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Chapter 02: 6 years of training

Naruto was in a forest clearing, he had been ordered by his new Mentor Connor to do press ups until he returned from an errand, and Connor had been gone for 2 hours.

"MAN!" Naruto yells as he slumps to the ground to exhausted to move, "What's the big idea dragging me all the way out to the middle of nowhere, ORDERING! me to do press ups and the abandoning me!" he whines clearly not to found of being ordered around, his misery continued for another hour before Connor finaly returned. "Where the HELL! have you been?" an exhausted Naruto yells lying on his back gasping for air.

"I never told you to stop" Connor ignores Naruto's rant placing a scroll on a tree stump "And I was going to reward you with this after all the hard work you put in today" he smirks watching Naruto jump to his feet full of energy again.

"Really?!" Naruto said full of enthusiasm, "What other exercise's do you want me to do? Jumping Jacks, A hundred laps of the field?" he asked with the same enthusiastic tone.

"Hmmmm" Connor decided to play along "How about climbing to the top of that mountain and back" Connor states pointing to a Mountain far from their location.

"I'll be back for that scroll" Naruto declares running off towards the Mountain, Connor was glad that he found a way to motivate Naruto into training, in reality these 'Exercises' are just Connor's way of testing Naruto's conviction and heart…so far he was impressed but he knew that in order for Naruto to truly be prepared for the burden of being an Assassin he had to wise up and become mature, he had to develop a personality that was distant and a little cold so he could take a life without hesitating because he knew the Templar wouldn't hesitate.

"I better follow him" Connor thought picking the scroll back up "I saw a Templar crest while I was in town and I know they must have seen me so Naruto might be targeted and he's not nearly readyto face them" he began to tail Naruto from a distance, he could see Naruto but Naruto and the Templars hopefully couldn't see him.

1 year into their training

Over the last year Connor had Pushed Naruto so that his body would be more durable for the combat and Free Running Training,

"Naruto?" Connor searched the woods they were training in. Connor created a challenge for him, if he could hit Connor in a kill shot area he would allow Naruto to wear the Assassin's robe.

Flashback 5 months ago

"Hey Connor?" Naruto asked as the two sat under a tree eating lunch.

"What wrong…Full already? That's not like you" Connor replies and Naruto shakes his head.

"When can I wear clothes like you?" Naruto asks, 1 month into his training Connor made the mistake of mentioning that he could wear the Assassins robes when he completed his training, only problem now is Naruto won't stop asking him and it was beginning to irritate him.

"Your training is far from done" Connor states "Besides it takes more than putting these robes on to call yourself an Assassin…an old friend taught me that" he adds, he notices a discouraged look on Naruto's face and quickly thinks "How about this…as a way to test your progress" Connor begins to explain "From this day on you are to try and strike me in a fatal or kill shot area on my body" Connor says and Naruto smiles before nodding.

End of Flashback

From that day on almost everything Connor said went in one of Naruto's ears and out the other since Naruto was so focused on delivering the killing blow to him. "Seriously Naruto I want to teach you something" Connor says and Naruto bursts from hiding stabbing at him with a blunt Kunai, it was blunt so he couldn't do any damage. However Naruto could have attacked him with one of the 7 Swords of the mist because in no time Naruto was disarmed and pined against a tree.

"Damn I thought I had you" Naruto pouted, he looked up to see his Mentor smiling "What's so funny?" he asks slightly Irritated.

Unknown to Naruto, Connor saw him as his closest friend Kanen'tó:kon, since like Naruto he too mentored Kanen'tó:kon. "I need you to focus Naruto…I'll give you the robes when the time is right but for now you need discipline" Connor said gently but sternly.

"Forget that!" Naruto shook his head "I'll never stop until I get those robes" He smirked defiantly but received a glare from his mentor.

"A true Assassin knows when to strike, when to retreat and when to give up" Connor said bluntly "Even if you continue to try the next day and the next day, nothing will change because your skills haven't improved" he explains, he decided to crush Naruto's Never give up attitude in the hopes of making him more patient and able to assess his surroundings, but it was proving difficult. "And in 5 more years we return to your village and then that's it" he adds trying make Naruto think he'll leave "If I can't make an Assassin out of you then I'll find another to train" he states bluntly looking at Naruto's eyes widen before closing.

"If he does that…then I'll…be alone...again" Naruto's eyes open slightly "O-Ok…no more of this challenge" Naruto says and Connor releases him "From now on the only thing my attention will be focused on will be my training" he states confidently.

"That's good" Connor puts an hand on Naruto's shoulder "I've been studying Ninja Training methods and noticed they train using a form of combat call Taijutsu" Connor began to explain "However I plan to train you in a Combo of freestyle brawling and Parkour" Naruto nodded "With this you're fighting style will be Unpredictable giving you the advantage in hand to hand Combat" He states "And it should help in avoiding Ninjutsu" he adds.

"Ok then Mentor…lets get started" Naruto says and Connor smiles before nodding.

2 and half a years into their training

Connor watched with pride as his student began to grow into a great Assassin in training, the time was drawing near when Naruto would make his first assassination. He had given him the hidden blade, thought him how to use it effectively and how to use his free running and Parkour to enter undetected…and leave undetected.

"Ok Naruto…I'll provide the distraction and you make the kill" Connor says while the two lurk from the shadows.

"Any ideas?" Naruto asks and Connor scans the building and sees an open window.

"Up there…be careful" Connor says and the two move, Connor starts by killing the lookout with a throwing knife and climbing up to where he made the kill before tossing the body out to lure the other guards over giving Naruto an opening which he takes perfectly.

Naruto climbs listening to the sound of his Mentor killing all the guards, climbing into the window and killing the nearest guard he begins to slowly stalk through the halls listening for his target.

In a room a balding sweaty business man sat cowardly behind his desk, his name was spoken like venom after he drained the lands of all funds for him and his Templar employers. He listened to the steel of the Kunai clash against metal of what sounded like a sword and was panicking as it became closer, "I HIRED YOU PEOPLE TO PROTECT ME!" he yelled as the door open.

"Your days of supressing the people of this town are over" Naruto states, wearing a normal hoodie to conceal his identity he jumped onto the table and pierced the man's shoulder with his hidden blade "Where are your masters whereabouts?" Naruto asks twisting the blade in the man's shoulder causing him to scream.

"Even if I knew I wouldn't tell you" The man Spoke bitterly "I worked hard to become what I am today, I deserve more" he whined as Naruto pulled the Hidden blade from the man's shoulder and pierced his neck killing him.

"Your desire for money corrupted your soul and caused you to waste your life….for where you go now…money can't follow" Naruto closed the man's eyes "Go in peace" Naruto finished his little prayer.

"Nicely done" Naruto turned to see Connor entering "Now we need to give the money back to the people and search for any leads on the Templars" Connors says and the two begin to search the room.

"Hey Mentor?" Naruto asked quietly and Connor looked at him "Does it get easier?" he asks "You know killing people" he looks at the business man "I mean he was evil but I feel remorse for killing him" he finishes and Connor pats him on the shoulder.

"Killing someone is never easy and it should never make you feel good" Connor begins "The moment you enjoy killing someone is the moment you surrender you're humanity" he adds "So hold onto that feeling and remember that we kill because we must, not because it is fun" he finishes and Naruto nods and they continue the search.

6 years into their training

Over the last 4 years Connor had trained Naruto in many forms of combat, weapons both close and long range training, and he and Naruto both began training in Ninjutsu…with little success. Also Naruto and Connor had collected many Assassination bounties building up a decent sum of cash, Connor decided it was time to get Naruto his own weapons and begin his training.

"How do they feel?" Connor asks as Naruto steps out of a dressing room in (Ezio's attire from Assassins Creed 2 at the start).

"Nice and soft and very…light" Naruto replies checking his reflection, "I could get used to this" he smirks.

"Good, ok I looked around and it turns out there's a Blacksmith who builds our equipment" Connor states and Naruto looks at him.

"Does this mean I get my own set of Assassin Tools?" Naruto asks and Connor nods.

"Yes" Connor says "Now I've trained who to duel wield like me, how to use a Sword, larger weapons and throwing weapons" Connor begins to explain "For your last exercise I want you to choose the weapons you will use in combat" Connor states handing him a Purse filled with coin "when you're done meet me at the top of that hill so I can see what you have chosen" Connor finishes and Naruto nods walking towards the Blacksmith. When he enters he is greeted by a burly man.

"Hello there" the Blacksmith begins "You must be Naruto" he asks and Naruto silently nods "Ok well here is the equipment I was asked to show you" he shows him a desk with all the tools he was trained in, he instinctively picks up a Tomahawk like his Mentor.

"With this and the Hidden Blade/dagger I can really focus my skills in duel wielding" Naruto thinks to himself as he looks at the table once again, picking up a set of rope darts, throwing knives, and a Poison pouch. He walked away satisfied with what he picked.

"Will that be all?" he asks and Naruto nods handing him the purse and leaves upon receiving his change, the sudden increase in weight helped Naruto realise why the robes where light.

"This is heavy" he complained running along the roofs in order to reach his destination, when he arrived he saw Connor sitting on a tree stump, he then realized that this was where his training first began.

"Quite poetic right" Connor says as he planned it to be so they would end up back where they started "When we first stood here, you where an impatient kid who couldn't sit still or listen" he looks at Naruto "Now 6 years later here you stand as an…Assassin" he smiles proudly "There is a ceremony for this sort of thing but I really don't know what it is so…" he takes Naruto's right hand and places a gold ring with a white Gold crest of the Assassin symbol on it"This is a gift to welcome you to the brotherhood" he states and Naruto looks at the ring.

"Mentor…I" Naruto is at a loss for words.

"Tonight will be our last night on the road" Connor interrupts him "I promised the Hokage I would bring you back to the Village when you turned 12" he states and Naruto looks at him shocked.

"But the Templars…how can I help you stop them if you're not there and I'm stuck in the village" Naruto bombards him with questions.

"I don't remember saying I was going to leave once we returned" Connor smirks and Naruto calms down "We can work from the village and use them to shield use while we hunt for the Templars and their associates" Connor adds and Naruto looks at him "Also the Hokage wants to make you a Ninja of the village which is the main reason he let me train you" Connor states "But I hope you'll use the access given to you to help our cause" Connor asks.

"Of course I'm an Assassin first, your student second and your friend third" Naruto says and Connor looks at him.

"Thanks Naruto but I also hope you can build bonds in the village" Connor begins "And hopefully you can find others to join our Brotherhood" he adds and Naruto nods.

"I'll do my best Mentor" Naruto states and the two head back into the village for a good night sleep before beginning the trip back to the Hidden leaf.

The End

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