"Mary, Tell them-"


The courtroom sat in shock. John just stared in disbelief. The other girls whispered to each other. Abigail couldn't help but smile. Mary was cracking. Any moment now she would have her back on her side. She would be able to continue her path if vengeance.

Mary barely had any clue what she was doing. She had half a mind to turn on Proctor. To denounce everything he had just stated. To even convict him of witchcraft. But she couldn't. She could barely bring herself to speak. For a few moments she just stood there, with all eyes focusing straight at her. Finally she had it. At a last ditch effort, she let out a weak whisper. "Proctor, how do you not feel that? That chill, it gathers around you"

"Mary, stop! Speak the truth!", Proctor yelled. He seemed to grow more frustrated by the minute

"I do, sir! Something is attacking you!", Mary stopped for a moment. Her eyes twitched around the room, as if following something. She then pointed in a random direction. "That man! Do you not see him" Danforth scanned the room, and saw nothing. "It's there!" Mary pointed again, and still no one saw anything. "Mary, what are you-", Proctor stopped in mid sentence to see a horrified look pass Mary's face. She was looking right at Abigail. "He whispers in her ear"

Abigail's face drained of color at that moment. Her anger slowly began to rise. This wasn't happening. Mary is not going against me. She of all people would not call me out. "S-She is delusional. No one whispers in my ear"

Danforth turned to Mary. "Surely you must be mistaken child"

Mary, now losing all self control, cried out, "I'm not sir! A man whispers in Abigail's ear! He sends a chill on Proctor!"

Proctor and Abigail stare at Mary in shock. "She lies, sir!", Abigail says, her voice becoming shaky."Mary, I feel nothing!", Proctor pleads to Mary, "Stop this! Tell them the truth!"

"ABIGAIL WILLIAMS WANTS MY NAME!", Mary broke down, screaming,"She came to my doorstep months ago, telling me 'We must kill John Proctor's wife. She blackens my name!' I told her, 'No! You can't! I won't help you!' She threatened my life, and then forced a book in my hand-"

"A book?", Danforth pondered "You mean to tell me Abigail Williams forced you to sign the Devil's Book?"

"Aye!", Mary began sobbing, "She made us dance in the woods! She tried sending her spirit on Goody Proctor, but it came to Betty instead! Then she pointed her finger at everyone she saw to cover it up!" Mary fell to her knees. "We all took part in the Devil's work! And the Devil's name is Abigail Williams!"

"She lies!", Abigail Williams screamed out, "It is all lies!The day I met Mary Warren, she had always been false! It was by a miracle she got away with it!"

"Mary...", Proctor just stared at her. He couldn't believe what Mary was doing.

Without warning, Mary begins to scream. She rocks back and forth, as if in constant pain. Tears drip down her cheeks "Why, Abby?! Why are you doing this?!"

"Abigail, you will stop this!", Danforth commands.

"I do nothing!", Abigail cries, now helpless. All of a sudden, Mercy Lewis begins to scream stands in horror as another girl began to scream. Another soon followed pursuit. Eventually, all of the girls were howling in a false pain. Abigail turns around, and her face nearly white. This can't be happening. It has to be a nightmare!

"Mary, you will take your spirit off of these girls!".

Abigail just had enough. She could not take it anymore. She found herself running to the door. She would be doomed if she stayed there. She had to leave; she had to leave town. She had no other choice. Abigail ran out of the courtroom, into the town. She ran until she was far from the town. She looked back for a brief moment, at the town she succeeded in condemning.