Embrace your Memories


Chapter One: Nightmare


"Anata no omoide o dakishimete." She whispered looking into each of her children's eyes.

Watery eyes stared back into the dull ones of the woman.

"Mother... please..." A girl cried out quietly, her small fists grasping onto the woman's soaked dress.

"Fuyuki... Take care of them... Marui, make sure no harm comes to this family. And Suzume, don't ever let this family fall part." She whispered, coughing rather harshly, trickles of blood dripping from her mouth.

"Mama..." Suzume whined, tears streaking down her cheeks. She looked from the dying woman, to Fuyuki, then to Marui.

The woman reached her hand up, and gently moved soft blue hair out of Fuyuki's eyes and she wiped the pouring tears that came from the whimpering girl.


Red eyes snapped open, as tears slowly trickled out, wetting the pillow that supported her head. She sat up quickly, and looked over at a smaller girl with pure black hair, who was sleeping peacefully next to her. The red eyed girl panted, and she darted out of her bed, waking the slumbering girl beside her.

She dashed out of her glamorous room, and a couple doors down before turning the handle to run inside the different room. She dived onto the large king sized bed, startling two older people awake.

"Mother, father!" The girl cried loudly, the tears still coming down her heated cheeks.

"Wha... What's wrong, Fuyuki?" Her mother sat up, smiling gently at the crying girl.

"I- I had a nightmare again!" She whined, struggling to dry her eyes. Her mother reached up and used the edge on her nightgown to wipe at the tears.

"What was it about this time?" Her mother tilted her head, worried for her daughter.

Fuyuki sniffled, and she stared into her mother's brightly shining eyes. "Yo- you wer-"

"Fuyuki, what did I tell you about storming in her in the dead of the night?!" Fuyuki flinched from the loud voice. She turned to her father, and sniffed again. "B- but! It was horrible, father! Momm-"

"I don't care, I need my sleep, go tell your little friend or whatever! Just let me get back to sleep." Her father demanded harshly, pointing to the open door. Fuyuki stared, heart broken, as she had obeyed her father, and left her parents alone in their room. She slowly walked back to her own room, wiping her dripping nose with her sleeve.

She entered, and looked to see her best friend perched on her bed, rubbing her eyes tiredly. "W- What's wrong, Fu...?" She murmured, and let a yawn escape her parted lips.

Fuyuki smiled lightly, and walked over to the younger girl. "Nothing, Su-chan..." She replied, climbing back into her comfortable bed, enjoying the feeling of the heavy warm sheets covering her small body.

"Goodnight..." Suzume whispered. Fuyuki had to strain her ears to hear the quiet girl, and rolled over to face her friend, but found that she had already fell asleep.

"Goodnight." Fuyuki smiled lightly, as she thought about the babyish tone that was held in her friends voice.


The next morning, Suzume had woken up to hear a loud thump come from some where around her, and she sat up groggily, making a disapproving sound in the back on her throat.

She looked around hazily, searching for the source of the noise. She paused, noticing her friend was not beside her, and she leaned over the edge.

Suzume giggled childishly, as she stared at Fuyuki who was on the ground, rather awkwardly, now fully awake.

"Wa- was I attacked?" Fuyuki asked, still dazed from the random dream she was having before she was rudely awaken.

Suzume blinked questioningly, and raised her eyebrows in thought, before shrugging at the older girl.

"Ne, ne, Fu... Isn't your birthday tomorrow?" Suzume asked excitedly as if it was her own birthday. Fuyuki nodded, and smiled.

"Tomorrow, I will finally be six years old!" The red eyed girl grinned, giving Suzume the peace sign. Suzume could only grin back at the girl happily.

"Today, Mama said she would take us to the park!" Suzume said dreamily, propping her elbows on Fuyuki's queen sized bed, and let her chin rest on her open palms. "Oh yeah, thanks for letting me stay the night! I had a lot of fun!" Suzume giggled, rolling over.

Fuyuki paused, and she laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of her head. "Well, actually, I think mom wants you to stay... forever...?" Fuyuki murmured, as she stood and stretched, fixing her fallen sheets.

Suzume blinked, her sapphire blue eyes curious. "Stay, forever? But,... Won't my daddy and mommy worry?" She blinked again, not paying attention to Fuyuki's changing expressions.

"Don't worry, Su-chan," Fuyuki said simply, as she walked to her closet. "Now, let's get changed and then eat something, and drag mother to the park with us!" Fuyuki yelled happily, thrusting her small fist into the air.

Suzume laughed, as she did as she was told to, without a care in the World...


Note: This story was inspired by a role play I'm participating in on a site called 'TinierMe'~

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