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"Neron!" One of the demon's cried, still searching with the others for a way out. Artemis moved toward the edge of the situation, grabbing a crowbar from under the dresser and hoping that she could reach the safe-zone she'd set up in the bathroom if she needed too, but knowing that she couldn't leave the room with Wally possessed. In control or not, she refused to leave him.

"You disobeyed orders," Wally spoke, his tone without the kind or passionate inflections Artemis was used to. It was monotone, and his posture was menacing, "You were here to collect souls, not to play around,"

Neron didn't even give the demons a chance to explain; instead lifting Wally's hand toward them. All three opened their mouths, deep black smoke billowing out as the demons were sent back to hell. The bodies dropped and Artemis could see blood dripping out of their mouths. She wondered if they had survived the prolonged possession.

"You must be Artemis," Neron smirked, turning to the woman half hidden behind the turn in the wall that became the bedroom. She stepped out to face him from across the room, hating him for stealing Wally. For speaking in his voice and staring at her with his eyes.

"Get out of him," She ordered, her grip on the crowbar tightening.

"I've heard of you, Artemis," Neron continued, "You are one of the daughters of Minoson,"

"I am a daughter of Lawrence and Paula Crock," Artemis corrected with fervor, her composure momentarily shattered by the mention of the demon that possessed her father.

"You sent him back to hell," The demon's voice was dark, he blinked and for a second Wally's wonderful green eyes were entirely red, no pupil, no white surrounding. Just red. Her chest tightened as he revealed himself to her. He was a crossroads demon, and thus even more dangerous.

"It's where he belongs," The blonde countered.

Neron took a step toward her, Artemis took a step backward.

"The boy's still in here, you know," He spoke with a tone of casual conversation, "Do you want to know anything? His mind is an open book,"

Artemis pursed her lips, her heart hammering in her chest as she willed herself to find a way to save Wally.

"He's yelling right now, really annoying," Neron rolled his eyes, "Yammering on and on that I shouldn't hurt you,"

"He's pretty smart," The blonde smirked, feeling a little heartened that Wally was still fighting.

"He's pretty lovesick," Neron informed her, wrinkling Wally's nose in disgust and taking another step toward her, "It's pretty gross. He'd rather I hurt him than hurt you!" Neron let out a short laugh.

Artemis said nothing, her muscles strained as she attempted to stay as responsive as possible, attempted to stay focused. She tried not to think about what Wally was trying to do, tried not to let it get to her.

"Oh," He smirked, raising an eyebrow as he watched the blonde, "Oh but that's not good, is it?" His face, Wally's face, morphed into one of grand annoyance, "Because you care about him; so you would rather I hurt you and leave him alone," Neron glared at her, "Isn't that right," He spoke slowly.

Artemis slowed her breathing before trying to speak, "Let him go," She said forcefully, all of her anger seeping into her words, her frustration causing her hands to shake.

"Humans," He muttered, shaking his head slowly.

Then he rushed her. Artemis could have resisted, she knew that she had the ability. Months of training in motel rooms with Wally had her reaction time better than most hunters in the country; but in the split second that Neron took to overpower her all she saw was Wally. It was Wally's face and Wally's hands and Wally's body, and the crowbar in her hand could have made contact but it would have been Wally's head. So she hesitated, and it left her pinned to the wall, the crowbar dropping loudly to the floor and her hands held painfully to her sides.

Artemis coughed from the force of the blow, her breath knocked out of her.

"I hate you damn creatures," Neron growled, his voice low, creating a tone that Wally had never used before, "Don't any of you lot have a sense of self-preservation!?"

The blonde lifted her head to meet his eyes, eyes full of hate that she could finally disassociate with Wally's own caring gaze, "I would rather die in love, than live the rest of my life alone,"

Neron let out a sound of frustration and pulled his hand back to hit her, releasing one of her wrists. Artemis wasted no time slipping her hand into her jacket and grabbing a flask of holy water. She only needed to thumb open the flip cap before Wally's voice was suddenly screaming in pain, his hands grabbing his face as steam arose from where the splash of holy water landed.

Artemis didn't wait to execute her next move, and it didn't take much. She grabbed Wally's shoulders and pushed him backward, guiding him while he was still uselessly in pain to the devil's trap in the corner of the room. She stopped when he was trapped, stepping back and let out a breath of relief. It was only words now.

Neron grit his teeth and shook his head, shaking off the last of the lingering pain brought on by the holy water, "The boy wants you to run now," He laughed, looking up to glare at Artemis, "He doesn't like what I plan to do to you,"

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus," Artemis started, meeting the demon's glare with one of her own. Neron growled and raced at her, his arms reaching out to grab her throat.

But he was forced to stop.

"omnis satanica potestas," She continued, "omnis incursio infernalis adversarii,"

"You bitch!" Neron roared in Wally's voice, looking down as he began to convulse.

"omnis legio," Artemis stated firmly. Suddenly Neron let out a laugh and pulled one of Wally's knives out of his jean pockets. The blonde's eyes widened, realizing immediately what he planned to do, "omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica!" She recited faster, stepping forward slightly in anxiousness.

"You won't be winning today," Neron smirked, placing the knife against the skin of Wally's arm, "What do you think, slow and painful?" His voice was twisted out of pride; there was no way to stop him.

Artemis froze, the rest of the exorcism stumbling at the back of her throat. She'd had years to dream of this exact situation, years of dreaming up ways to stop this from happening. But none of them were ever good enough, she'd never thought of one way to make it work. Neron had appeared to stop, enjoying the power he had over her as the knife was resting against Wally's skin.

And in a split second decision, Artemis went with her instinct, went against all protocol that she'd learned from the many other hunters out there. Because this was Wally, and she'd be damned if she'd let someone take him from her.

So she jumped on him.

Neron looked genuinely surprised when Artemis was suddenly tackling him, but he still managed to slice her across her chest and shoulder as they were falling backwards. With the combination of Wally's physique and the demon's powers, Neron was much stronger than the blonde. However Artemis had pure rage and determination on her side as she wrestled him, having knocked the knife out of his hand when they'd hit the ground.

"Ergo, draco maledicte!" She yelled between grunts as they rolled, her hands fighting to keep him from hurting Wally or wrapping around her throat. It was all she needed to do, and that was what was giving her the upper hand.

"DAMN BITCH!" Neron screamed, his arms and legs scrambling to disable the blonde before she could finish.

"Ecclesiam tuam securi!" Artemis kicked his legs back as he attempted to pin her down, "tibi facias libertate servire!"

Neron was trying to reach any of Wally's other weapons in a last resort; but Artemis had gained focus while Neron was losing control and she knew where Wally kept his knives so she could easily think ahead of him. Neron grew even more frustrated. His actions became instinctive and impulsive as he desperately tried to keep her from saying the last line, anything to attack her lungs or throat, his hands trying to cover her mouth. If she managed to send him back to hell, it was not only a personal loss, but a loss of pride as well. The higher demons kept track of who was bested by hunters and reputations were held up by successes.

"te rogamus, audi nos!" Artemis yelled.

Neron gave a loud angry scream before he was pulled from Wally's body, the black smoke pouring out and leaving the room through a window, blocking the light for a moment.

Wally's body slumped back against the floor and Artemis scrambled to collect him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and head to place her ear by his mouth, straining to hear him over her own heavy breathing. She let out a sigh of relief when she heard him. His breaths were steady and slow, and the fingers at his neck told her that his heartbeat was normal as well.

"Wally?" She whispered, drawing her fingers across his cheek to try and wake him, her own heart beating wildly in her chest.

The muscles of his face began moving under the skin, slight movements that Artemis only noticed because she was watching so carefully.

"Wally?" The blonde tried again, a bit more hope drifting into her tone.

His mouth opened first, letting out a groan, before his eyes slowly opened, blinking into focus, "Artemis," Wally said softly, a smile coming to his face, "Hey,"

"Hey yourself," Artemis smirked, her hand drifting upward to push back some of his hair, if only to touch him and ensure herself that he was back. She felt her eyes get watery and she blinked to try and keep it away.

Wally moved his limbs slightly and let out another groan, "Man, that hurts," He frowned, dropping his head back into Artemis's careful hold. He looked up at her once more, "That was reckless," He declared, frustration clear in his tone.

"I know," The blonde responded, her shoulders shaking slightly as her voice wavered. She closed her eyes for a moment but couldn't keep her tears away, "I thought I was going to lose you," She whispered hoarsely, "It was just like-" Her throat closed up and suddenly Wally's arms were around her, pulling her close against his chest, his limbs stiff in his movements as he continued regaining his muscle control.

"I'm not going anywhere, Babe," He said, pressing kisses against her temple as a few hot tears ran down her cheeks, "You couldn't get rid of me if you tried"

Artemis let out a short laugh and buried her head into the crook of his neck, enjoying the comfort of his arms. She mumbled something unintelligible and Wally shifted his hold, noticing that she had suddenly grown tense.

"Sorry?" He asked, tilting his head down to try and hear her better. The blonde pulled back, looking down at the floor with a bit of shock to her features. Wally laughed and ran a hand through her ponytail to calm her down, pressing another kiss to her forehead for good measure. She melted against his touch and her features relaxed once more.

Artemis turned her head up to meet Wally's eyes, a smile on her lips as she spoke up clearly, "I love you,"

At these three words Wally's face lit up in a wide grin, "I love you too," He said; and with the ease that he'd spoken them Artemis knew that he'd been practicing for a long while. Her iron heart fluttered and she smiled even more when he leaned down to press his forehead against her own, his breath lingering over her lips, "I should have done this a long time ago," Wally spoke quietly, keeping the world at bay as he held her close.

"I would have killed you," Artemis smirked, leaning in to brush her lips lightly across his, her hands, previously bunched up in his shirt, snaked their way up to his wild red hair.

"Yeah, you would have," Wally laughed, pressing forward to meet her in a grand kiss. They had kissed before, but the redhead was shocked to find that the moment they drew together it was entirely different. Before; they had clashed together, with nothing but necessity and slight lust pulling them together. It had been completely enjoyable, but nothing compared to the way they had just melded.

His skin was warm and she responded to every touch, tilting her head into the palm of his hand as he held her jaw, and leaning into his lips as her mind escaped her. There was only Wally and she couldn't have been any happier.

Artemis felt as if she could have kissed him forever, but the moment his hand moved to her shoulder it had to end.

"Are you bleeding?" Wally asked, breathless from their kiss as he pulled his hand back to stare at the wound she had collected when she'd tackled Neron.

"I'm fine," Artemis responded with a small laugh, "You're bleeding too, you know," She nodded toward the gash in his arm. Wally wrinkled his nose and stood up, pulling the blonde with him.

"C'mon Babe, let's head back to the motel," He smiled, grabbing a quick kiss, "Hey, wait," Wally paused, frowning as he thought of something.

"What?" The blonde paused, having begun picking up their discarded tools and weapons, the darkness of the apartment hiding the fading blush on her cheeks.

"Am I your boyfriend now?" Wally asked, his hand scratching nervously at the back of his head.

Artemis crossed her arms with a smile, watching him fondly, "You're my everything, Wally," She told him, her voice steady and confident.

Wally crossed the room in two steps, scooping her up in his arms as his familiar grin spread across his face once more, "You're my everything too, Artemis. You're my partner, my best friend, and my love. You're the greatest thing that has ever happened to me,"

And at that point, it didn't matter what they did for a living. Hunting monsters, saving lives, it took second to what had truly become important to them, what they had found.

Being together.


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