My first fanfic so be nice! Although you can correct me if needed!This will just be like a whole bunch of Zevie one-shots…ENJOY!


"Sup, Steves" I said, walking into the bandroom.

"Hey Z" Stevie responded.

Stevie, Her brown hair, the way her curls fall down her back. Her eyes, the way they sparkle. Her laugh, the way it always sounds so happy and nice. The way she smiles at me, it's so… genuine. She's so pretty, so pretty, much more beautiful than Kacey. She doesn't think so though, why is she so insecure? She's so hot; I overhear conversations like "Man, that Stevie girl from Gravity 5… She's hot." It makes me mad; most of those guys think/kinda are chick magnet Casanovas and self-indulgent takers. It's so sickening. Stevie deserves someone who will love her for who she is…like me…. I thought.

"Uh…Zander?" she says, I'm still in my daze… "EARTH TO ZANDER!" she screams in my ear.

"What?" I say snapping back into reality.

"Did you hear a word I said?" she says angrily.

"Ummmm…."I said slightly blushing.

"Gosh Zander…" she said rolling her eyes, "anyways, I booked us a gig!" she exclaims.

"Awesome!" says Nelson, I Just now took notice that Him, Kevin, and Kacey had walked in... "Where?"

"As the opening act for that popular local band…Icebox…at their concert in the Briarwood Amphitheater, Next Saturday night!" Stevie exclaims.

"Great," Kacey says, smiling "we need to rehearse."

After singing Go with Gravity, Move with the crowd, Last one standing, and, only you can be you, Stevie pulls me to the side to talk.

"Zander, when you phased out earlier what were you thinking about?" She asks curiously.

"Just our…History…test…" I say trailing off.

"Is there something you wanna tell me Zander?"

"Would you, uh, like to…."

"Like to what Z?!"

", helpmestudyformyhistorytest?" I said panicking.

"What was that?" She say obviously confused.

"Help me study for my History Test?" I said, calming.

"Sure, Sheesh, Z, Why so tense?" she remarks, playfully punching me on the arm. I tense at the tingle of her touch. Her smile fades, then awkwardly spreads back.

"Heh…Yeah…Lets meet at my place tomorrow at 6?" I say/ask.

"Sure…"she responds. She then awkwardly turns on her heel and walks away.

I let out a deep breath as I turn to go the other way.

I'm Such an idiot…I thought

Next time, Next time Zander Robbins, you will ask out Stevie Baskara out, next time…