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Some things to know:

- I've written this to be understandable for even non-supernatural fans. Let me know if things need more clarification!

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Supernatural Knowledge for Non-Supernatural Fans:

-Paranormal, supernatural, and things that go bump in the night are all real in this universe.

-The majority of society is still unaware of this.

-There are "Hunters", people that capture, kill, stop the bad things/creatures.

-These hunters are often working around the law and breaking it in order to find the creatures. Doing things like hiding the creatures bodies, using fake badges for access, etc.

-Most hunters have a sad past, as they often have lost someone to a creature before they were introduced to the truth.

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"Hey Babe," A red haired woman called out to her husband, her hands still shuffling the papers around on the hazardly covered desk in front of her.

"Yeah?" A deep voice answered from another section of the house, the delay telling the woman that he'd had to pause to swallow whatever it was he was munching on.

"You just got a message on your work phone," She informed him, a quaint smile forming as she heard him sigh all the way from the kitchen. His trudging footsteps thudded on the stairs as he made his way to the office where his wife was waiting, cell phone in hand.

The tall blonde man placed a quick kiss on the woman's forehead as he opened the device, her hand fondly latching onto his pant pocket to keep him close by.

"What's the call?" She mumbled, tilting her forehead into his side to peek at the screen.

The man's eyebrows furrowed and his posture grew rigid, "They need me to identify a strange substance from a missing persons crime scene," He mumbled, his mind wandering elsewhere as his memories collected.

The woman became pensive, "You mean like..."

"Yeah," He breathed, running a hand through his short hair, "Yeah, sounds kinda similar..."

A short silence permeated the air as the couple sunk into the memories of a tragedy past.

The man started with a short inhalation and he gripped his wife's shoulder, the phone clicking as he shut it and dropped it into his pocket, "I'll be back when I'm done, don't wait up," He said, punctuating his words with a kiss.

"You know I will," She laughed, resting her hand briefly on his cheek and sharing a smile before he turned away.

The sound of his footsteps down the hall were only momentarily disrupted by his deep baritone once more.

"Finish your homework, Kid," He teased, slapping his palm against a wooden bedroom door.

A muffled, "I'm not in high school anymore Uncle Barry!" carried from behind it.

Iris granted herself a sad smile as the front door closed behind her husband's hearty laughter, reminding her of why he was going back to work so late.

The similarity was all too much to ignore...

Wally hadn't been meaning to overhear why his Uncle was heading back to work so late in the evening. The work didn't even interest him unless the actual forensic science had started yet. It was mere happenstance that the redhead was being quiet enough to overhear his Aunt and Uncle's conversation. He was extremely lucky that he was on summer break from college.

But it was because of this that he'd stayed up late into the night, being as quiet as possible, in order to hear when his Uncle returned. Iris always stayed up waiting for him when he worked late, and without fail, Barry would talk to her about the case.

And if the same occurrence was happening again, the same one that took his parents.

He was going to hear about it.

The twenty year old sat crookedly in his bed, the comforter twisted around his toes as he hunched over his laptop in the dark, his wiry hair tousled and his green eyes squinting from the bright screen as he poured over the articles he'd painstakingly scanned in order to keep.

It had been over twelve years since it'd happened. Twelve years since the dual funeral.

A funeral with no bodies. No explanations.

And no closure.

Wally's head shot up when he heard the front door creak open, a crick forming in the muscles of his neck from having held it hunched over the computer. He swiftly closed the laptop, extinguishing the light, and slowed his breaths to be a silent as possible. With one hand rubbing at his neck and one ear trained to the sounds of the house, the redhead easily picked his Uncle's footsteps as the man walked carefully up the stairs and down the hallway.

He wanted Barry to think he was asleep, and notlikely to be sneaking through the hall to stick his ear on the door of their bedroom.

Wally hoped that it had worked as he sidestepped on flat feet down the hall to their bedroom, keeping his breaths even and quiet. A warm light slid along the hardwood floor from underneath the bedroom door and he avoided it like a motion detector before he hunched with his ear toward the wood.

"-really think that it might be the same person?" Iris's velvety voice sounded out. Wally could hear her shifting around on the mattress.

"I don't know Babe," Barry sighed, his voice echoing against the tile from the attached bathroom, "I can't say anything for sure yet, but it's the exactsame substance that we found back then," He spoke, exasperated.

"And no sign of...Who was it? A Mr. Wright?" Iris asked.

The blonde's voice rose in frustration, "Not a sliver! Vanished, just like-" His words cut off abruptly, "Babe, I'm sorry," He spoke softly and Wally strained to hear it, "It gets hard, keeping work and home separate on things like this. I didn't mean to be-"

"Barry really," Iris cut him off, and Wally could hear the smile in her voice, "It's okay, I understand," She sighed, "And we'll get through this,"

There was a muffled sound of sheets and Wally figured that they had settled into bed, he tested his feet on the floor, preparing to head back down the hall.

"Should we tell Wally?" Iris asked quietly, making the redhead freeze.

"I," Barry stuttered as he thought, "I- Maybe not yet. Not until we're sure it's the same guy,"

The redhead scuttled back to his room, deciding that he'd heard enough.

Whoever had taken his parents twelve years ago was back.

And Wally wasn't going to let them get away this time.

A blonde woman thumped her fist against the steering wheel in time to the music blasting from the car speakers, her own poorly sung rendition of the lyrics spilling from her lips.

"We'll curse their Gods," She sang out viciously, "And drink up ALL their wine!"

The car screeched as she made a quick decision to take an exit off the highway and her stereo drowned out the horn from the unlucky station wagon she'd cut off.

"We will defeat. The other -Oh shit! Speed bump!" The blonde cursed, laughing when the trunk rattled from the impromptu obstacle.

The outskirts of downtown Central City welcomed her with cracked pavement and it took her merely ten minutes to find a motel that suited her rather-adaptable tastes. The car clunked to a stop in front of the office and she carefully hid her semiautomatic in her leather jacket before locking the car behind her and sauntering into the foul-smelling establishment.

A young teenage boy with red ears and wide eyes opened his mouth a few times as he took in the sight of the woman with a devilish gait and a long mane of golden hair before successfully managing a "Welcome, can I get you a room?"

"Yes you can," The woman said, her eyes glinting playfully from the way he attempted to keep his eyes on her face and not her chest, he was doing a rather poor job of it. She wondered how old he was, maybe fourteen?

"Name?" He gulped, choosing to keep his eyes glued to the humming desktop behind the counter.

"Artemis," She smiled, "Artemis Crock,"

Artemis enjoyed the way her boots clunk as she walked purposefully into the Central City Crime Lab. Professionals were always giving her sour looks, both in front of her and behind her back because of her dress. Most hunters she knew dolled up in suits or 'office clothes' (as she adoringlycalled them) to step into the shoes of a government official.

But that just wasn't her style.

Artemis's style was a bit more fitted jeans, a well-worn leather jacket, and a decent belt that held a holster when she could semi-legally do so. The professional dress was always just a psychological assistance to the people you were pulling over. "A real agent would dress the part." Some might say.

Well Artemis already knew that her credibility was on the fence because of her young age, so she figured that a little brain twister couldn't hurt them. And not knowing how many knives she had and where she was hiding them couldn't hurt them either.

"Special Agent Doreen Wilbur," She spoke quickly, flipping her badge out for the secretary to see and holding it until the middle-aged woman nodded reluctantly, "I'd like to talk to someone about recent findings on a cold case that occurred around twelve years ago," Artemis told her, her tone insisting that she was not asking for permission.

"Yes I think I know what you're referring to," The woman nodded, her nails clacking on the keyboard, "You'll want to speak to our forensic scientist Barry Allen,"

Artemis tilted her head in question and she quickly added, "His office is four doors down that hallway, on the right," The blonde nodded in a silent thanks and took off, her long ponytail swinging around her hips as she turned.

Barry Allen's office was a square the width of a decent-sized desk, but the man was all smiles as she pushed the door around.

"Mr. Allen?" She asked, even though the gold plate on the door clearly stated that she'd found the right room.

"Yes come in, and you can call me Barry," He grinned, standing to greet her. Barry Allen was a bulk of a man who seemed much too proud of himself to be stuffed into a small office, but the large frames of his redheaded family quickly tipped Artemis off to the realization that he was just a very pleasant family man.

"I'm Special Agent Doreen Wilbur, I'm here to ask about a cold case that has recently been reopened,"

His smile faltered a bit and the blonde easily caught the haunted look that crossed his gaze before his composure returned, "Yeah, yeah," Barry nodded, the thumb of one hand brushing across a picture frame while his other hand gestured for her to take a seat, "I'll get the files," He said, his tone amiable and his smile returning.

Artemis nodded slowly, taking in the broken concentration of the man before her, "Are you certain yet that this is the same perpetrator?" She asked, settling into the plush red chair in front of his desk. She wondered why he had the old thing, everything else in the crime lab seemed brand new but the fabric on the armrests had been worn down to nearly the barest of threads.

"I can't make an official statement yet," The blonde man spoke, shuffling the large empty coffee cup conglomeration on his desk to slide the case files over, "But as far as I can tell, yes,"

She nodded once more and slid to the edge of the seat to pour over the crisp papers, taking special attention to the scientist's own findings, "The same substance at the crime scenes?" Artemis asked with her nose folded into the papers.

"It's a rare ionic form of Bismuth," Barry spoke up quickly, his large hand darting into her view to point out the name and element information, "Not something that is commonly found...Well, anywhere,"

"Then definitely not part of a weapon, then?" Artemis added with a hint of exasperation, drawing a low laugh out of her companion.

"No way," Barry snorted, leaning back into his chair and drawing his hand to his mouth in thought.

"Could I take a copy of these for my investigation?" The blonde asked with a smile as she carefully closed the folder.

"Sure! Sure," The scientist nodded, "Do you, uh, want the old case files to?" He questioned back, his hand already dipping into the open file cabinet.

"You read my mind!" She laughed, still trying to be as pleasant as possible, "Thank you so much," Artemis stated, the practiced phrase falling easily from her lips. The job was nothing if not half acting.

"It's no problem, you'll keep in touch as you work?" Barry tilted his head forward, a grave seriousness sneaking into his usually casual tone.

"Of course. Goodbye Mr. Allen,"

Artemis barely heard the older man's response by the time she was back in the hallway, the obtrusive sound of her heavy shoes turning heads. Or maybe it was her flippant attitude. She smirked, she'd been told before that it just oozed off of her in waves. The secretary at the front desk shot her another suspicious glance as she passed but the blonde paid her no mind, her mind focused on hopping back into her car and getting straight to the motel.

She needed to call Kaldur...

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