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The two fifteen-year-olds continued to volley the familiar insults back and forth when a smaller, younger brunette poked her head out of a room. Seeing the two blondes - well, one blonde; the other was naturally blonde, but her hair was currently multicolored - she sighed. She was constantly being woken up by the two, and she was sick of losing sleep because Sabrina couldn't take Puck's dying her hair, dropping some balloon filled with who knows what on her, or some other stupid prank. The brunette took a cautious step out of her room, her fluffy red pajama pants trailing on the ground, her dark red shirt hanging loose on her shoulders.

"Guys?" the girl in red asked quietly.

Neither of the other teens paid her any attention as their argument wore on.

"Hello?" she asked, louder this time.

Once more, neither blond showed any sign of hearing her.

"Hey!" she shouted, and both fifteen-year-olds looked her way, both sets of eyes filled with anger. But, the brunette could see, behind that, friendship and liking for the other. Rolling her eyes slightly, the brown haired girl asked in her normal shy voice, "Could you possibly be quiet? I'm tired, and, uhm, well, I'd like some sleep..." she trailed off.

One of the teenagers - Sabrina - began walking towards the younger girl, stopping only to quickly glare at the other blond, who, in response, stuck his tongue out at her.

"Sorry, Red," Sabrina apologized to the brunette. Her usually blond hair was an odd mix of lime green and cyan blue; there were small chunks of bubble gum pink mixed in as well. The result of one Puck's many pranks on Sabrina, no doubt.

Red shook her head, reentering the room she shared with Daphne. "What time is it?" she asked her older 'sister'.

Sabrina shrugged, checking her watch before reaching under Daphne's bed to retrieve the pot and wooden spoon stashed there. "7:30, about," she responded before she began banging the wooden spoon on the pot above the snoring girl's head.

"Wha's goin' on?" the sleepy brunette asked, sitting up after a few minutes of Sabrina's banging.

Sabrina smiled at her younger sister as she placed both kitchen utensils back under the bed. "Nothing much. Just thought you should know there's some warm food waiting just for you downstairs!"

All traces of tiredness disappeared from Daphne and she jumped out of bed, running out of the room in seconds.

Sabrina turned to Red. "So. What now?"

Red shrugged. "I'm kind of hungry," she answered in that same quiet voice as before.

Sabrina nodded, standing and beginning to walk out of the room. Red followed behind her.

As they neared the kitchen, they heard the two people in there already arguing over the food Veronica had made before she'd left for work.

As the two adoptive siblings entered the kitchen/dining room, they saw Daphne reaching for a piece of bacon on Puck's plate. In response, he slapped her hand away, yelling, "No, Marshmallow, that's my bacon!" The brunette gave him a glare as she grabbed one of the pancakes.

The other two young adults took seats beside them; Red beside Daphne, Sabrina beside Puck. Red and Sabrina began taking normal sized helpings of food, while Puck and Daphne scarfed down the inhumanly large amounts of food they usually ate.

After all the food - and that meant all, including what was left for Sabrina and Daphne's six-year-old brother, Basil - was gone, the four teens made their way to the living room, where they all flopped down on the couch, ready to watch some movie or something. By silent agreement, they began watching Thor. By the time it was over, Daphne and Puck were both asleep, Daphne's feet resting on Red's legs, Puck's head resting on Sabrina's shoulder. Neither of them wanting to disturb the person resting on them - although Red moving wouldn't wake Daphne up, anyway - the two girls looked at each other. "What now?" Red asked.

Sabrina smiled, holding the remote up. "Watch it again?"

Red smiled back at her. "Sure!" her shy voice filling with excitement. She scooted closer to Sabrina, hoping for some extra warmth; the old house was getting quite cold with the coming of winter.

By the time the movie had played through a second time, Red was asleep, and Puck had shifted in his sleep so his head rested in Sabrina's lap. Sabrina looked across the three people she knew as her closest family - aside from Henry and Veronica, of course - and sighed. There was no way she'd be able to get up now. She contented herself with watching Thor. Again. And again. And again. Until she herself fell asleep, and Veronica and Henry, coming home from work, found the four teenagers all piled together on the couch. Henry was not too happy to find Puck using his daughter as a pillow.

And... that's a wrap. I think this is the shortest oneshot for this collection, at only 828 words. But Pancakes **might** have been shorter. *shrugs* Ah well.

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