Chapter 4: Unexpected Lunch Dates

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In the Kanto Base cafeteria, Shibasaki was sitting alone until cute, ape-like friend decided to sit down with her.

"Hey Shibasaki, guess who's getting us free lunch tomorrow?" Kasahara questioned smugly at her roommate/best friend.

It has been a long day at the library, especially with the raid and Kyouya's visit to the training room. It seemed impossible to Shibasaki that Kasahara was still this upbeat. But with this girl, even that simplest of things can make her excitable.

"Hmmm. If I were to guess, would it be that your brother, Kyouya?"

Still smiling brightly, Kasahara snickered. "That's right, which means we can get something really expensive. Also, Tezuka is coming too." Why is this girl so stupid? Why can't she invite Doujou? Shibasaki spotted Doujou and Komaki enter the cafeteria and she had an evil idea.

"I don't want to go." Surprised, Kasahara intrigued why she would pass up free, expensive food. It made no sense, especially for Shibasaki. "It doesn't matter, but I know someone who would love to go."

Before Kasahara could ask who that could be, Shibasaki turned around and caught Doujou just in time.

"Lt. Doujou, can I speak to you for a moment?" Kasahara knew what she was about to do and she didn't like it.

"Shibasaki, don–" Kasahara never got to finish that sentence. She was left disabled from speaking or moving due to a severe kick in the shin caused by Shibasaki's fashionable and pointy high heels.

"Sure, what can I do for you?" Doujou answered, apparently oblivious to Kasahara's pain, who was laying her head on the table, silently crying.

"I got an invitation for a free lunch tomorrow, but I found out I can't go. Would you mind going in my place? From what I heard, the food is high quality." Shibasaki then gave Doujou her famous smile, which was rumored to make even the strongest of men to fall to their knees.

Doujou pondered this for a while. He hasn't had a nice meal in some time. Not that the cafeteria was bad, but he really wanted to try something else. What's the worst that can happen?

"I don't see why not. Where is the restaurant?"

"I don't know. You can ask Kasahara about the details. Kasahara Kyouya is treating Tezuka and Kasahara to lunch tomorrow." Doujou's heart stopped. "Oh and Doujou, since you've accepted the offer, I'm sure you won't disappoint them by changing your mind, would you?" Shibasaki smiled again, but underneath that facade she smirked triumphantly, as another pawn on her chessboard fell into her trap.

Doujou was stumped. He finally noticed Kasahara, who finally got over the pain, and she looked at him with a stare that said 'You just played with the devil, there's no hope now'. Doujou looked at Komaki, but found him no longer next to him. Doujou searched around for a while and found Komaki. In a corner. Crouched down. Laughing his a** off. He finally looked back at the all-knowing, devil woman with an emotionless expression.

"Of course not," he let out a breath and looked at Kasahara once again. "Kasahara, I'll meet you at the front of the library when lunch break starts. Don't be late." Unfortunately for Doujou, he might've said those words as a threat because that's how Kasahara heard it.

Clearly scared, all that the female insubordinate can say was "Hai, sir," accompanied by a depressed salute. With that, Doujou walked away in a huff and seemed determined to kill someone. Preferably Komaki.

"Stop crying. It's not the end of the world." Shibasaki said calmly was she continued to drink her juice. Once Doujou had left, dragging an unfortunate Komaki with him, Kasahara began to cry. Then, an idea formed in her quaint little head. The roommate can actually see the wheels turning in the Task Force member's head. She began to smile, which almost caught Shibasaki off guard.

"You're right. I mean, Tezuka and Aniki will be there too. It's not like he'll do anything to me in front of them, right?" Iku sighed in relief. "Although I still don't know why you would suddenly do that and invite Doujou no less."

"Everything I do, Kasahara, I do because you are stupid." And I wouldn't be too sure about Doujou and you not being alone together.

Fortunately for Shibasaki, before Kasahara could yell at her beautiful roommate for that comment. The girls saw Tezuka looking strange. They could put a finger on it but there was something different about him. Until they finally noticed it. Tezuka's mouth! Both sides were pointing upwards. Tezuka was smiling and looked strangely at peace.

Wanting to know why, Kasahara called Tezuka to her table. "Hey, Tezuka, what are so happy for? It's rare to see you smile. At all."

Just like that, the smile was gone as soon as it appeared. "Was I smiling? I didn't notice." He paused for a moment and then continued as if he remembered something. "Kasahara, Doujou just informed me about the change in plans for tomorrow. Having both Lt. Doujou and your brother present for lunch would be most interesting." The smile then slowly returned as Tezuka's mind was left to wander. He promptly snapped out of it and turned to Shibasaki. "I'm sorry to hear that you won't be joining us, Shibasaki-san." Surprisingly enough, he didn't seem sorry at all. As he said does words, he began smiling again! Great, another reason for me to push this date. No one becomes happy when they hear that I won't be joining them for lunch. At least show some concern, Idiot. Unknowingly, Tezuka just made a powerful enemy.

"Stop laughing or I will punch you." Doujou said as they returned to the office. Komaki wouldn't and he didn't even try.

"I never thought I'll see the day that you will have to be conned into a date." Every few words, Komaki had to catch his breath until he finally calmed down.

"What do you mean by a date? You heard her; Tezuka and Kasahara-san will be there too. It's hardly a date." Komaki was torn. He wondered if he should tell Doujou about how it was a common matchmaking ploy, by inviting the couple with a group of friends to hang out and have all those friends mysteriously cancel their plans until it's only the couple that's left on the elusive date.

I shouldn't tell him. He might try to ruin Shibasaki's plans, one way or another. And if she finds out it was my fault. Komaki visibly shuttered at the thought of making an enemy of one of the most powerful women he has ever known. Besides, only an idiot would make her mad.

(Somewhere, in the distance, Tezuka sneezed.)

"Doujou, just relax and have fun. Besides, did you see Tezuka's face when you told him about the change in plans? I bet he thought it was Christmas. I bet he's thinking of a way to get rid of Kasahara-san also."

"No, he wouldn't do that. That guy is painfully tact."

"No, Tezuka, I can't take over Kijima's patrol shift tomorrow, it would probably go all the way through the lunch break."

"Oh, I see. I must have not noticed that conflict." Tezuka then turned away. It didn't hurt to try.

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