Author's note: So this is just a story I'm trying out after watching the season 2 premiere. Btw the title has nothing to do with the TV show. I just thought it'd fit the story well.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Get that into your head.

Chapter 1

A loud crash resonated throughout the room. Emma looked up at the nurse, who was staring, shocked, at the window.

"Hey. Are you okay?" She asked, walking towards the shaken nurse, who seemed to be in a trance.

In response, the nurse pointed out the window, where a massive purple cloud was forming and heading rapidly towards the town.

"What's that?" Henry, who joined them at the window, asked.

"Don't know." Emma murmured. "But it doesn't look good."

In seconds, the purple cloud has consumed the town. Nothing in the town below the hospital could be seen. Emma hugged Henry close and buried her face in Henry's hair as the purple cloud encompasses them, shielding everything from view.

Slowly, the cloud receded. Emma looked up, blinking several times as her eyes adjusted to her surroundings. The cloud had left the air hazy and thick, and purple wisps from the cloud hung around in midair.

Her attention was brought to the window as she heard shouts from outside. She crossed the room and looked out the window. Big crowds of people had begun to congregate outside.

"Come on, let's go outside!" Henry dashed out the open door and rapidly down the stairs, his excitement palpable.

"Hey! Kid! Hold on!" Emma shouted as she chased after Henry. But of course, Henry ignored her and continued full speed outside.

"We need to find your parents!" Henry called over his shoulder.

At that word, Emma stopped short. Parents. She'd known all day that the Mary Margaret and David she knew, her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend, were her parents, but had pushed that thought to the back of her mind as saving Henry took precedence. Her parents. Whom she'd been searching for 28 years. Wondering, cursing, hating, and above all, needing.

Her mind on autopilot, she ran out of the hospital doors, barely noticing the clumps of people scattered around her. Everyone's emotions seemed to be on full speed as they embraced each other and cried openly. Some called out for missing relatives. Ordinarily, Emma would have stopped to help, as she was still technically the sheriff, but the word parents resonated in her head like the loud and annoying beat of a drum.

Henry. Find Henry first. Emma decided as she pushed her way through the crowds of people. She could deal with everything else later. She looked around, standing on her tiptoes. Thankfully, Henry was fairly easy to spot. With a sigh of relief, she headed towards her son. She was so busy trying to avoid an angry looking mob that she didn't notice who Henry was talking to.

"Henry. I told you not to run off." She scolded, but then stopped as she noticed Henry smirking at something behind her. "What are you looking at?" She turned around, exasperated.

She gasped inwardly as she saw Snow and James walking rapidly towards her. Shit. She'd been counting on the fact that her parents would be too busy helping others (because that was what they did best) to find her. That she'd have some time to compose herself and prepare what she would say to them. But that was obviously not the case.

Snow approached Emma first, her eyes already brimming with tears that threatened to spill down her pale cheeks at moment. Tentatively, she reached out and touched Emma's cheek, seemingly unsure if her daughter was real or not. She then wrapped Emma in a tight hug, and James followed suit.

Emma stood there in her parents embrace, breathing in her roommate's familiar scent (the only thing that seemed familiar today), unsure what to do. On one hand, she was overwhelmingly happy that she'd found her parents finally. It was something that every foster kid had hoped for, that desire hadn't gone away as Emma grew up. In fact, it'd intensified. But on the other hand, she was unable to look past the fact that were her same age and above all, had abandoned her. She sniffled, trying to hold in her tumultuous emotions. Twenty eight years worth of loneliness, abandonment, and hate intermixed with the day's confusion swirled in her mind, rendering her speechless.

After about an eternity, her parents released her, their eyes shining with pride and love. It was something that Emma had wanted all her life, but now it just made her uncomfortable. She looked down, trying to bite back the sarcastic comment that was forming on her lips.

Henry, who'd picked up on Emma's distress, spoke up. "Can we go home now? I'm tired."

Emma looked up gratefully. "I'll take you home." She placed her arm around Henry and started down the street towards her apartment.

"We'll come with you." James said as they followed. Shit. Emma had forgotten that this awkward situation was just going to follow them home, especially now that James was bound to move in with them, but anything was better than just standing there on the street.

Back in her and Mary Margaret's (she still had a hard time thinking of her roommate as Snow White) apartment, Henry, who'd forgotten that he was supposed to be tired, immediately bounced over to the TV. Emma hung up her jacket and sighed heavily. Out of all the ways she'd imagined her first meeting with her parents, this was definitely not what she'd wanted.

The door opened again as Snow and James stepped inside. Great. The apartment, already cozy to begin with, felt ten times more crowded than usual. Suddenly, her parent's presence was overwhelmingly suffocating. She needed some air. Pulling on her jacket again, she mumbled something about needing to pick up stuff from work as she grabbed her keys and slammed the door.