Sup my fanfictioners! Sorry for the lack of post, but I'm on holiday break this week so I'll be posting more. This one is an into-the-future fic, hope you like it!

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Stevie and I woke up to our 3-year-old son, Max, bouncing on the bed and screaming "FOOD". We laughed and looked at the clock 5:59 AM, a minute til the alarm went off.

Me and Stevie got up and went to her other kid's rooms. After all, we did have 10 of them. Big family, I know, I know. There was the youngest, Max, and, Jenifer who was 6. There were 2 pairs of twins, Chloe and Chuck, age 10, and Jane and Jade, age 15. Then there was Luke, Lulu, and Lucas, the age of 13. Then there was Blake, 17.

I walked into Blake's room. He was basically hanging off the edge of his bed. I walked up to him and gave him a light tap and he fell off. I stifled a laugh. He jolted upright then pulled himself up.

"Do you have to wake us up so early?" he said groggily.

"Yes, now get up." I said "Aren't you having a girl come over, Kate?"

"Nah, I broke up with her a few days ago. This girls name is Holli Ann, and I really like her."

"You're just like me." I said, laughing. I walked out of his room and went to Chuck's room. I went in surprised to see him already up.

"Okay then." I said caught off guard.

When I walked in to Luke and Lucas's Room and woke them up.

"Hey Luke remember we have dates." Lucas said.

"Oh Yeah, Victoria for me, and summer for you, they are hot and they're on the swim team."

I cracked a smile and walked back to Stevie in the Kitchen where Lulu, Jade, Jane, Jenifer, and Chloe were already dressed and helping.

I walked over to her and said "How many this year."

"15 kids and 6 adults so 21 total."

"Wow." I said.

"Soon to be 22 with Kacey Pregnant."

"I still can't believe Kevin and Kacey got together." I said.

"Yeah, but Nelson and Grace were meant for each other." She said.

"Yeah totally…"

2 Hours later the doorbell rang. I opened the door to see Nelson and Grace with their 3 kids behind them. 4-year-old Georgia, 9-year-old Nathan, and 12-year-old Reece, were playing with smart phones.

"Hi guys, how's it going?"

"Great, you?"


I almost shut the door but Lucas, Luke, and Blake with 3 blondes. Figures…

"Dad this is Victoria." Luke said gesturing to a tall, tan, girl in a long-sleeve orange shirt with brown faded jeans.

"This is Summer," Lucas said pointing to a skinny blonde with a yellow sweater and ripped blue jeans.

", and this is Holli Ann." Blake said motioning towards a gorgeous, tan, girl in a yellow and brown dress.

"Hi Mr. Robbins." They all said in unison.

"Hello Ladies." I said.

They all entered the house, and after them followed Kacey and Kevin with their twins: Mackenzie and Mallory.

"Hey Kacey!" Said Stevie running in the family room and giving Kevin and Kacey bear hugs.

"Easy, Steves…" I said.

"I've just missed you all so much." She said.

"We know, we know." Kacey said "We've missed you too."

After dinner had been cleaned up and the dates had gone home, I sat in the living room with Stevie, Kacey, Kevin, Noah, and Grace. We were all laughing and talking about high school, and then a thought occurred to me.

"Hey, what ever happened to Molly?" I asked.

"Oh, she moved to New York, never heard from her since. I do know that she got married to a guy named Will." Grace said.

Conversations about old times contained and I laughed.

After everyone had left I went to my room where Stevie was already in bed. She had a book next to her.

I figured out what the book was, it was our wedding pictures.

I turn the old pages and I saw a picture that made me struggle to stifle a loud laugh. Instead I chuckled quietly and studied the very familiar picture.

It was a picture of me, Stevie, Grace, Nelson, Kacey, Molly, and Kevin at our wedding. We had cake all over us after a crazy food fight. All of our suits and dresses were stained. We still have those clothes in our closet.

I continue scrolling through the album and smile at the good times.

I kiss Stevie's head; turn out the light, and a wide grin spread across my face.

"Happy Thanksgiving." I whisper to myself.