Phineas walked out into the backyard, trying to wipe away the sleep from his eyes. He had slept in late that morning, and was more tired than usual for some reason. Apparently, Ferb had woken up earlier, and was already out and about. Phineas was just hoping that Ferb hadn't started building without him. It was their thing. It would be horrible to ruin that just because one of them slept in a little bit.

He opened his eyes slowly, feeling slightly more awake then he had earlier. It was a pretty good morning so far. Linda had saved waffles for him, which he loved. Linda's waffles were amazing, and she hardly ever had time to make them since she was always so busy. So, to put it in simple terms, he was in a really good mood so far.

He gasped slightly at what he saw. Isabella was back there, but she was talking to Ferb. Her cheeks were slightly pink, and had a slight smile on her face as she talked. She was talking in a pretty quiet voice. Ferb just nodded. He couldn't tell what Ferb was thinking, but then again he never could. Something started to brew inside of him just then. He couldn't tell what it was though. He felt his smile fade as he watched them, and he felt an angry feeling in the pit of his stomach. He glared at Ferb as he made his way over to the tree where they were sitting.

"Oh hey Phineas… Are you ok?" Isabella asked, smiling worriedly at him.

"Never better, Isabella. So, what are you two talking about?" He snapped, his tone not matching his smile that he gave to Isabella. Isabella's blush grew even redder when he asked that.

"Oh, nothing… So, Ferb has a few ideas… You should see them. They look interesting." Isabella mumbled embarrassingly. The truth though, was that Isabella was just talking about her newest idea to get Phineas to like her back.

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