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Prologue: Don't Leave Me Like This
I Thought I had You Figured Out

Emma Swan had grown up practical. She had grown up smart. She had grown up quickly. She had grown up thinking, like most people, that fairy tales were only stories. She had heard the tales before, of Snow White and Cinderella, of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling. She had heard their happily ever after. But they had just been stories to her. That is, until Henry found her again, until she came to Storybrooke, until the curse was lifted, until she found out the truth. And the truth was that her life might have been very different if Regina hadn't cast the curse. She might have been a princess, a real princess in a fairy tale land with a happily ever after. Her parents were Snow White and Prince Charming for crying out loud! She had seen the movie when she was 4 or 5, and she knew those two pretty much invented happily ever after. But the curse had been cast and all their lives had changed. She had grown up not as a princess but as an orphan. She had grown up with not love but with a deep feeling of abandonment. She was not a princess now, she was not a warrior. She was an orphan. She was alone.

That was what made her stop in her tracks as Captain Hook called her name. That was what made her go back and face him.

Slowly, she turned to the chained pirate. The look on her face was one she only knew too well. She had seen it in the mirror far too often. She had felt it a long time ago, in Tallahassee. "Give me one reason," she whispered, her eyes locked on his. He had gotten her this far, after all. He was the reason she had the compass, and the reason she would get back to Henry. "Give me one reason I should trust you."

Hook looked at her for a long time before answering. "You said maybe you loved once too," he said finally. "You said you understood. I – I loved her, Milah I mean. And he took her from me. I have to get him back. I don't care about your son, or your father, or mother, or whoever else you're trying to protect from me. I know how that sounds, but it's the truth. I don't bloody care about anything but getting him back for what he did to me. So you can rest assured love, all your stinkin loved ones are safe from me."

Emma was very good at knowing when someone was lying to her. She had only fallen for it once, a long time ago, before Tallahassee. She had believed Neal when he told her he loved her. She had believed him when he told her he'd meet her at 9, and they'd run off together. But never again. She had vowed to herself that she would never fall for anyone's bullshit again. And that was how she knew, without a doubt, that Hook was telling the truth.

She opened the lock, keeping her eyes on him. Just because she believed him didn't mean she didn't remember that he was a pirate, a pirate she had almost just double crossed. "I'm sorry," she said.

He smirked easily. "It's all good, love. You're hot when you're tying me up. Maybe we can continue that later in a – more excitable way?"

She rolled her eyes. Why wasn't she surprised? "In your dreams."

"Oh no, Miss Swan," he chuckled. "My dreams of you consist of things a lot dirtier than a little bondage."

"Let's just go before I decide to tie you up again," she turned and started walking to the hole in the wall the giant had shown her. He fell into step with her quickly, and they made their way through the little cave. They only had half an hour to go before Mulan cut the beanstalk, and they were trapped here. And the very last thing she wanted or needed right now was to be stuck up here with a cocky dirty pirate, and handcuffs.

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