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John had never been very open about his sexuality so it surprised many people when he took such a liking towards a rookie by the name of Ben Sherman. Many people would agree that Ben was a good looking man with a personality to match. If you knew him, you would know that Ben Sherman was the type of person that would shy away from telling you if he didn't like what you did or were doing. John on the other hand was the type of brooding person that would fuck with you, not literally of course, and point out all of your flaws. Everyone knew that was what made the two such a great duo. Because of that though, fellow cops were even more surprised by anything when their partnership was tested by scandalous rumors. Hell, no one thought they would pull through, but the end was more surprising than anything.

"So, then this pussy was like 'I didn't do it' when the fucking evidence was all over him. I was just like 'are you fucking kidding me?' Some people are just to stupid to live," Officer Cooper said as he finished up his story. Officer Sherman sat in the passenger seat and pretended like he was listening to his partner, but it was pretty obvious he wasn't.

"What's up your ass Boot?" Cooper asked and gave a side glance towards the rookie.

"She fucking left," Ben said and just like that Coop knew who he was talking about.

"Bitch didn't deserve you anyway," he replied and Ben growled in response. Even though Cooper never met her personally, Daisy he thinks her name was, she seemed to rich for Ben's taste. Nothing was said after that, partially because John didn't really know what to say and then he was the type of person to talk about feelings. Inviting the rookie over to his house seemed a little odd so Cooper did the next best thing.

"Let's get some drinks after work." Despite how much Ben wanted to decline and go sit on his couch and drink until he passed out, he figure he might as well.

"Yeah sure," he replied and glanced over at John who nodded, turning his attention back to the road. The rest of their shift was nothing but garbage calls and them dealing with idiotic people. It finally came to 4 o clock and their shift was over. John made his way into the locker room and noticed Ben undressing. His eyes may have lingered a little to long because when he looked up Ben was watching him closely. A blush immediately spread throughout his face and even brushed the tips of his ears. Turning away quickly, Cooper began taking off his uniform and dressing into a plain gray t shirt and faded jeans. When he turned around he noticed Ben leaning against the lockers watching him closely once more.

"What?" John snapped and it made Ben raise his eyebrows and shake his head.

"Nothing," that was all he said before walking over to take a piss. John suddenly felt like maybe taking Sherman out for a drink wasn't such a good idea. Gathering his wallet, weapon and jacket, John went over and splashed cold water on his face. Looking into the mirror, John took note of how worn down he looked. The crows feet near his eyes look much more prominent, but he couldn't tell if they were from stress or laugh lines. He tried to remember the last time he actually laughed, like one were his stomach hurt and tears were bound to fall from his eyes. It seemed like it was forever ago, but it was with Ben and they were in the squad car just driving. Ben had told him some corny ass joke and it made been laugh hysterically even when it wasn't even that funny. A small ghost of a smile passed onto his face as he dried it with a towel. Ben cleared his throat, making John drop the towel onto the counter and make his face look neutral.

"Ready?" Ben asked as he crossed his arms, his eyes boring into Cooper's. John gave a soft nod and pulled on his jacket. Letting Ben walk in front of him, John took note of what he was wearing. It was a soft gray t shirt, a leather jacket pulled on over it, dark washed jeans and black boots. John swallowed at the lump forming in his throat.

"Want me to just follow you or do you wanna go together?" Ben asked his voice somewhat stoic.

"Fuck it, let's just got together," John replied and pulled his keys out of his jacket. Benn followed hot on his heels until they got to his car. Ben slid into the passenger seat just as John slid into the drivers seat. Cooper started the engine, reversed quickly before entering traffic and almost getting hit by an oncoming semi truck. He turned on the radio and Liz Phair's "Why Can't I?" came on and John smiled softly. Ben looked over at Cooper and grinned at his facial expression.

"What are you looking at Boot?" John asked a smile tugging at his lips just because Ben was smiling.

"Nothing sir," Ben laughed because he couldn't help but think if John usually listened to this type of music. John nudged his arm and Ben shook his head with a smile. They sometimes got along and when they did it was a sight to see. As they approached the bar, John's lungs were filled with cigarette smoke and it smelled of piss and whiskey. Ben gave him a look of discomfort, but Cooper just put a hand on his back and guided him into the bar.

Author's Note: I hope you liked it, I hopefully will make a second chapter.