Ah, Mr. Holmes. I'd like to introduce you to Ms. –

It wasn't often that Joan was awake when Sherlock wasn't. Whenever this rare occurrence happened, she liked to take the time to observe him.

If there was one puzzle that didn't want to be figured out, it was Holmes.

So Doctor Watson would stand, or sit, and watch Sherlock until she ran out of tea, or it went cold. When he was asleep, he wasn't so insufferable.

Sometimes he twitched, but he was not one to move frequently.

Not like when he was awake.

On an occasion even rarer than her seeing him asleep, Joan caught snippets of his dreams.

My dear sir, it is Mrs. now. And Mr. Holmes and I have already met. Haven't we?

Always lovely to see you, Irene.

They never seemed to end well.