That Smirk Of Yours - Drew and May - Chapter 1

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May: Kk!

Chapter 1: Last Day of School

Normal POV

Last day of school, May woke up by the sound of her alarm on her cell phone. Argh! This should be last time I would ever hear this alarm! She thought. Hey, it is!

May sat up and looked at the clock. 7am. It's the last day of school, which means the last day of waking up at 7 in the morning, geez how could people wake up so early, the last time getting teased by boys and mostly the most hottest boy in the school, aka, the school's heart throb, the king of jerks, and the player, what do his fan girls see in him?


May snapped out of her thought as she heard her mother call out. "May, you better be awake! Don't want you to miss the last day of school, I really want to know if you'll get the honor roll this year!" May rolled her eyes. "I'm up, mom!"

May got up and went to the bathroom, she took a quick shower. In her towel she looked in her closet to find something cute to wear, not like she's going to do it for the boys, mostly Drew. She smirked at the thought.


Her phone vibrated, she turned to look at the display which said, 1 new text message. She stopped what she was doing and jumped on her bed grabbing her phone off her bed side table. She unlocked her code on her phone and went on the message.

From: Dawn

OMFG, It's the last day of school, the best day of the whole entire year! :P This is our chance to wear something hot in front of the boys, I really want to get Barry or Paul's attention! Their so hot! Lol, So what are you doing this summer?


May chuckled, at Dawn's text. Dawn is May's best friend in the whole entire world, Leaf's the second than Misty. May touched reply on her phone and start texting away.

To: Dawn

Lol, Dawn your such a hyprocrite! Why don't you pick Barry, he's more fun than Paul, Paul is so... Not to be mean but, Cold and boring a gazillion times... Anyway's I'm excited for the last day! I can't wait until the day's over! I have no idea what to do this summer!

May touched send and went back to what she was doing. May took out a red shirt t-shirt, she put it on and she put on dark denim skinny jeans, and black boot's that go under her knee. Then she went to her desk and put on a white buttoned jacket over her shirt, she buttoned it half way up, and pulled the sleeves up to her elbows, she put a red head band on, leaving her brunette bangs hang out, and added light natural makeup, she went in the washroom and brushed her teeth, she was ready.

May turned over to the clock which said 7:45 am, it didn't take her two long, she guessed. Than her phone vibrated again.

From: Dawn

Don't tell me what to do, I can choose between them two and it would be... Well never mind I'm ready to roll, I texted Leaf and Misty and they said their ready, see you down at the school gates quarter after, Love ya May!


Shit, Why does school have to start so darn early!? May thought as she grabbed her bag and went downstairs. "Morning, my beautiful family!" May said with a happy but tired smile.

"Morning, Princess!" Her father said as he kissed her cheek. "Your mom is making pancakes, hope your starving."

"I am!" May said as she sat down at the table, "What kind is it this time, Mom?" She asked her mother politly.

"This week it's chocolate chip." Her mother said calmly as she set a plate in front of May. "Thank you." May said as she grabbed the kniffe and fork and munched away.

"Your welcome, hun." Her mother said as her smile appeard softly. "So, it's already the last day of school, one more year than you'll be out of school and have a wonderful adventure you can ever imagine."

"Thanks mom," She swallowed the last of the pancake and got up. "Gotta go!" She looked at the time which said 8am. "Love you guys!"

"Love you, sweetheart have a good day, and bring home another honor roll!" Her dad said.

May giggled, "Ok.." She said unsure about that.

May closed the door and started walking towards her school. When she made it to the school gates, she saw Dawn standing there with Leaf and Misty.

"Hey!" May shouted and started to run toward them.

"May," Dawn spoke and reached out for me. I grabbed her arms and gave her a big hug.

Then May hugged Leaf and Misty, "You guy look amazing!" May said looking at the outfits their wearing. Leaf looked at May's outfit, "You look the best yourself!"

May looked at her outfit. "Oh, this I just picked something random out, does it look good?"

Dawn and Misty looked at her shocked. "Hunny, Leaf did say you looked the best." Misty said. "Is she ever wrong?" Leaf smirked at Misty, "Of course not!" Leaf said crossing her arms.

"Come on what are we waiting for, let's go inside it's free time at school so we can say by to everyone." Dawn said. May's faced shrunk. "Argh! I keep forgetting we didn't have to come to school on the last day!" May stomped her foot.

"Don't worry, May. We all did until Dawn spoke it up just now." Leaf glared at Dawn. Dawn flushed. "Uh, well. You know it's the last day we can see the guys." She said.

May sighed. "All well, let's go inside."

The girls went inside the school and there was everybody hugging, laughing, talking. Some people must be moving this summer. Eh, what ever it is it's not my problem. May thought.

"Where are the guys?" Dawn asked as she looked around. May chuckled, "Oh, Dawn." Leaf checked her forehead to see if she has a 'boy fever' again. "Yep, she has it." Leaf said. Misty giggled. "What's wrong with you and the guys, their rude, and immature."

"Oh, really?" We heard someone say behind us. The four girls all turned around and shreiked. "You think were immature? Baby, were nothing like that." Ash said as he leaned closer to the blushing Misty. "W-well it's true!" She snapped.

"You weren't talking about me were you, Dawn?" Barry said coming up behind the now blushing Dawn. She turned around and saw Barry's face like right there. "Ahh, no... I mean.. Ah.." Oh, Dawn. May thought as she smirked.

Behind all the jibber jabber was Drew leaning againts the wall watching the whole thing. There he is... May thought as she was drowned in her thoughts about him. Drew, the one with the green silky hair, the one with that smirk on his lips, just everything is perfect. Then someone touched May which snapped her out of her thoughts again.

May looked over and saw that Leaf had cling on to her as she looked at the approching Gary."Aw, Leaf, don't want to say your last goodbye to me?" He said with a smirk. "Get away from me, and No!" Leaf spoke at him angerly. "Come on just a kiss goodbye?" May nearly bursted out laughing, she looked over at her idol and saw that he heard what Gary said, to prove was that funny looking smirk on.

Leaf let go of May and ran away from Gary, "Don't Gary!" She shouted as he started chasing her around. "I hate you!" Gary still had his smirk. "Love you too, Babe."


While May was leaning on the lockers watching the scared but irritated Leaf running away from Gary, May felt someone lean right beside her. May slowly turned her head and saw Drew leaning on the locker right beside her, flickering his shinny locks, he looked straight at her.

"I guess this just leaves you and me." He smirked. Great... May thought sarcasticly. May had feelings for Drew but never told anybody, no, not even her friends, not even Dawn, She felt bad.

"I'm not a fighting type... but I love teasing you..." He said as he put his hand behind him. "W-what does that suppose to mean?" May asked him as she frowned. "Never mind, here." Drew said as he pulled a rose out of his pocket. "I planted it myself, it's yours, take it." May was about to grab the rose from him until she thought of what he did to other girls in the school, breaking their innocent hearts, each and everyone of them. I'm not going to fall for him, he's just a player, I can't I just can't. May thought as her hand moved away from the rose. "No." May said and walked away from him.

Drew wasn't going to let this one get away, "And why not?" He asked following her. "Because, I'm not going to fall for your tricks. It's always the same thing to every other girl in this damn school!" May answered. "Now, stay away from me! Even if you are my childhood friend." Drew smirked. "Yeah I am, that's why I wanted to give you this rose." May raised an eyebrow. "Still not happening." She said.

Drew just looked at her and rapidly turned and walked away, "Fuck her." She heard him say. May gritted her teeth. Fuck him. She thought.

Misty, Leaf, and Dawn all came up to her. "Phew, I thought this fight would go on forever." Misty said. "Yeah, I thought Gary was going to chase me for eternity!" Leaf agreed. "Not to mention fighting between two 'losers'" Dawn said with a smirk. "Losers?" Misty said confused. "I thought you liked them." "Quotes, Misty, quotes..." Dawn said.

"Whatever, forget them. Lets figure out what were going to do this summer." May said.

The three girls nodded in agreement.

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