A/N: I was thinking about that conversation between Thea and Oliver, where Oliver says something about how hard it was on the island, and Thea basically tells him that she had it just as hard as him for the past five years. I like Thea, but seriously. She's standing there in her mansion and her designer jeans, telling her brother who was a freaking castaway (even if she doesn't know the rest of the story, she knows that) that her life has been just as difficult as his.

I don't think so. I also don't think she meant it; I think she was upset and she's dealing with a lot of things (there aren't exactly any books on what to do when your big brother comes back from the dead, you know?) and she's lashing out at him. It's understandable.

Disclaimer: I don't own Arrow or any of its characters. I just borrow them. The title is borrowed from the song "Suddenly", by Superchick. I think it fits Thea pretty well.

Thea is laying awake in bed, only sort-of trying to sleep, when she thinks, I'm not being fair to Oliver.

It was so easy to be angry at him, to blame him for the past five years. For Dad being dead. For Mom being there without, y'know, being there. And Oliver's judgmental and hypocritical and tries to control her life.

But at least he cares, even if he sucks at showing it.

Thea felt a little guilty for telling Ollie that her problems were as bad as his. Because, yeah, her life had sucked these last few years, but Ollie had been stranded on a deserted island. Her lazy, playboy, spotlight-stealing brother had been alone, forced to fend for himself.

(More surprisingly, he had actually done it. Like, survived on his own. Who knew he had it in him?)

And she'd seen his scars. Like, what were those even from?

He was trying, pretending he was okay. He went to parties, and drank, and flirted, and made a general idiot of himself, just like the old Oliver. But there were moments when he just- went away inside. Like, he was there, but his eyes got this far-off look and he went all quiet.

The old Oliver had never been quiet.

He didn't want to talk about it, that was pretty clear. Mom was busy keeping up her facade for the rest of the world, pretending that everything was okay even when it wasn't. And Laurel was...yeah. It wasn't like Thea could blame her for being mad. Tommy was so excited his best friend was alive, he only saw what he wanted to see. Actually, that went for everyone. They only saw what they wanted to see, because it was easier than dealing with what was really there.

Thea was just his little sister; she couldn't fix him or help him or anything. But she could be there. She could try.