Forever and Always

Written By: Remepie

Type of Work: Songfic, A/U, Humanized!Bionicle, Matoro/Hahli, and tiny Nokama/Vakama slip in. Angsty, Love story stuff~

Inspired By: The original song my friend showed me, "Forever and Always" by Parachute. Listen to it. Seriously. Just type that in to youtube or something. Gorgeous and lovely song. Depressing and sad too, but hey, love it!

Song: Forever and Always by Parachute


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Bionicle in any way shape or form, nor do I own or claim the song Forever and Always.

A/N: Hey guys, second fic ever! A bionicle I should've spent more time on it...pretty quickly written fic that I was inspired by after my best friend showed me this song randomly on FB. It was so sad but beautiful, so I decided to write some much needed Matoro/Hahli fluff for it. I really didn't want a sad ending for this so...LOTS OF FLUFF AND HAPPY ENDING! Woooh? Lol, anyways, I hope you enjoy it! I'm not going to change the rating, seeing as it only says ONE word that people barely consider as swearing. Damnit. OOOOH AHHHHH! WHAT A BAD WORD! SOMEONE GET THE SOAP!

Reminder: Everything within the bars after this and besides the A/N is song lyrics. I highly suggest you listen to the song as you read, or a sad song in particular. Adds to the effect~ But, do as you wish!

Things you should probably know

Ages of main characters:

Hahli – 21

Matoro – 22

Turaga (Nokama, Vakama, Matau, Onewa, Nuju, Whenua) – Early 30's.

Toa Nuva – Late 20's

Matoran – Early 20's

Physical traits of main characters:

Hahli – Around 5' 2" with a slender body and slightly tanned skin. She had long platinum blonde hair that reaches to her thigh. Has sun-yellow/gold eyes and blushes a rosy pink. Long lashes and rather pretty~ She's wearing a tear drop necklace that's crystal blue, and a white sundress with a black bow in the center. Wearing black high heals that have those ribbon things that tie up in an X pattern; up to her knee.

Matoro – Around 5' 5", has a feminine, slender physique with long feathery white hair that reached the bottom of his neck in layers kind of… Has bright aquamarine eyes that are somewhat icy because of his genes *coughNUJUcough*. He's pretty handsome I guess and is wearing one of those plain white hospital gown things for men I guess? Lol He's wearing a white collar shirt that buttons up, and black slacks and dress shoes with his white pea coat, which he later gives to Hahli.

Everyone else – Up to you I guess lol. Accept Nuju had silver hair and pale blue eyes while Kopaka has heterochromic blue and red eyes. Same position as his eyes in the MoL movie.

Anyways, enjoy!

She's sitting at the table…

7:00 PM

The old grandfather clock in the dining room chimed, inquiring the new hour that had come to past.

Slender fingers; a gorgeous silver ring glinting on the ring finger, tapped impatiently against a bleach white tablecloth in a nonchalant pattern. Their owner was a beautiful young lady, appearing in her early 20's. Her lightly tanned skin was draped in a pretty white sundress, complete with a black ribbon at its center which tied the silky cloth rather snugly to her sublime figure. A pretty blue tear drop necklace graced her collar bone. She liked to dress simply like that. The woman unconsciously twirled a lock of her platinum blonde hair around a finger; gaze flickering to the clock for the umpteenth time.

He was late.

He was never late…

The pretty young lady chastised herself mentally; pursing her cherry hued lips while twiddling her fingers in silent embarrassment.

It's not like it was unnatural to be running a few minutes behind schedule…though it was certainly strange for him

She smiled sheepishly and decided to be patient; simply waiting at her lonely dinner table.

The freshly prepared food was getting colder…


The hours getting later…

7:30 PM

He was supposed to be here…

He wasn't here.

Where was he?

Did something happen?

She's sure he would have called…

No, no, no.

He was fine.

Just a little late.

That's all it was.

He would've called if something was wrong.

She was sure of it.


The young woman eyed the clock anxiously.

She would wait a little longer.

He was just running late…


She waits a little longer…

8:00 PM

Again, the grandfather clock in the room sang a rather sad tune, signaling the new hour.

He was an hour late.

That was almost unheard of.

Especially for him

Especially since he never kept her waiting…ever…

Something at the window caught her eye..

She thought she could hear wheels.

Turning eagerly towards the driveway, the woman searched the window for a familiar white car.

There's no one in the driveway…

The glass window reflected morbid sun-golden eyes, swimming with hurt and confusion.

Much to her dismay, it was just a dove, flying past in a rush for shelter from the upcoming storm. It was dusk; winter having taken over the peaceful lands in a harsh wonderland of ice.

How odd, you'd think a dove would've migrated by now. It was no season for a bird like it to be in.

But…what was even more striking was…


Where was he?

He was supposed to be here…

What happened?

Her mind must have been playing tricks on her.

She smiled.

Nokama would have chided her for worrying so much...


No one's said they've seen him…

She looks down towards the ocean blue cell phone that rested beside her empty plate.

She remembers calling his older brothers and her close friends…

None of them had a clue to where he was…

Not even Nuju…

They wondered the question that she currently asked herself…

Where was he?

He was supposed to be here…with her…

Why, is something wrong?


Just where was he?

Is something wrong?

She looks back to the window…

She turns her head towards the window once more, watching as snow drifted from the now ashen gray skies.

The moon was barely visible, casting a mysterious glow behind the dark clouds that shrouded it.

She tried to cheer her already breaking heart by humming a song her oldest sister, Nokama, once taught her.

It was about hope…

Her own was fleeting quickly.

As she hummed, it reminded her of how well he sang…he always did…just for her…though he was embarrassed about this odd talent…but he did it anyways…

For her…

Crestfallen, she played with her napkin; the food long since going cold.

It didn't matter…


Suddenly, the phone rings…

The catchy melody of her phone's ringtone brought the young woman back from her deep thoughts. She snapped her head towards the phone immediately; picking up the phone, she spoke. Her hopeful voice quivering ever so slightly.


"Hello Miss Hahli Rayne.



A voice says something has happened

That she should come right now…

Hahli had long since tuned out, ears deaf to the frantic voice of the caller.

She dropped the phone with a shaking hand.


"Ms. Rayne!"

"Ms. Rayne!"

The voice suddenly changed. It belonged to a man…who sounded very familiar…It was even more hysterical.


"Are you there?"



"Dammit Hahli! Answer!"

"He needs you!"

"Matoro needs you!"



Her mind goes to December…

It was a beautiful snowy day in Ko-Metru.

Just your average wintery day.

Although harsher than most areas, such as her own home, Ga-Metru.

Hahli sat on a single swing set, the creaking sounds of metal her only source of sound in the awfully quiet scenery. He has invited her to their secret spot besides a silent river, it was a grove. A single, bare, birch-white tree hung overhead. Crystal flowers dappled the colorless paradise in limpid glory.

It was beautiful.

And it was their own.

Their place.

Their paradise.

A smiling face looked down at her. She looked up to meet a pale aquamarine gaze, bright with beautiful emotions as she returned it with her own golden one. Hahli's cheeks flushed a rosy pink as he took her hand.

She thinks of when he asked her

He bent down on one knee first…

He gently; as if a single mistake would shatter the balance, pushed a glinting silver ring onto one of her fingers. It warmed her hand immediately. But no more so than it did her heart.

And he said…

I want you, forever, forever and always

Through the good, and the bad, and the ugly

We'll grow old together

Forever and always…

And he said…

"I want you, forever, forever and always.

Through the good, and the bad, and the ugly.

We'll grow old together.

Forever and always."

He paused, an incredible grin swelling upon his lips; tears flowing down from his eyes in unbelievable happiness and love.

"Please marry me, Hahli."

She breaks down into hopelessly joyful tears, her face splitting into a wide smile as he takes her into his loving arms. She nodded furiously into his chest. Agreeing to his proposal, she felt the warmth emanating from his tight hold grow even more. Their bodies' intertwined in a loving embrace; perfecting the frosty garden in celestial beauty.

"Forever and always."

Hahli laughed ever so softly, smiling as she replied.

"Do you really mean that?"

He grinned and chirped back.



"Pinky promise."


With that, their pinkies intertwined to make it real.


She pulls up to the entrance...

Click. Tap. Click. Tap.

Black heels clicked against the pavement of the parking lot. she hugged a rather large snow-white pea coat to her body; gripping the edges tightly as she entered a large building. She loved this coat.

It smelt and freshly fallen snow...just like him...

It belonged to him.

She found comfort with it around her.

She remembered how odd it was that he left it at her house.

He rarely went anywhere without it.


She walks right to the front desk…

A kind faced woman in scrubs greeted her nervously before asking some kind of question.

Hahli couldn't hear her.

Everything was ringing.

She wasn't sure what was happening.

Everything felt like a dream.

The lady had taken her hand and led her into a vast hallway.

They lead her down a million halls, a maze that's never ending...

Several more people followed, leading the puppet like woman down a series of halls.





They talk about what happened but she can barely hear them...

She can hear various voices.

They were perhaps trying to tell her what happened.

Some were laughing, crying, excited, depressed.

Swirling around her in a symphony of sound.

Maybe from other patients or their loved ones.



She was deaf.

She could barley make out anything.

She couldn't hear them.

She couldn't hear anything.


She tries to keep a straight face as she walks into the room…

She neared the door, a bench just outside was occupied with a grown man with a younger man just beside him.

The older man had silver hair and a cold ice blue gaze.

The man next to him held nothingness in his bright blue and red heterochromic eyes.

They were siblings, she could tell.

They both looked terrible.

Just like her.

They didn't bother looking up at her.

She knew them.

The older man, Nuju.

The younger man, Kopaka.

His brothers.

So loving.

They love him so much.

Just like her.

The silver haired man's eyes flashed, noticing her stare.

He met her gaze, filled with vacant emotion.

She turned away, feeling her own heart begin to splinter from the pair's hopeless expressions.

She walked towards a single door, taking the silver knob with trembling hands.

She turns the knob and enters slowly.

She cries out when she finds him.



He's in a warm plain white bed, an IV and several other things attached to his frail looking body. A couple machines stood nearby, beeping somewhat sluggishly as the sterilized room held an eerie silence. His feathery white hair clung to his pale face gracefully; aquamarine eyes glued to her with mixed emotion glittering in their beautiful depths.

Even in his weak state, he never failed to give her a glowing smile as she walked towards him.

Hahli listened as the nurse began to cry, leaving the room in tears.

They were alone.

She felt her blank face crumble, her lips twitched as she fought for control of her emotions.

It hurt.


She sits by his bedside, holds his hands too tight…

She seated herself beside him, taking his open hand within her own.

It was…so cold…

It felt as if moving would break it in two.

He smiled as her warmth passed through him.

She frowned, feelings her emotions threaten to take over.

How could he still smile...even...



They talk about the kids they're gonna have and the good life

The house on the hillside, where they would stay…

He seems to talk to her nonchalantly, as if nothing ever happened.

His voice is so soft…but he still chirps to her in his lovely muse.

"We're going to have such beautiful children…remember, twins? Just like you wanted."

He goes on about the wonderful life they'll share together.

"We'll live in a peaceful little house on the hillside…near the ocean…it'll be beautiful."


His wish...

Their wish...

That would probably never come true...

Stay there forever, forever and always
Through the good and the bad and the ugly
We'll grow old together, and always remember
Whether rich or for poor or for better
We'll still love each other, forever and always…

They would stay there forever.

Forever and always.

Through the good and the bad and the ugly…

We'll grow old together, and always remember…whether rich or for poor or for better…

We'll still love each other, forever and always…

Just like he promised…

If only he could…

She gets an idea…

She didn't want him to go...

She didn't want their dreams be crushed...


An idea popped into her head as she grasped his clammy hands with her own.

A small hopeful smile spreads across her lips.

She would fulfill both of their dreams.

Right here.

Right now.

Before it was too late...

and calls in the nurses…

Per her request, several nurses flood the room.

She takes off his coat and places it on his bed.

A chaplain enters, standing at the foot of his bed.

The holy man mutters words that every married couple has heard.

Her heart flutters as he finishes the verses.

She smiled, lips trembling as tears begin to roll down her cheeks.

His face mirrored her own.

His look of surprise turns into one of heart melting love.

He squeezes her hand as she trembles.

She borrows some rings from the couple next door…

He shakily slips a golden ring onto her finger, replacing the silver one.

She copied him, placing her ring's partner on his finger to match.

They both beamed at one another.

A lovely couple next door let them borrow their rings...

How kind...

Everybody's laughing as the tears fall to the floor…

Tears roll down every single person's cheeks.

Whether from the joy, silliness, beauty, or, really, anything felt in the crowded white room.

She looks into his eye, and she says…

I want you forever, forever and always
Through the good and the bad and the ugly
We'll grow old together, and always remember
Whether happy or sad or whatever
We'll still love each other, forever and always
Forever and always, forever and always…

Nuju collapsed into tears, being supported by Kopaka, who even held a few silent tears in his normally expressionless eyes…

Both were never very emotional people, but the sight of their youngest brother getting to be united with his beloved brought tears to even their eyes.

Hahli looked into his eyes, crystal tears spilling from her golden orbs. Her body shook with wallowing pain as she sang in a strong, loving voice.

"I want you forever, forever and always. Through the good and the bad and the ugly. We'll grow old together, and always remember, whether happy or sad or whatever… We'll still love each other, forever and always…"

He finishes her vow with a loving kiss.

Though it lasted for only a few seconds, it was filled with all the emotions that had been bundled within both their hearts.

The chaplain announced them as newly weds.

She softly mumbled; everyone fell silent to listen to her.

"I love you…Matoro Hallowfrost...

I'm glad…

I was able to become…Mrs. Hallowfrost…

I love you…

I love you…

I love you!"

More tears followed.

She finishes the vows but the beeps are getting too slow…




They were getting too slow…

Each beep resonated like a mocking echo, telling her his time limit.

Oh Mata Nui, life was cruel.

He promised...

He promised he would be with her forever...

Forever and always...




He couldn't.

He can't leave her….

Please…she didn't…

She didn't want to be alone…

She wailed suddenly, letting out every emotion she had ever known.

Betraying liquid spilled from her shimmering eyes.

The room was in silence, the only sound was the pain filled cries of a newly wed grieving for her loved one.

Everyone began to exit the room…

To leave the couple to their selves…

Hahli blinked as a thumb weakly wipes away the tears that stained her pretty face.

Those eyes that she loved so much gleamed with endless seas of love.

That handsome face she adored smiled feebly…warming her spirit.

His voice is almost too low…

He gripped her hand tightly.

Squeezing it in comfort and affection.

The voice that she cherished began to fill the room, though soft, he sang a symphony of eternal emotion.

As he says, I love you forever, forever and always…

Please just remember, even if I'm not there…
I'll always love you…

forever and always…

As he says...

"I love you forever, forever and always…

Please just remember, even if I'm not there…

I'll always love you…

forever and always…"

His voice is barely audible...oh Mata Nui was it soft...

He finishes his vow with a sigh of complete and utter happiness, before slumping into his pillow.

His hand became limp.

Hahli grasped it disbelievingly, fighting to feel the warmth that was no longer within.

Was hegone?





She screamed a terribly pitiful scream.

Hahli looked to the sky above, eyes glowing with pain and every imaginable feeling of it known to man.

She stared at the lifeless man that held a special, tender place in her heart.

She couldn't grasp it.

She couldn't.

She simply stared at him.

She screamed.


Wake up...

Please wake up...

For me?


Stop...this isn't funny...

Wake up...please...


You promised!


You promised you wouldn't leave me!

You promised!

I don't want to lose you!

I can't go on without you!



I-I can't...I can't...




The door opened immediately at those words.

She could make out many foot steps.

But she could only hear one noise...

A ringing...

Maybe a beep...

It...echoed within her mind, filling her ears with a euphoria of dreadful bells.

She sobbed into his chest, clutching his hands as if they were some kind of life line.

She planted a soft kiss onto his lips.

She felt herself being pulled away from him, being escorted out.

She listened as two men she recognized talk to her in soothingly soft voices...she thought she could make out Kopaka carrying her out of the hall way.

She didn't fight him.

She didn't fight them.

Not at all.

It didn't matter…


I love you forever, forever and always…

Please just remember, even if I'm not there…
I'll always love you…

forever and always…

The following week...

The following week was death.

Hahli felt like a ghost.

A zombie.

Some lifeless being that locked herself inside her room after…that Saturday of the accident.

It was paining to know that he was never going to come to dinner.

It was hurtful to know that he wasn't going to enjoy their anniversary of the day they started a relationship together.

It's ironic really.

It was Valentine's day.

That was the day he finally got the courage to ask her out.

That was the day he gave her the very special first kiss.

That was the day everything bloomed.

That was the day everything died.

Her closest friends, Jaller, Takua, Kongu, Nuparu, Hewkii, Macku, Kopeke, and her mentor, Amaya, had vainly attempted to contact her.

She ignored them.

Nokama and her husband, Vakama, tried fruitlessly to get her to live with them.

Her other older sister, Gali, visited her multiple times, just to take care of her and force the grieving woman to eat something...only by force.

Hahli was a puppet in that manner.

She couldn't do anything.

She wouldn't do anything.

She didn't sleep.




She closed herself off.

She ignored the calls and the pleas.

She tuned out the cries and the voices.

She pushed herself away from her friends.

She hid herself away from her sisters.

She locked herself away from the world.

She imprisoned herself from reality.

It hurt.

It hurt so much.

Why…why did he have to…


He was always so selfless…

Never thinking of himself

He put everyone before himself

Even complete strangers…

A hero…

He just had to sacrifice himself

He was a hero in that manner…

Never thinking of himself

Oh, she was selfish.

She wished he could've just stayed where he was.

But she knew better.

He would've done it anyways.

Even knowing what it would do to him.

No matter what others would say.

He knew what he was doing.

So selfless…

What a selfless man.

A hero.


Hahli sighed to herself as she wafted in deep thought.

She had stepped out of her home for the first time in a week, feeling the cold winds of Ko-Metru caress her body in icy comfort.

She wasn't dressed for the weather. The only thing she chose to wear was the white dress she wore that dreadful Saturday. Gali had tried to coax her into wearing something else, but was only successful in at least washing it.

It didn't matter.

She looked terrible anyways. Her hair was a mess, eyes blood shot from sleepless nights of crying. Her face lost its usual sheen and looked dull and lifeless. The same was with her golden eyes, which held no luster whatsoever. They were as lacking as the sky above.

It was a cold February day, typical.

It was his home.

A place he loved so much.

She had come to love it too.

She found herself back at their place.


That's what it was.

That's what it always would be.

She rocked back and forth on the old swing set she loved.

She eyed the fragile flower gardens before her, each twinkled like ethereal stars.

She smiled remorsefully; biting her lip as she recalled memories of enjoying that place with him.

He would push her back and forth…

He would enjoy the flowers with her…

Listen as the river babbled by, unfrozen…


Feeling her heart begin to fracture from its already broken state, she began to get up.

She contemplated suicide several times.

Often did she think that she could be with him if she would just let go.

Let go of reality.

It sounded awfully pleasing right now.

But, she was also a coward.

Hahli knew she could never have the strength to do it.

Not only that, but she doubted Matoro would be pleased if she was so selfish as to die like that.

He knew her better than anyone.






Gasping in utter surprise, Hahli stopped mid-step as someone gently placed her onto the swing once more, right into the stranger's lap.

The stranger smelled bitter-sweet, like coffee and snowflakes.

She watched as gentle hands placed a familiar snow-white pea coat onto her shoulders, sliding it over her shivering back until it wrapped around her.

It was warm…

She didn't have a chance to see who it was, nor turn her head, before the figure began to sing in a shockingly familiar voice.

He uttered the same words he said that day in the hospital...exactly the same...

"I love you forever, forever and always…

Please just remember, even if I'm not there…

I'll always love you…

forever and always"

Tears shimmered in the blonde woman's eyes, glazing her golden eyes in unimaginable emotion.

She smiled.

A real smile.

The first one in what seemed like years.

A millennium even.

That was all she needed...

He was all she needed...

The person wrapped their arms around her in a loving embrace while pushed them back and forth on the swing. Familiar icy white hair swished in the wind as her sun-gold orbs met with aquamarine ones.

Only one word was present in her mind.


She received her answer almost immediately.

In the corner of her eye, she made out a dove.

It seemed like the same one from last Saturday...

How odd...

She could've sworn it nodded...

Yes... response to her question before taking off into the heavens, disappearing into an eternal flight...

Forever and always…

Oh god...this made me depressed writing it...yay for happy endings?! I hope you've enjoyed that little fluff-filled HxM fic! Forgive me for any errors and such.

Things you should know...

- Matoro risked his life and nearly died saving a little girl who fell into a river. The ice cold water nearly killed him and he would've died if it weren't for a miracle, maybe it was Hahli's kiss? Who knows!

- The dove played the role of Mata Nui. Signaling the accident and the return perhaps?

- The voice change in the first phone call belongs to Nuju, he took the phone from the hospital employee, like a boss. Matoro was asking for her, so he delivered like a good big brother.

- Matoro did survive guys. If you're wondering where he got his pea coat back, remember, Hahli left it on his hospital bed.

- They lived happily ever after? I'm guessing they both returned to his house where they celebrated with the Toa Nuva, rest of the Toa Mahri, and Toa Metru/Turaga.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little fic! Again, I don't own the song in any way. Just a little songfic. God I love this ship~