Hey there! Here's a new Full House oneshot I cooked up one day. I was watching the episode Shape Up from Season 4, and I got to wondering what D.J.'s thoughts were after that episode. So this is what I came up with. Hope you like it! :)

Disclaimer: Genius Jeff Franklin owns Full House. I own the fanfics I cook up from time to time.

Being Yourself Is So Much Better

Fourteen-year-old Donna Jo Margaret Tanner, also known as "D.J.", sat on her bed in the bedroom she shared with her younger sister, nine-year-old Stephanie, thinking about the talk she had just had with her father Danny, which had taken place only an hour ago. The topic of discussion was about D.J.'s looks and why she was trying to lose weight in order to fit into the bathing suit for her friend Kimmy's pool party (which was in November, of all months). Kimmy was seen by most people as "dumb" and "weird". But to D.J., she was a person who needed a friend, as well as lots of help, especially from someone like D.J. too. Well, if one defined "helping Kimmy" as "copying homework", which was usually when they had the same class at school.

After sitting and thinking over his words - basically that everyone who knew the real D.J. thought she was "pretty terrific", in her dad's words - D.J. let a smile cross her face as she soon came to a decision.

Her father had been right when he spoke those words to her. And he had also been right about another thing as well - she did have a good heart, and that she cared about people. Even D.J. had to admit that those were definitely qualities she had, too.

But D.J. would only admit this to her diary, and never to anyone else - not even her dad, Stephanie, her other younger sister Michelle (who was almost four years old), their uncle Jesse Katsopolis, or even her father's best friend Joey Gladstone. This was a secret she would keep only to herself.

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