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What Can I Do?

...Cassie? Oh, what's the matter? Why are you crying?

Mom? I thought, lost in the darkness of my own subconscious.

J-Jess r-ripped up my d-drawings again, I heard a young voice sob in the back of my mind.

I felt warmth wrap around me, not the same as before though, like I was actually being hugged, like I was actually in my mom's arms again.

Shh, it's okay, she soothed in her beautiful, calming voice. The voice that had told me stories and sung me songs to put me to sleep as a child. The voice I loved more than anything. It's alright Cassie. Jessica may feel the need to ruin your drawings, but remember that you will always be able to see them.

But that doesn't make sense, my young voice came again, still crying. She ripped them to pieces, how can I see them now?

My mom chuckled. If you're able to keep believing that you can see them, you will.

...That doesn't make any sense mom...

There was a long silence and then my mom's voice replied, so strong that I could hear her smile. Your drawings are a reflection of what's in here. My heart warmed. Everything you see and feel is right here, and everything that makes you... you. You just need to have faith that it really is there. And who knows, one day you might just uncover something hiding in your heart that you never knew was there before.

...Still lost.

She laughed again. But at least you've stopped crying. Now, it looks like I need to go have a serious talk with a certain little girl's mother.

All I heard after that was my younger version's voice, cheerfully laughing as I drifted back into my black subconscious.


I gasped and bolted upright in bed. It was morning and I was in one of the guest bedrooms, still in the North Pole. The bright sunlight shone through the single window and illuminated the entire wood-made room.

I slowly brought my hands up and clutched them together over my heart. How long has it been? I asked myself. How long has it been, since I've dreamed about mom? I felt tears threatening to fall and my hands tightened around each other until my nails were digging into my palms. Just hearing her voice... makes me feel this way? Just remembering the way she hugged me? The way she always made me smile.

A jingling sound came from the other side of my door and I quickly unlatched my aching fingers and blinked away the tears. I opened the door and there were about five of the elves standing there, looking up at me expectantly.

"Um, hey?" I said, a little freaked out at the looks they were giving me. They were looking at me like I was their leader or something. "What are you guys doing here?"

Suddenly they all started jumping up and down, the large bells attached to their pointed hats jingling loudly with every movement. "Wha-" The elves then plopped themselves on the ground and each of them pulled out a single crayon, they were all holding a different color.

They held the crayons up to me like some kind of offering and it took me a few minutes to realize what they wanted. "Do... do you all want me to draw you?" As soon as the words left my mouth, the elves were back to jumping up and down excitedly, still staring at me with looks that made me feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Despite that feeling though, I laughed, their joy rubbing off on me. "Well, I guess I don't see why not." I smiled down at them.

I was still in the same clothes from yesterday so all I needed to do was walk over to the wooden desk in the bedroom and pull paper and pencils out of the drawers. I was mentally kicking myself for leaving all of my art supplies in the square because I knew that anyone could've just walked by and taken them. I won't name name's but cough Jess cough.

I stepped out in the hallway and sat down against the wall. The elves all started running around, creating the different poses they wanted me to draw them in.

One of them seemed to want me to draw him doing a karate kick in the air, so he got one of the other elves to hold him up, and I drew the both of them. A smile was on my face the entire time and I was actually impressed that I was able to go a full sixteen hours without drawing anything. I think I just broke a personal record, I laughed to myself, but it felt so good to put a pencil on paper and create.

When I finished the first picture, the elves wanted me to draw another, and another, and another. Then by the time I had finished what seemed like my fifteenth drawing of the hyperactive pin-heads, I had the overwhelming urge to draw something a little different.

I handed the elves my final picture of their five foot high pyramid, and they all started hopping up and down like I had just given them candy while they were on a sugar high. I smiled at them but then immediately bent my head down over a fresh sheet of paper.

A few minutes after I started sketching, the drawing was still only an outline, but even then I was still able to see the pencil strokes that weren't on the page yet. When I finally finished I held it up in front of me. The scene from my dream, the one that I had heard but didn't see. I didn't need to see it though, because just by listening, I remembered everything from that day. I drew my mom comforting me, her arms wrapped around me and one hand patting my head. She was also smiling, the smile of a mother who could never be more proud of her daughter.

I stood up and walked back into the bedroom, making my way over to the window. With some effort I was able to slide the nearly frozen glass open and the frigid air rushed in to greet me. I took one last look down at the picture in my hands, my drawing, my memory, then threw it out into the mountains.

In the freezing wind rushing past me, I could hear her voice. As long as you believe you can see them, you will. And I thought, on the verge of tears again, I know mom. I didn't need the picture I had just drawn in order to remember my mom, it was just the medium I used to express it. She was right about everything she said back then, my drawings are only a refection of what I am, losing them didn't mean I would lose anything about myself. So, as long as I remembered them, that they were real to me, I would always still be able to see them. That seemed to apply to a lot of things in my life actually.

As I watched my drawing flutter away in the wind though, I actually had a bigger concern on my mind. I was still bothered by my inability to do anything to help the Guardians. There had to be something, anything, I could do to be of use, instead of sitting around and praying for everything to be okay. I didn't need to be out on the front lines with them, even if it was something small I would do it. But what could I-


I turned around and Jack was standing in the open doorway. I had to do a double take to make sure it was him because more of his hair was dark brown, about five times more than I had seen yesterday. My friend, wow never thought I'd say that, shot me a questioning look and said, "Is there any reason why the elves are in the hallway, dancing with sheets of paper?"

I started laughing. "You mean reasons that we'd understand? Probably not."

"And what exactly are you doing anyway?" He crossed his arms and smirked, nodding at the still open window behind me.

I shrugged and looked back out to see that my drawing wasn't in sight anymore. "Getting some fresh air."

As I went to shut the window, a final blast of icy wind blew past me. It howled loudly in my ears, and something in my mind clicked. I got it!

"Hey Jack?" I asked without turning away from the still open window.


"Does North have a library?"

"Uh," He paused to think about it. "I'd be surprised if he didn't, why?"

A smile spread across my face and I turned to face him. "Because we're going to do a little research."


That's how we ended up in the biggest room I had ever seen, surrounded by case after case of North's books. I was in total awe as I scanned only the bottom shelf of the gigantic bookcases, I would need a ladder if I even hoped to get any of the ones higher up.

I suddenly became aware of someone practically burning a hole in my back and I turned to see a tall animal standing on two feet and covered in gray fur...it was also glaring at me with its huge arms crossed over its chest. "Jack?" I asked.

He glanced up from the stack of books he was staring at and saw who I was looking at. "Oh, that's Phil."


"Yeah, he's one of North's yetis," he chuckled when he saw the look of shock on my face. "What, you've never seen a yeti before?"

I recovered from my shock and glared at him. "Well they don't exactly keep them at the zoo." Phil grunted and I turned back to him. "Sorry, I didn't mean anything by that." After everything that I've seen in the past few days, I really shouldn't have been surprised. Phil turned his gaze from me to Jack and I saw distrust in his eyes.

Jack laughed again and said, "Don't worry, he's just here to make sure we don't break anything."

The yeti grunted an annoyed response and glared daggers at Jack. "We? I think you," I smirked.

"Yeah," he mock sighed as he twirled his staff in his hand. "I have no clue why he hates me so much." Then a mischievous grin spread across his face. "Maybe it's because I do things like this?" He lifted his hand and positioned the head of his staff next to a tall glass statue that was standing in the center of the library. It looked so fragile, it could've been made of ice...or maybe it was.

Phil narrowed his eyes like he thought Jack was bluffing, and Jack responded by pushing the staff against the statue, making it softly rock back. The two continued to stare each other down, Phil with his angry glare that just dared Jack to knock it over, and Jack with his cocky grin that challenged Phil to take a step closer if he dared.

I could tell that this happened often, and that it could last for hours, so I chuckled and rolled my eyes as I turned to the reason why I had come here to begin with, the books, the mountains and mountains of books. I found a rolling ladder connected to one of the bookcases further down and I began to climb it, careful that I didn't make it move. As I scaled my way up I skimmed the books within view, looking for anything that might be useful. There has to be some kind of mythical creature encyclopedia or something, I thought.

I picked up a greenish colored, leather bound book and was just about to climb down with it when I heard a loud smashing sound behind me. Great.

"Whoops," I heard Jack say as I turned to see him running circles around where the statue was now in shards, Phil was hot on his tail with the most pissed off expression I'd seen yet. "Lighten up Phil," he smiled. "It was an accident, I swear! When I get my powers back I'll make a new o- AHHHH!" Phil dove, nearly tackling Jack to the ground but he narrowly dodged it and continued to run from the yeti who was so ticked I could've sworn I saw steam coming from his ears.

I began laughing my ass off as I watched them and turned around to grab the ladder to keep myself from falling off. I was laughing so hard, I didn't even see the boys anymore until they were running directly under me.

They ran towards the bookcase and the near 600 pound yeti dove again, this time managing to catch Jack, but not tackling him to the ground but into the book case.

I gasped as the whole case began to rock back and forth. Please don't fall, I pleaded. please don't fall, please don't f-AHHHHHH! The gigantic bookcase leaned forward and I went with it, crashing into the ladder as I went down and gripping it for dear life.

"W-w-whoa!" CRASH! The book case hit the floor and books flew up around me on impact. "...Ow..." There is certain winter spirit and a certain yeti, that are going to wish they had never been placed on this earth... I slowly pulled my aching body up to sit on the hundreds of books still beneath me and I rubbed my forearm, knowing that I was going to have a new bruise or two.

"Oh crap!" I heard Jack's voice ring out. I looked behind me and saw him standing on the back of Phil, who was lying on the ground, seemingly exhausted. "Hey, you alive over there Cassie?"

"Yeah, but you wont be in about five minutes." I mumbled, then raised my voice and yelled back at him, "You are so lucky I'm not over there right now Frost!"

Jack crossed his arms and smiled down at Phil. "Yup, she's okay," I heard him laugh as Phil groaned.

I sighed and tried to let some of my anger dissipate, looking at the books around me. Focus, I told myself. Beating Jack to a pulp wouldn't help the situation, even though it would make you feel so mush better.

I took a deep breath and started to sift through all of the books. When I found a bunch that interested me, I piled them into stacks and started to skim through each one for any kind of useful information.

After a few minutes, I looked back over my shoulder to see Jack and Phil staring at me like I had lost my mind. So what if I was still sitting in the middle of the bookcase, I was never going to have all these books so close to me again. It took some of the work out of getting my hands on the really high up ones. At least I had one less thing to worry about after that fall.

I let the rest of my anger slide away and smiled as I called to them, "Are you guys just going to stand there, or are you going to help me look for answers?"

Phil looked up at Jack and Jack just shrugged before jumping onto the bookcase and walking on the shelves out to me. He sat down in the circle of books I had made and grabbed one off the top of a stack, sinking his chin into his hand as he began to search the pages.


We spent the rest of the day in that same spot, looking through any book that may hold the answers to what was going on. But we didn't. Freaking. Find. Anything!

"Ugh!" I exclaimed, throwing the hundredth book I looked at out of my hands and flopping down on my back. "How the hell can there not be one single thing about that damn black mist!"

"There has to be something about it in one of these books," Jack said, still examining the pages of the book in his hands. "I mean, there are so many books in here. Obviously we haven't looked at all of them ye- Hey!"

I sat up expectantly and asked, "What is it?"

"They talk about me in this book, and they're calling me a fairy!" I face palmed and flopped back down. "What the hell man! Tooth is a fairy, do I honestly look like one to you?"

I looked up at him and started chuckling uncontrollably. "If I said yes, would you be pissed?"

He shot me a glare and said, "Funny." Then went back to flipping through pages. "And how do we even know if what they say in these books is true anyway? Because I keep seeing some pretty messed up pictures of what this book says is me, and I swear to God I don't have wings!"

My chuckles turned into full blown laughter and I was gasping for breath when I heard the library door open. I looked over and North was standing in the doorway, his eyes widened upon seeing the destruction of his possessions. Uh oh, not good.

I saw Phil hide himself behind one of the bookcases and North narrowed his eyes at Jack and I. "What is going on here?"

I looked anywhere but his eyes and said, "Um, research?" North's expression didn't change and I looked down. "Okay before you say anything, let me explain what happened." He crossed his arms over his chest, waiting for my story. I took a breath and said as quickly as I could, "Jack and Phil did it." Then I scrambled off of the bookcase and sped past North as fast as my feet would carry me.

I heard Jack's yelling and Phil's angry grunting from all the way down the hallway. Ah, revenge, I smiled to myself.

Even though our situation was dire, and a bunch of people could've been in danger... would it be bad for me to say that I was actually having fun? Don't get me wrong though, nothing was going to stop me from finding out what this thing was. Just watch me, mom, I thought as I made my way back to my room, one of the books I had managed to snag underneath my arm.

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