Seeing Is Believing

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of Vampire Diaries. This will have Ghost Rebekah for a while, but she will get brought back. No worries. :)

Pairing: Caroline/Rebekah

Rating: M

Chapter One

Do You See The Irony?

"I am in love with her Nik, and there is nothing that you could possibly do or say to convince me not to profess my feelings to her." Rebekah growled out as she moved toward her brother.

"You cannot be interested in her. She is mine, Bekah." He responded. "And I have means of silencing you."

"You do not." She stated confidently, her eyes hardened with hatred. She hated her brother. For years he dedicated his time to making her miserable, to killing the men that she loved and destroying her relationships. So that she would be so alone and vulnerable that she would have no choice but to rely on him. She refused to let him control her any longer. She loved Caroline. There was a high probability that she would choose Niklaus over her, but she was not going down without a fight.

"Do too, dear sister." Klaus said with a smirk as he walked across the room to his dresser. Opening the top drawer and looking down into it with an amused expression. He never wanted to kill his sister, not permanently. Now she was after the woman he loved though, and it left him little choice.

"I stole the only dagger that you had left, and I hid it. You could not have found it."

Klaus laughed. "Silly girl. Who needs a dagger when you have something far more effective?" As he asked this, he lifted the stake from the white oak tree and waved it around for her to see. Turning and staring at her with dark angry eyes. They usually held remorse when he killed her, this time they did not.

"No, that is impossible. How did you get that?" Rebekah asked, the fear evident in her shaky voice and wide eyes. Her brother had killed her on a multitude of occasions, but it had never been permanent. He had always brought her back. This would put an end to her life. Her long, yet empty life. Rebekah still had not been to a school dance, she had not fallen in love with someone who truly loved her back. She had not lived at all in her thousand years of existence.

"The how is not really important, sweet sister." He moved toward her quickly, pinning her against the wall before she had the chance to run. She struggled, but he was stronger than her due to the Hybrid curse. "At least not nearly as important as the why." Klaus pressed the stake to his sister's chest and pushed it against her skin through her shirt, watching as she flinched.

"You see. I love Caroline, and if you refuse to back down from this stupid, pathetic obsession that you have with her then I shall kill you."

"It is neither stupid nor pathetic. She is the only one who has been there for me, who has saved me and protected me. I owe her my life." It was the truth. If Caroline had not saved her then she would not be standing there. She would have died long ago.

"Do you see the irony?" Klaus laughed. "She saved your life and now I am going to take your life because of her."

He applied more pressure to the stake and Rebekah let out a groan of pain as the stake broke through her skin.

"Oh yes, it is damn laughable." She stated sarcastically. Still remaining confident despite her impending doom.

"Don't be a brat, Rebekah." Klaus dug the stake in deeper to her chest and smiled. "I am willing to give you an alternative. I do not wish to see you die. All you have to do is stop pursuing Caroline and allow me to court her, to love her, to take her away from her, and I will spare your life."

Rebekah thought about it momentarily. She thought about simply giving up on Caroline, giving her brother what he wanted and living her life out alone as always, but she couldn't. She couldn't allow him to control her by killing her once again.

"I refuse to allow you to tell me who I can and cannot pursue any longer, Nik. I have feelings for Caroline and if I live through this I will act on them."

"Don't be selfish, Bekah!" He screamed in her face.

Rebekah laughed. "I am the one who is being selfish in all of this? You are the selfish one, you always have been, and you always will be. If you are going to kill me, would you bloody well get on with it?"

"As you wish, sister." His voice quavered with remorse as he buried the stake in her chest, piercing her heart and watching her blue eyes widen and fill with sorrow and hatred as she was consumed by flames. Leaving only burnt remnants of the woman that he once called his family scattered across the floor of their home.

The doorbell rang; dragging him out of his thoughts as he quickly hid the remains.

It was Caroline. He had told her to come over.


Caroline knew that she shouldn't be spending time with Klaus. Even if she and Tyler were no longer seeing each other, it was wrong. He was a dangerous vampire that had killed and hurt many people that she loved. Yet, she could not deny that she was drawn to him. She was honestly drawn to the idea of him.

The idea of traveling around the world and seeing exotic and romantic places, having someone draw pictures for her, buy gifts for her, it was a very appealing reality.

But, it was not a reality that she should want. At least not from him.

"Come on in, love." He said with a smile as he opened the door to her.

Immediately upon entering the house, Caroline looked around for Rebekah. The two of them had been on good terms ever since their conversation and she saved her life, and she wanted to say hi to her. But, she did not see her anywhere. "Where is Rebekah?" She wondered.

"She is out. Thought she would be polite and give us some well-deserved privacy." He stated spitefully. His tone of voice confusing the blonde. 'Why does he sound so angry?'

"Oh, I see." Caroline's voice held rightful hesitation as she sniffed the air. With her heightened senses she was able to pick up Rebekah's scent. It smelt fresh, like she had been there mere moments before her arrival. It was also mixed with a strange scent that worried her. The scent of fire, and burning flesh. Her stomach flipped uncomfortably as she stared over to Klaus with worried eyes. She hoped that he had not done anything to harm his sister again.

It seemed like he was always killing her and hurting her.

"She will return home before your departure I am sure. Now, didn't you come over to see me?" 'And not talk about my stupid sister… even dead she is still somehow managing to interfere…'

"Yeah, of course, yeah!" Caroline assured with a bright smile as she followed him into the other room. Despite her words she could not help but get a really bad feeling that she wasn't going to be seeing Rebekah before she left, that she might not be seeing Rebekah again.

She hated the feeling and she hoped that she was overanalyzing things.


Authors Note:

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