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It was an ordinary summer day at the Kanto Library Base.

"You, IDIOT! How is it possible you are this terrible at desk work? How long have you been working here?" Doujou yelled at his young subordinate. Well, an ordinary day for those who work for Team Doujou.

"Lt. Doujou, it was an accident, it won't happen again sir." Kasahara saluted to him.

"You better make sure it doesn't happen again. Honestly!" Doujou looked around him and found Komaki stifling with laughter and Tezuka as stoic as he always was. "Anyway, everyone back to work!"

'Honestly, I made one mistake and he chews me out. It wasn't even my fault. I just wish that this day would end; I can't believe they are coming to visit. It was bad enough with mom and dad, but they just have to come and see their baby sister in action.' Iku groaned inwardly, but failed as the room heard her.

"Hey, Kasahara-san, are you doing okay, you've been groaning all day?" Tezuka asked.

"Well," Iku began, but really didn't know how to tell them, maybe it was just better to keep it a secret, but Shibasaki, who just walked in, didn't think so.

"Actually, today is the day that Kasahara-san's three older brothers are visiting her." Iku just groaned again and buried her face on her desk.

"Please don't tell me you lied to them too?" Doujou asked, annoyed at his subordinate's antics.

"No! They knew from the beginning and they supported me, but" Iku once again, let her voice drift off, not know what to say.

"It's because her brothers are highly overprotective and treat her as their 'baby' sister." Shibasaki finished for her, quite proudly.

"Shibasaki, you're intelligence gathering is amazing." Iku didn't know who to be afraid of more: Shibasaki or her brothers.

It was then that Lt. Komaki whispered to Doujou, "Does that remind you have anybody, Doujou?" Komaki chuckled again as Doujou started to blush. Everyone knew how Doujou got 'overprotective' of their very own Kasahara Iku, except for the girl herself.

"Anyway, they'll be coming around the library and then we'll have lunch together on my lunch break."

"Anyway, good luck Kasahara." Komaki couldn't wait to see what will happen next. Who wouldn't want to meet the Kasahara's brothers?

It was lunch break and Iku was waiting for her elder brothers near the front entrance of the library. Unknown to Iku, Doujou, Komaki, Shibasaki, and Tezuka were hiding just around the corner, waiting anxiously.

Her brothers must be the original forms of our cute ape-like Kasahara. Thought Shibasaki

I want to learn from whom she got those German suplex moves from. Thought Tezuka

Man. What do I feel so nervous for? This has nothing to do with me. Yet Doujou seemed pretty firm in his place. Komaki was happily waiting for the fun to begin.

They see Kasahara running towards three extremely cute, young men. They seemed to be at least 2-4 years older than her. One, who looked to be the oldest, had jet black hair with an earnest and pleasant look. The youngest one had messy brown hair, just like Kasahara's, and had an ever-present smile on his face. The last one seemed to be a bit more serious but with no particular expression. He was the one that noticed the curious team. He said something to Kasahara and she looked back with surprise.

"Oi, what do you guys think you're doing?" The youngest Kasahara brother just laughed at this and came running towards them. The team really didn't know what to expect. He came to a halting stop in front of the Task Force.

"Do you guys work with our sister? It would be pleasure if you could join us for lunch?" That's when they noticed the striking resemblance between the youngest brother and Kasahara. They both had that innocent, joyful face that they couldn't say no to but laugh at, at the same time.

Somehow, they all ended up in the café. "Let me introduced ourselves, I'm Kasahara Hajime, I'm the eldest.

"I'm Kasahara Kyouya." The middle child said politely and curtly.

"And I'm the youngest, Kasahara Daisuke. Thank you for taking care of our little sister, I was sure she'll get herself killed somehow."

Kasahara blushed. "Dai-nii, don't say unnecessary things, these are my friends."

"Huh? Isn't alright because they're your friends? What I really know is why you have such a cute female friend," Daisuke gestured at Shibasaki, "We're sorry for our uncontrollable sister; it must have been hard to be friends with her."

Iku was definitely angry now. "Stop apologizing!" She yelled.

"You don't know how hard it was. I have to share a room with her too, you know?" Shibasaki said with mock-exasperation in her voice.

"Hmm, you have my sympathies." Daisuke said almost too convincingly. Komaki was laughing very hard at this. Daisuke and Iku seemed so alike, it was uncanny.

"Iku mentioned you guys in her letters, I feel like I know you already." Hajime said. "You are obviously her roommate and closest friend, Shibasaki," he said towards her, "you must be the very serious and intelligent Tezuka and you must be the nice, blonde-haired superior, Komaki." He looked at Doujou and seemed confused. "I'm not sure I know who you are though," Doujou seemed disheartened by this, "I remember Iku mentioning a demon-chibi of a lieutenant, but you seem too nice to be him." Once he said this. Kasahara's face went full-on red and looked at nothing but the ground.

"Actually Kasahara-san, this is Lt. Doujou the "demon-chibi of a lieutenant" if you will." All three brothers looked at Doujou with sheer surprise and all of them had different reactions. Daisuke laughed at this the hardest and went on describing the comments in the letters, looked at Doujou, and laughed again because he couldn't believe it. Hajime was slightly surprised and seemed a bit embarrassed on calling him a "demon-chibi", he started apologizing profusely. Finally, Kyouya finally showed some emotion and said, "Oh, that's how it is."

Kasahara was too busy beating up her youngest elder brother to notice her friends. They were all mostly amused except Doujou, who seemed to be turning red and looking out a window.

"So what was Kasahara like when she was girl?" Shibasaki asked. She wanted Doujou to hear this. Mostly because she knew she will like the outcome.

"Huh, Iku was a girl?" Daisuke said in mock-surprise. Kasahara would have beaten him up some more, but she was sure that Hajime would tell some embarrassing stories.

"Why talk about that? I was pretty normal when I was little."

"By normal, you mean wrestling with us when we pissed you off."

"Or having demon-like speed."

"Or having some strange obsession with books."

"Is that all? I'm sure Kasahara has some embarrassing stories about her, something that she wouldn't even want her boyfriend to know, if she had one." Unknown to anyone else except Hajime, Shibasaki was gesturing her eyes towards Doujou. Is Iku interested in that man? Suddenly, Shibasaki and Hajime shared a secretive, evil glance with the same scary gleam in their eyes.

"Well, there was this one time when she was 6 and went out on an errand by herself."

"Do tell."

"Well, our mother was obviously worried so she had all three of us follow her. What we didn't know was that we will be in such a surprise. She went to the market first, but somehow lost all the money she was supposed to use. She was punished by doing push-ups. The shop owner was a high school baseball coach. He was amazed that Iku could do more push-ups than most boys in his team. After that day, the coach made her his assistant to help train them." Obviously, everyone but Kasahara was laughing.

Daisuke continued the story. "That wasn't all, after the market she was on her way to the post office. On her path was an angry raccoon. The raccoon was going to go after her, so we almost had to step in. But, Iku tackled the raccoon using the wrestling moves that Kyouya taught her."

This obviously reminded them on the 'Bear' story. This time, Kyouya started recalling it.

"After that, she was finished with her errands and was supposed to come home, but she stopped at a bookstore on the way. We knew that she didn't have any money, so we followed her inside. Apparently, she found a book that she liked and started bartering with the bookstore owner. When he refused, Iku began yelling 'I rather die than not having this book for another moment.' The bookstore declared her suicidal and let her have the book for free. But since then, everyone called her the 'Book Martyr'."

It didn't surprise their teammates that Kasahara was like that. What surprised them was she was like that at such a very young age.

"Okay, our lunch break is almost over. We have to leave for work now." Kasahara said sternly while getting up in order to leave. It was almost like a Lt. Doujou impression.

"Kasahara is right. We have a meeting with Major Genda today and we can't be late." Doujou agreed. It was quite reluctant because he suddenly wanted to stay and hear more about Kasahara's past.

"Iku, before you go. Can we have a dinner with just the four of us tonight?" Hajime asked.

"Hmm, sure. You can pick me up at 8pm."

With that, the team left and reported to work. Time went by quickly enough and the day was over before they knew it. Kasahara stayed a bit after to finish some work.

"You're still here?" She heard a familiar rugged voice coming from the doorway. She spotted Lt. Doujou looking at her work.

"I'm just finishing up some paperwork. I'm just about done."

"That's good. We wouldn't want you missing out on your dinner."

"Yeah, it's nice to see my brothers again." Kasahara said slightly confused.

"They were pretty interesting. What do they do?" Doujou asked.

"Daisuke is a professional soccer player, Hajime is a psychiatrist, and Kyouya is a detective for the police."

"They seem quite successful."

"They are." For awhile, Doujou could hear some sadness in her voice. "That's why I look up to them, they are hard-working. They are just as important to me as my prince." Doujou suddenly started coughing nervously. "Are you okay, Lt. Doujou? Do you need some water?"

"No, thanks. You should get going."

"Oh." Iku finally noticed the time. "I need to hurry." She rushed to the door, but stopped as though she forgot something.

"Lt. Doujou, I want to thank you for not being bothered by spending your lunch break with my brothers."

"It wasn't that bad. I had fun." Especially when I got to learn more about you.

"Well, I have to go. Good night, Lt. Doujou."

"Good night, Kasahara."

Kasahara was opening her dorm room door when she heard Shibasaki having some kind of conversation on her phone. She naturally decided to eavesdrop.

"Yes, it's true. He's definitely the one that saved her that time."

"I was surprised too. I know for sure the feelings are mutual, but they're both extremely stubborn."

"Thank you for your cooperation. We need all the help we can get."

Kasahara could only hear a few of her words. She thought she heard something about 'mutual feelings' and 'help'.

Shibasaki hung up her phone and Kasahara took that as a cue to come in.

"Who were you talking too?"

"No one."

"It seemed serious."

"What did you hear?" Shibasaki wanted to know how she can use this.

"Something about mutual feelings and help. Are you dating someone?" Kasahara asked.

"No, I was just giving some romantic advice to a friend."

"Oh, what's your friend like?"

"She's almost an ape-like girl."


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