The Loner's Lament.

Title: The Loner's Lament.

Author: Yessiec

Disclaimer: Sea Patrol belongsto Hal and Di McEloy.

A/N: Thanks to Wiggle34 for the beta. This is the first Poem I have written as fan-fiction.

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Some people a heart of stone may see,

But they do not see even half of me.

My heart they say is like a desert wilderness,

Where all that is there is dryness and lifelessness.

They think to themselves that I do not care,

But they have not seen what is really there.

Behind the shield of indifference and abruptness,

Lays a heart littered with agony, shame, and brokenness.

What is said of me, though I pretend not to hear,

Hurts and wounds me as being pierced with a spear.

None of what is said of me is unheard or ignored.

Silently, inside my heart all of these things are stored.

While people may tell me to be like Dutchy

Why do they not see the broken person inside of me?

While team player they often see me as not,

A dedication to them I have most definitely got.

Uncaring to all who know me, might deem,

I will say this; I am not all that I may seem.

If you took away all the walls that are around me,

A gigantic and hideous scar is what they would see.

As a child, my father's boxing bag was what I was.

The reason why he hit me was always just "because"

In order to not give in to the mounting pain and pressure,

Hiding away became my one and only source of pleasure.

My heart has not been made of stone,

My heart is just shattered, broken, and alone.

The wounds in my heart still open and bleed,

When to someone else become, people think i need.

My heart often hurts, and it most vigorously does feel.

My heart needs time and love so that it can properly heal.

So please do not judge the person that you see I am.

Do not tell me that I must be as gentle as a lamb.

Please do not label me as not one of the team players,

But please take time to see through all of my layers.

I am different from most people; that you will see,

One thing I beg of you, please accept me as no one but me.