I do not own Juno. I'm just writing my first fan fic about it

After my irresponsible daughter, my first baby girl Juno, had given birth to a beautiful baby boy and gave him up for adoption, I came in to see her. I was so proud of her for making such a big and responsible decision, that damn wimpy Bleeker kid came in. I once told my wife Brenda that if I saw him I would punch him in the wiener. I didn't do that, but I did roughly pat him on the shoulders to let him know I was anything but pleased with him.

I watched as he climbed onto the bed with her and held her, still wearing that goofy track running get up. I looked on in amazement to realize that my June Bug and that Bleeker kid were truly in love. Who else would still be together after such a harsh decision that he had no say so in? I was happy so I left to go check on my ditzy five year old daughter Liberty Bell. It was the funniest thing, she told me "The Bleeker idiot is here." And she giggled. So did I. It's strange how you can be on the same wave length as you kid.

Surprisingly I was rather relieved and happy to see my daughter happy even while sad. Teenagers are a strange bunch. But then you see so much of yourself within them. When it came time to leave the hospital I decided I'd walk home. While I was walking past the orchard I saw that Bleeker kid. He stopped in tracks when he saw me and tried to casually pass me by. He finally turned around and asked me if I was mad at him.

I took the moment and went with it. I walked up him and placed my hands on his shoulders again and took a depth breath.
"Bleeker…," I said to him, "You got my oldest daughter pregnant and forced her to make a rough decision. But she made the right one which has redeemed you. But I do owe you something dear boy."

He asked me, "What is it you owe me?" with that goofy expression. I smiled and I punched the Bleeker kid right in the wiener. As hard as I could. So hard his eyes rolled in the back of his head faster than my ex-wife rolled out of this town. I walked the rest of the way home with a smile of satisfaction that I'll never forget. To this day I still laugh about it. You see, I'm a man of my word. I gave my word that I would do it and I kept it. You see, I never promised my wife Brenda that I wouldn't do it! Hahahaha.

I kept that smile of satisfaction. To this day as a matter of fact. I kept it, Even when June Bug walked down the aisle with him. To the day he still won't completely face me.

I remember that now as I look at her back here in the delivery room. This time on her own terms. This time… I'm ready and proud to be a pop pop. And her, ready to be a mother. Hopefully, L.B. learned from all this.