That Smirk Of Yours - Drew and May - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Change Of Drew!

It was night, and the girls never woke up from their six hour sleep. Now it was time for the girls to fall asleep with the boys.

May walked into the room, after she watch a episode on T.V. May was thinking about the part where the girl changed a boy's life forever. Would it work on Drew? May thought as she closed the room door behind her.

She snapped out of her thoughts to notice a sixteen year old male standing twelve feet across the room from her, with no shirt on, or jeans, just boxers and a towel around his neck.

May didn't know what to do she was shocked and speechless to do anything or say anything.

Drew turned around as he heard someone come in, his eyes widen in shock, "May?!" He yelled in fright, he didn't know what was happening.

May, who was leaning againts the door with her hand still on the handle, screamed, "Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry, I should've knocked first! I'm so stupid!" May opened the door to run out but Drew stopped her.

"No, you don't have to leave. You just startled me. But it's ok. You don't have to go anywhere. It's like I'm not going to flash, right?" Drew said with a small smile.

Now, May was startled. What the crackers had happen to Drew?! Did he just smile at me? Or was it just me thinking it was a smile but it was a smirk. "Ok..." May said quietly walking back into the room and closed the door.

Without making eye contact she went over to the dresser and pulled out her sleep wear. "I'll just be in the washroom if you need me..." May said. She slowly walking into the washroom. She looked at herself in the mirror, she noticed she looked retarted by the way her face was since she saw Drew speak like that. It was clueless, she never ever heard Drew like that before. Never in her life did he see him insecure...

May stripped down and put on her sleep wear, cherry red shorts and a black V-neck shirt. She pulled down her hair from the small pony tail she had, it loosley went down past her shoulders. She brushed her teeth and went back out in the room, only to find Drew in his sleep wear, a white V-neck shirt, with pj pants that had animated figures.

He sat in front of the dresser mirror and looked blankly at himself with no expression. May thought he looked pretty weird, but she decided not to question him.

"You look nice, May.." Drew said. Not looking away from the figure of himself in the mirror. Hm, he must be admiring himself. He's such a conceited bastard that I have ever seen. May laughed at her thought.

"I'm only in my night wear, Drew. But, thanks." May said, smiling. Wait did I just thanked him for his complimant? May thought. Then she shrugged, Maybe he did change.

Drew snapped out of looking in the mirror and turned around to see that May was smiling at what he said to her. He smiled. "I just think you look really..." Think neither than sexy, Drew. "Pretty.. In you're night wear." Drew said.

May wanted to laugh, but she held it in with a smile, "Thanks."

May removed her covers so she can lay down under them. Drew did the same. I'm so glad these bed's are queen size and not twin size! She thought. Drew watched her with a smirk, but when she looked at him, he would replace it with a small smile.

"Good night, Drew." May said, covering herself up and faced the opposite way from Drew.

Drew's smile appeared again, "Good night, June." He said turning off the lamp beside him making the room nearly pitch dark, the only light was the moon coming in from the huge wall sized window.

Drew heard May sighed as he called her that, "Sweet dreams..." She whispered.

"You too."

May sighed again as a thought came to her head, "If you dare touch me, I will kick your ass so that your future girlfriend cries when I meet her!" May said before closing her eyes.

Drew smirked as her words sunk into his head. That could possibly be you.. Drew thought before he crashed into a deep slumber.

9am came and Drew woke up, with his back hurting, he shook it off and he streched his arms until his hand hit something, which made something fall ontop of him. "OW..." Drew yelled, he rubbed his nose. He grabbed what ever bumped on him. An alarm clock? Drew thought confused. He sat up noticing he was on the floor. How in the world did I get down here? Drew thought. He looked over on the bed to see May in the middle of the bed, spread out wide with the blankets wrapped around her.

Drew frowned, "Could of told me you moved alot..." Drew whispered as he got up. He went into the washroom and filled a cup full of cold water, he drank it, walking back into the room. He looked at the cup of water and at May. He hesitated for a second before throwing the cup of water at her face.

May immediately sat up with a scream, "What the..." She touched her cold wet face, then looked up at Drew, "DREW?! YOU JERK! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR? GOD DAMMIT!" May shouted.

Drew smirked, "That's for kicking me off the bed and hogging the blanket last night!" He said.

May glared at him, removing the blanket off of her. "Your so going to pay for this." May said deeply. She got off the bed and walked towards him, "Remember when I said I was going to kick your ass?" May asked Drew, who was still smirking. "Now, is the perfect time!" May yelled.

Drew ran out of the room as fast as he can. May ran after him, yelling, "Come here, Drew! You're butt wants a kick! Listen to it!" While Drew ran while laughing. "Why are you laughing, idiot?! Do you want a my foot to give your butt a hickie?!"

Drew laughed harder, running down the stairs, "May, you so make my d-" Drew said but was cut off by tripping down the stairs as May tripped on the same step as he did and fell ontop of him. They both started laughing.

"You idiot!" May laughed, "You tripped down the stairs!"

Drew laughed also, "You lousy girl, you fell down the stairs!"

"You started it!"

"Yeah, and you decided to come down with me!"

May and Drew laughed until they heard Dawn coughed.

May and Drew looked up at her, "Dawn.." They both said, quickly getting up.

"Um, good morning.." Dawn said.

Then they saw Brianna walk in, "Oh, good morning, Drew!" She said cheerfully.

May and Drew both frowned, "Hey, Brianna. Good morning." Drew said.

Brianna blushed at his words and giggled. Drew smirked for a second.

May raised an eyebrow and walked away from the scene and into the kitchen, Dawn followed her.

"Sorry for ruining you and Drew's moment.." Dawn said, sheepishly.

"It doesn't matter, anymore." May sighed. "You know it's the first time I ever saw Drew laugh, and mostly likely with me."

Dawn looked behind her and saw the scene of Brianna holding Drew's hand while talking, while Drew just shrugged and tried his best to pull his hamd out of her's. "Compare to other girls," Dawn started, "It seems to me your the first girl to ever make Drew laugh."

May looked at her confused, "What?"

"Tell me you didn't see it!" Dawn said, "Remember all those times when he was with a girl, he wouldn't even smile, he would just use the smirk that girls are obsessed with."

"No I haven't.." May said. "Are you sure?"

Dawn snorted, "May, would your best friend ever lie to you?" Dawn asked, as May shook her head.

"No, we never told eachother lies." May said.

"But you did."

"Huh?" May was now confused.

"You told me since seventh grade that you don't like Drew. But I knew all along that you like him. Just the way you two fight, and the way you two tease eachother, just like what happened five minutes ago and every time you would think about him you would have this little glimpse in your eyes, and once in awhile you would admire him when nobody notices... But me." Dawn explained.

May looked over Dawn's shoulder and looked at Drew, who was ignoring Brianna. I hadn't really notice, but was everything that Dawn was telling me true? May thought. Questions and confusion swirled her head. It couldn't be, I mean when I'm deep in thought I wouldn't notice my expression, mostly when it comes to Drew being in the back of my mind.

"Just like that." Dawn said, noticing the glimpse in her eyes. "Your looking and thinking about him. Don't worry May, your secret is safe with me." Dawn said, winking before she walked away.

May stared at Drew, she ignored Dawn's last words and thought about what happened this morning. May laughed slighly when she though about what he said to her and what she said back when they were at the bottom of the stairs.

Drew looked down at the short fifteen year old girl. "What was that?" He asked, with a smirk. Brianna blushed.

Then it finally hit May. Dawn was right, girls do fall for his smirks but me. I like his smiles, but his smirks want me to yell and scream at him. He just doesn't look like Drew when he smirks, it just makes him look like a jerk and a player. Which obviously he was. But everytime -only few times I saw- he smiles it just makes my world a better place to enjoy it with him. I have to admit, I fell in love with Drew's smiles.. May thought.

"I was wondering if you want to come with me and swim with me at the beach." Brianna repeated for the second time.

"Sorry, Brianna. But I got other plans." Drew said, giving her a wide smirk.

Brianna blushed darker, "Okay... I'll just go with Melody or someone..." She said.

May sighed and rolled her eyes. "What an idiot.."

Drew walked away from Brianna and walked up to May. "I've seen you staring at me a couple of times." Drew said with a smirk.

"Yeah, because I was entertained on how you weren't listening to her and backed down to Brainna's plans." May said with a smirk herself.

Drew frowned, Gosh I hate her smirks.. Drew thought as he turned away from her.

May looked at the back of Drew's head confused. "Um, what's the matter?" She asked, as she saw him flick his hair.

"Nothing.." He said.

All of a sudden it became awkward silence between the two. May who was fixing her hair, waited for Drew to turn around again.

Drew turned around, three minutes later, "I'm tired of this!" He said, very loudly.

May who was startled at Drew's unexpected words said, "What do mean?"

Drew sighed, "I'm tired of playing games, May." He said, angerly.

"What games? What are you-"

"Of trying to make you jealous and for trying to make you mine." Drew said, turning around again. Blushing of what just aburptly came out of his mouth.

May was silent, "You mean.-"

"Yes, I tried to make you jealous for you to like me!" Drew said.

May shook her head, "Why the hell would you do something like that. You know-"

"I don't know, May! But maybe you can tell me!" Drew said facing May again as his blush fadded away.

"I was going to tell you anyways." May said queitly. "You know that's not how it works when you have feelings for someone. Making them jealous and thinking it would make them like you is over stupidity! What were you thinking, Drew?! Catching someone's heart is suppose to be making them feel comfortable around you when they know you and trust you!" May yelled, making Drew nod slowly.

"I should of know. I hate my dad for giving me this idea." Drew said.

"Your dad? I though you didn't trust you dad?"

"But I did, even mom agreed apon his so called brilliant idea! So, I agreed and gave it a shot. He said it would work after awhile but no, five years later and you still don't like me!" Drew said.

"Wait is that what you said. Y-You like me?" May stammered.

Drew nodded and smiled, laughing at her question, "Yes, I did say that. I love your denseness."

May blushed, "Um..." She didn't know what to say.

"I don't want to change in front of everybody right away, they would think I'm a bad person. So, just bare with me that you would play along with me." Drew said, grabbing May's hand.

"Another game?" May asked slowly.

"Just for awhile, please! And yes my dad gave me this idea too, but just for awhile. Then I could tell them."

May sighed. "Whatever. Sure."

Drew frowned at her tone. "Okay..." He sighed, he felt selfish of himself.

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