Sorry this chapter took me so long. I've been wanting to do more detail and more story line for the readers to enjoy... I hope I achieved that.

Chapter 6-Screaming

I awoke to an empty house. Or at least, somewhat empty. I was completely shocked when I saw Edwin and Rachel making out on the couch. "Um, excuse me. Where the fuck is mom and George and WHY are you sluts making out on our couch?" My voice boomed. I know I probably looked like a mess. The hair gel from last night forming my hair into permanent bed head and dry make-up all over my face. Again, I compared myself to little . Her hair rolled up in an old 50's do. Her clothes matching the vintage hair. Little does she know that I use to dress like that before I chopped off all of my hair.

"Who are you calling a slut?" Rachel asked as she jumped up from the couch. I laughed at her. She looked so silly with mismatching clothes. If you're gonna dress like a pin-up girl, do it right. "Huh? You think it's funny?" She slapped me and instantly I stopped laughing. I looked her in the eyes, pulled up my eyebrow and watched her tremble. Though her backing out of a fight was amusing, she did slap me a total of two times. I believe it's my turn to get some payback. I quickly swung my tight fist towards her, hitting her in the jaw. She fell onto the couch and bounced up and down. "Have fun making out now." I mumbled as I walked past her to get to the kitchen.

Edwin rushed in to get some ice. "You punched my girlfriend!" I smirked. "She slapped me. Twice."

Edwin sighed. Just hurry up, turn 18 and get off of the house. Hell, move in with Casey and Derek for all I care." I laughed at his suggestion. Maybe I will.

I went straight to my room and packed some stuff. Then called my friend Brett to come pick me up. He's a 19 year old. Two years older then Edwin. Before I laced up my platforms, the doorbell rung. "I got it!" Ed yelled up to me. I cracked my door open to hear downstairs.

"Hey, is Liz ready?" Brett's deep voice boomed throughout the house.

"Um, uh, yeah... Let me go get her." Ed sighed as he started up the staircase. I quietly shut my door and went back to lacing up my platforms. "Liz? I thought you didn't want a relationship." Ed said as soon as he burst through my door. I just paid attention to my platforms. "Me and Brett aren't dating... but I will have to find out a way to pay him back for the ride..." I smirked at the many thoughts I just threw into Edwin's head.

I know I should let it go, after all this is what I wanted. Edwin and Rachel both really like each other... I just can't help the fact that I like him too.

"Lizzie! I swear you have sex with him." I laughed. "Then what, Ed? You're gonna have your colorblind girlfriend come slap me again? SO SCARED." I got in his face, wishing for him to start trembling in fear. He just looked angry. His eyes went back and forth from my lips to my eyes. I couldn't pull away from it. He grabbed me tightly and kissed me hard. I was kissing back until I finally got the courage to push him away. "Go kiss your girlfriend!" I yelled loudly as I grabbed my camera and rushed out of my bedroom door.

My platforms made loud noises on the staircase as I stomped down them and into Brett's arms. I forced my lips against his and made sure Edwin was staring at us. "You ready?" I asked as I pulled away. Brett chuckled and smacked my ass as I walked out of the house.

During the car ride, Brett tried to make moves on me. It was very uncomfortable. I pushed him away and ignored him until finally I arrived at Casey's house. "Who's the tough guy?" Derek asked as he held the front door open for me. "Just some jerk I used." I rushed into the house and didn't look back at the car I now despised.

"Liz! I was wondering when you'd get here." Casey said with excitement in her voice. She was laying on the couch in the huge living room. She looked horrible. She was pale and her ankles were huge. I dropped my bag to the hardwood floor and rushed to her. I noticed her sweating. "Oh my God, are you okay?" Casey laughed and put her hand on my face. "My baby's coming." My eyes jolted to Derek. He looked so scared as he rushed around the house grabbing bags and stuffing extra things into them. "Babe, I don't think we'll need bandages." Derek huffed a breath at Casey's statement.

"Shouldn't we be getting you to a hospital or something?" I jumped to my feet and rushed over to Derek. "Her contractions are only 30 minutes apart. She doesn't wanna go until they get closer." He had worry in his eyes. I've never seen him so concerned. "Liz, I'll be fine. Go put your stuff away in the spare room." I stared at her for a minute, frozen. I then turned my view to Derek. I sighed, grabbed my bags and jogged up the staircase.

I walked down the hall and looked at doors to see which room was which. That reminded me that this is the first time I've been at Derek and Casey's place. The first door on the right was a study, covered in posters of Debussy, Shakespeare and Derek's trophies. I have a feeling Casey made Derek throw away his White Stripes poster. The door on the left was a baby's nursery The walls were a creamy yellow and the pale hardwood floor was covered with a yellow round rug. The next room was a bathroom. Decorated in nothing but purple and smelled like lavender I feel that Derek was fine with that one. Their bedroom was at the way end. I was amazed at how they managed to take some of both their minds and plaster it onto a room. The room across from the bathroom was the spare room, er, my room.

I walked in and saw Casey's old sheets and covers on the single sized bed. Guess she didn't know purple wasn't my favorite color. Although I do love having something old of Casey's. It makes me feel at home, no matter where I'm at.

I opened up the dresser draws and put away all of my stuff. An hour passes by quickly. I throw myself on the bed and sigh. "What to do now?" I asked myself aloud. The idea hit like a bird hitting a windshield. I got up and grabbed my camera before rushing to the baby's room. It took me a couple of seconds to go further into the room. My niece or nephew will be living here soon. Wow.

I took a few black and white photos of the crib and the flowers on the windowsill before noticing the pictures on the small dresser. There were tons of me when I was little up to now. I touched them. They seemed so photo-shopped. I don't remember looking so innocent. I grabbed the picture of me and Casey and smiled at it.

I jumped as Casey's scream echoed the whole house. I placed the picture frame down on the dresser before rushing downstairs. "What's going on?!" I yelled. Casey was breathing heavy and Derek was holding her hand, kissing every part of it. Just then the doorbell rang. Derek and Casey didn't look like they cared but I wouldn't want it to be the neighbors thinking Casey was being murdered... so I rushed to open it. I felt my face twitch into a blank expression as I saw the person behind the huge door. I rushed out of the house and closed the door behind me as Casey screamed again. Edwin looked at the door with worried eyes. "She's not there yet, don't worry." Edwin shook his head yes to my sentence and then returned his eyes to me.

"I'm here to tell you off. Well, really I just wanted to see you..."

"Edwin, I got you and Rachel back together, you should be happy."

"Yeah, well I'm not! I wanted you... I still do."

"Ed, listen, I don't want you." I don't know which felt worse. The guilt of lying or the guilt of knowing I slept with another girl's boyfriend...

"Then why the fuck did you take my virginity? Were you that jealous of Rachel?!"

I got pissed... "EXCUSE ME? Oh, I'm not jealous of that little girl you call your girlfriend. If anything you're fucking jealous that I kissed Brett!"

"Why the hell would I be jealous of a guy getting used?"

"Why don't you just leave me the fuck alone and go fuck your girlfriend!"

The door opened and Derek ran out of the house with Casey in his arms and the bags on his shoulders. "Get in! We're going to the hospital NOW!" Derek yelled as soon as he buckled Casey into the passenger seat. Edwin and I rushed towards the car and threw ourselves in. This was no time to deal with Edwin and Rachel crap... But for some reason, that's all I can think about.