"I'm bored."

"You're always bored." Sam flicks a page of his book.

"Yes, but you usually entertain me," Gabriel whines.

"Since when?" Sam gives him an incredulous look.

"Since he pretended he was your boyfriend and then decided out of nowhere that he actually was your boyfriend," Harry points out innocently from across the room.

Sam sighs. "For one second, I defended him and he never let it go."

"Let it go, you say?" Gabriel gets a mischievous gleam in his eye and before Sam can open his mouth to protest, the archangel snaps his fingers. Sam shivers as he whirls around, abruptly ankle-deep in snow, and looks around at his new surroundings - a dark mountainside while a fierce winter wind blows. Harry's trembling beside him.

"Gabriel!" Sam yells irritably. "Get us out of here!"

Gabriel pouts as he appears in front of them, holding out two jackets, which they snatch and quickly shrug on. "The cold never bothered you, anyway?"

"The cold very much bothers us, knock it off." Sam narrows his eyes. "What's with the puns?"

"He must've seen the newest Disney film," Harry answers even before Gabriel has time to smirk, his breath misting in the frigid air.

Sam groans. "Gabriel, send us back or I'm gonna douse you in holy oil and drop a match on you."

Gabriel huffs and snaps his fingers, bringing them back to their warm motel room. Harry sighs in relief and burrows under the blankets of the nearest motel bed to warm himself up without shedding any of the layers he has on.

"You're awful," he grumbles.

Sam watches wearily as Gabriel, not looking the slightest bit apologetic, inches over to the pile of blankets that is Harry Potter. "Hey, Harry." A green eye peeks out at him grumpily. "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

Sam has to lunge halfway across the motel room to stop Harry from attempting to strangle Gabriel.

I really have no excuse other than lack of muse and other stuff getting in the way. As you can tell, I've been recently obsessed with all things Frozen and I had to do a chapter on it. Honestly, I don't know how many more chapters of this story I'm going to do, but I'm glad so many people seem to like this SuperPotter crossover.