Author's Note: Hey all! This is just something I'm going to be writing when I'm either stuck on what to write next in one of my other stories, I don't feel like writing for one of my other stories, or I have a really good idea for this. Anywho. This is basically just a collection of oneshots using characters and the such from Sister Grimm. If you have any ideas for one, please leave a review! Thanks!

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Nightmare - 1

Sabrina Grimm bolted upright in her bed, shaking from her nightmare. She closed her eyes, the images flashing through her mind as a tear or two traced a line down her cheek. Opening her eyes, she noticed the outline of somebody standing in her bedroom door. She tensed, expecting it to be one of the countless people (or Everafters) after her.

"Sabrina?" the person asked softly, "You okay? I heard you scream."

Sabrina nodded, relaxing as she recognized the sound of her boyfriend's voice. "I'm fine. Just a nightmare is all. What are you doing up so late? It's," Sabrina quickly glanced at her alarm clock, "3:30 in the morning!"

The silhouette shrugged. "I couldn't sleep. Besides, some of the best TV shows - like reruns of 30 Rock - are on at this time!" he said, a laugh clear in his voice.

Sabrina laughed as well, throwing the covers on her bed off, crossing the hard wooden floor to hug the young man. She threw her arms around him, smiling into his chest as he lightly kissed the top of her head.

"What was your nightmare about, anyway?" he asked.

Sabrina froze. "Nothing much," she said quickly.

He lifted her chin up so he could look her in the eyes. His green eyes gazed into her blue ones as he assessed her answer. After a few seconds, he nodded slightly. "I don't believe you, but I also believe that you'll tell me when you're ready."

Sabrina gave her boyfriend a small smile, grabbing one of his blond curls, messing up his 'oh-so-perfect' hair. "I will tell you. Just not now. Maybe not for a few thousand years. Remember, I am an Everafter now! I have all the time in the world to tell you."

Puck pouted at this. "Aww, 'Brina, tell me! Please? Now?" he begged her.

She shook her head playfully, her blond waves swinging back and forth. Puck grabbed her hand, laughing again. He lead her down the stairs into the living room, where a 30 Rock episode was quietly playing. He sat down, pulling her down onto the couch after him. Puck grabbed a blanket, throwing it over them as Sabrina curled up next to him, looking at the TV screen.

Half an hour later, Puck glanced down at his girlfriend, seeing her asleep again. He laughed quietly to himself as he quickly reached into one of his sweatshirt pockets, feeling the soft velvet of a ring box. Puck wrapped his arms around Sabrina, turning his gaze back to the TV. He, too, fell asleep quite soon after that.


And that's how a sixteen year old Daphne Grimm found them when she got up for school the next morning. She turned the tv off, but unable to stop one of her childhood habits, she brought the palm of her hand to her mouth, biting it. They're so cute together! she thought to herself, tiptoeing past the couch into the kitchen. A few minutes later, when Daphne was eating a bowl of cereal, Puck came into the kitchen.

"Morning, marshmallow," Puck greeted Daphne. "Grimm just woke up. She's demanding food be brought to her. Who does she think I am? Her personal servant or something?" he complained, putting butter on a slice of bread.

Daphne laughed as she heard Sabrina yell, "I heard that, stinkpot! And you're not hearing about that nightmare anytime soon!"

Puck's face took on a look of horror and amusement. He turned and ran back into the living room, Daphne following close behind. They found Sabrina now sitting up, rubbing her eyes. She stretched, turning so she was facing to the side. Noticing a small black box, Sabrina picked it up, turning back to Puck, who was giving her a pleading look, and Daphne, who was trying hard not to laugh. "What's this?" Sabrina asked, a questioning look on her face as she held the small velvet box up.

Puck's face took on a mask of horror. "N-nothing!" he stuttered, realizing it must have fallen out of his pocket sometime during the night, as Daphne squealed in excitement, covering her mouth with her hands.

Sabrina raised her eyebrow. "Oh, nothing, really? You won't mind if I look at one's inside this fancy ring box, then, will you?" She moved to open it.

"No!" he yelped, snatching the box out of her hands, accidentally dropping the piece of bread on her. She grabbed it off her lap, tore a piece off with her teeth, and chewed as Puck knelt down on one knee, opening the ring box to reveal a simple, yet elegant, silver ring with a small emerald set into it. Sabrina's eyes widened as he began to speak.

"Sabrina Grimm, even though this probably isn't much of a surprise considering you already found the ring box," he momentarily paused to glare playfully at her, "but, would you do me the amazing honor of becoming my wife - well, fiancé, really?"

Daphne shrieked in excitement, jumping up and down, as Sabrina nodded, tears of happiness forming in her eyes. Puck grabbed Sabrina's hand, easily sliding the ring onto her ring finger. Sabrina grabbed his hands, pulling herself off the couch to sit on the floor in front of. Daphne, seeing it was time for her to be leaving for school, discreetly left the room, still excited about Puck finally proposing to Sabrina. They'd been in love since they'd first met, but both had been to stubborn to admit they liked the other until three years ago.

Puck enveloped Sabrina in a hug, who in response titled her head up to kiss him.

"I'm still not telling you about my nightmare," Sabrina murmured against his lips.

"Dang it," Puck whispered back.