I saw a couple of trailers for the movie coming out this month and I had to make some sort of fanfic for it! This is my first Rise of the Guardians fanfic, so keep in mind that I might not be very good at this...

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Keep Going

Keep going, please keep going! Almost there! I pleaded with my legs to keep running down the pitch black alleyway as I occasionally glanced back over my shoulder. The December night air felt like it was cutting into my skin as I rounded the corner of a building and into yet another back alley.

I could hear the boots of the ones' chasing me, they were smacking against the pavement not far behind and panic continued to well up inside of me. Why do they want to hurt me so much? What did I do to them?

When I exited the other alley, I could see my house. Of course, I couldn't run there because then they would know where I lived. If they didn't know already. Instead I ran right past, not even glancing up at the completely dark Victorian house.

I could feel my legs burning, begging me to stop running, and I wished that I could obey their orders. If I could just make it into the woods, then I could loose them in the brush. As I tightened my grip on my sketch book in my arms, I sprinted toward the shadowy outline of trees at the end of the street. Almost th-

A hand grabbed the back of my shirt and flung me backwards. My head smacked against the pavement, making a sharp pain shoot through my skull, my arms still gripped my sketch book because that is what I knew they wanted. Star bursts of color flashed before my eyes as my chasers stood over me.

"Aw, poor Cassie," one of them teased. "Did you slip and fall?"

"Shut up Jess!" I hissed back at the tall brunette, who smirked down at me like she knew she was superior to me. I completely loathed that look. "Aren't you a little old to be playing tag?"

She just laughed, "Aren't you too old to believe in fairy tales?"

Jessica's eyes fell on my sketch book and my heart dropped. I tried to get up and run again but one of her followers kicked me in the stomach and held me to the ground with her foot. "You're not going anywhere, freak." She giggled.

The second of Jessica's followers bent down and grabbed me by my blond hair and yanked my head upright. She punched me in the face, making my arms loosen and giving Jess the opportunity to grab my sketch book. My eye started to throb and I heard her laughing again as she flipped through the pages. "Oh, I've never seen this one before," She smirked as she shoved the drawing in my face. "Who is this?"

It was the drawing I had just finished seconds before they had started to chase after me. It was a drawing of a boy close to my own age with snow white hair and a staff in his hand that was hooked over at the top. The look on his face was the same one I was giving Jess, one of pure defiance. "Why the hell do you care?"

Pushing the picture closer to my face, she whispered, "You know what'll happen if you don't answer me right?"

I bored my eyes into hers. "Just get on with it." I tried to sound bored, but I could hear the pure anger dripping from my voice.

Jessica chuckled, "Suit yourself." and ripped my drawing in half, right down the middle. She then went through the rest of my drawings in the book and ripped them up too, and when she saw that I was still glaring at her she asked, "What, are you going to cast a magic spell on me now?" Before stalking off laughing with her friends.

I waited until I couldn't hear their foot steps anymore and then I slowly started to pry my aching body off of the cold pavement. I picked up one of the scraps of paper, and looked at the half of the boy's face on it. "Jack Frost," I whispered to myself. "His name is Jack Frost."

When I got home the house was still dark and quiet, not that I had expected anything else. I slid my keys into the lock, opened the door, and stepped into the shadows I call home.

I turned on a few lights as I made my way up to my room, passing several pictures of my parents and I. Worried that I would cry if I looked at them, I flipped a few over so that the photograph was facing down.

I guess you could say I live with my dad. Although ever since my mom died a couple years ago, he drowned himself completely in his work. He rarely ever comes home and the few interactions I do have with him always end up being quiet and awkward. With him it's either the office here in Greenlake, or one of the offices in other states, nothing else. So as far as I'm concerned, I live alone. The only sign that even remotely shows that he still knows I exist is the living expenses he puts into my bank account every month.

I walked into my room and turned my bedside lamp on, making all of the drawings I had taped to my wall seem to come to life. I went over to my dresser mirror and lifted up my shirt to uncover a colorful bruise decorating the pale skin of my stomach. I could see a black eye starting to form too and my blond hair was still in knots from where the girl had gripped it. When I reached back to untangle it, my goose egg of a lump pulsed with pain at the slightest touch.

I pushed the idea of cleaning myself up out of my mind and grimaced at the pain as I climbed into bed. Then looked at the ripped picture again.

The voices of my classmates began to echo in my head. Your such a freak Cassie! I can't believe you still think Santa Claus is real! You're fifteen already, why don't you grow up! No wonder you don't have any friends.

Hot tears began to roll down my face and I didn't even try to stop them. No one could hear me here. I turned to face a drawing of Santa taped on the wall next to my bed and couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with believing. To tell the truth I don't believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny or the tooth fairy, but I believe in the magic surrounding them. The magic that we all feel as kids when we believe in them. What's wrong with wanting to believe in that magic when you have nothing else left? What if that's all that keeps you going?

Beep! Beep! Beep! North ran over to his giant globe and looked to see what the problem was. His jaw dropped when he saw a glowing, black mass swirling around a town called Greenlake. How is this possible, He thought. We took care of pitch already didn't we? What could it possibly be then?

The black mass brightened then faded until it was gone. Like it had never been there at all.

Ok, so it's a little depressing I know, but it does have a point to it I promise and it will get better. I'll write more when I can but in the mean time review and let me know what you think. ;)