The First Rung

I know this isn't great, but since Days of Blood and Starlight cane out, Liraz is seriously contesting Zuzana for my favourite character. I don't know anything really about where the Misbegotten train so this is completely made up. (Forgive me if it resembles the Hunger Games) I also apologise for being too lazy to read more than a few chapters looking for appearances. Plus it's two-thirty AM...

Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Days of Blood and Starlight, Liraz, Hazael and Akiva all belong to Laini Taylor. I only own the Idea...

He wanted to ease the angel down to the floor, but he made himself thrust him roughly back to the other seraph, the beautiful who looked as lost as she did savage. She caught Akiva, staggering under the dead weight of him- but no, not dead weight. Akiva wasn't dead.

But the beautiful female didn't know that. And, surrounded by the bodies of her two brothers, she remembered their meeting.

Liraz entered the training building that would be her home till she was old enough to fight the beasts. Looking round she wondered where to go until she noticed a sign on the wall - Misbegotten - The young seraph tossed her head, proud even then, and followed it determinedly. Entering the room, she froze for a second, in shock at the sheer number of seraphs training in the room. There were so many and- she realised with a jolt- they were all her half brothers and sisters. She stood still, taking in the various stations. There was a station for sparring, where she saw seraphs, not much older that herself, fighting brutally - yet somehow beautifully - with wide arrays of swords. She saw to stations of lessons, one on the beasts - ugh - and one on the rules of being Misbegotten. She didn't need reminding of those. They had been drilled in from the day she was born. Still standing in the same spot, she was wondering where to start when two boys approached her, one obviously leading the other. The former stuck out a hand and Liraz examined him He had bronze skin, unruly brown hair, green eyes and a blinding smile. He seemed completely at ease, though Liraz recognised him as being new. "I'm Hazael, and this is Akiva," the boy said, bringing her attention back to the boy behind him. She found, however, that she was focusing entirely on his eyes. They were, quite literally, on fire. He looked as nervous as she and she instantly took a liking to him, though she reminded herself, if she was going to become a good soldier, she should not show these feelings. So she merely nodded and shook the extended hand. "I'm Liraz."

And so that bond was formed.

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