marti was too busy going to the mall with her friends and looking for guys to flirt with. She's just like her brother... Too bad we don't have a boy Casey for her.

Do I approve of Casey and Derek? No, not really. I don't approve of any of Casey's boyfriends. Derek does treat her a lot better than any other guy did. But he took my best friend from me... Just like every other guy would do.

My reaction when Casey became pregnant? Shocked. More depressed. George took it worse. He felt so old.

It seems like the whole world has changed since Casey and Derek got together. I now have Casey's room. Edwin still has Derek's. Marti has mine. The other two have been converted into an office and a baby room for Casey's soon to be hockey spawn.

I sighed heavily at Casey's desk. She use to sit here all the time. Now here I am, sitting here. I don't wanna get pregnant by my step-brother in the middle of college! "Will you please talk to me?" Speak of the devil...