Pete sigs and then walks back across the street, still contemplating what just happened.

Becky takes out her phone and calls Todd.

"Hey it's Todd, leave a message at the tone." comes out of the speaker

"Hey Todd, where are you? Can you come over?... I've missed you the last couple days." Becky says into the phone.

Todd is listening to the message. He closes his eyes and breathes heavily. Then he gets up and closes his blinds to drown out the sunlight. He lays on his bed and sleeps.

Todd makes it to school and goes straight to his locker. A young, dark haired girl comes up to him. She has hazel eyes and her hair flows down passed her shoulder blades. She holds two books in her hands, she rolls back on her heels as she talks to Todd.

"Hey Todd." She says and smiles. He turns.

"Oh, hey Marissa." Todd says and puts on a half smile.

"What's up? Is something wrong?" Marissa says as she uncomfortably shifts the books in her arms.

"Well... I'll be fin, I mean- Here, let me take those." Todd says and grabs the books.

"Thanks. Well I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out sometime?" Marissa said a little nervous.

"Ya know, I don't..." Todd trails off as Becky comes around the corner and up behind Marissa. "Actually, yeah Marissa, I would love to hang out with you. I'll tak ou to dinner or something, just text me."

"Okay!" she said ecstatically and Becky frowns as she hears this.

Marissa turns around when she feels Becky's eyes behind her.

"What's going on Todd?" Becky asked.

"I don't know Becky. Why don't you ask Matt." Todd said a little harshly and then turned to Marissa, "Come on Marissa, lets go." Todd shuts his locker and walks away with Marissa who shoots a sympathetic look to Becky.

A tear falls from Becky's eye. She closed her eyes hard and wipes her face and walks in the other direction trying to contain herself.

Marissa knocks on the door and Todd answers.

"Hey Marissa." He says and exits the house.

"Hey Todd." she replies.

They get to the restaurant and start to eat when Todd notices Becky out the window with Matt and another girl. matt and Becky play around with each other. She pushes Matt bceause of something he said and Todd tunes everything out.

Todd and Marissa end up at her door, and Marissa plays with the keys in her hand.

"So, I had a really nice night. Thank you." Marissa says.

"Me too." Todd says back with little emotion.

"Well, okay then, goodnight." Marissa says confused.

"Yeah, goodnight." Todd says. They both turn to go their separate ways and Todd stops short. He closes his eyes and thinks of Becky and Matt together. He turns back around and yells "Marissa, wait!" He runs after her. She has the door partially open and he puts his hand against it next to Marissa's head. It slams shut. He pushes his lips against hers and she kisses him back. They continue to kiss.

Becky says goodbye to Matt and her friend and walk inside her house. Then she goes to her room, and looks longingly at Todd's bedroom window. Little does she know Todd is looking back. They both stare unaware of each other's feelings.

Todd though that kissing Marissa would make this better, but now he just feels guilty and hurt.

Marissa walks up to Todd at his locker. "Hey Baby." she says and puts her arms around his neck and goes to kiss him. He stops her.

"I'm sorry, Marissa, I can't. I just. I recently got out of something and I can't right now."
"Then what was last night?!" she yells angrily. Todd opens his mouth to talk but she interrupts him. "No! Don't talk, we are done." She storms off and Todd stands dumbfounded. "Isn't that what I said" he thinks.

Becky stares from around the corner. She hears everything, and as Marissa storms off she retracts her head from around the corner and leans against the wall. She can't help but smile.

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