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Haru Miura quickly wiped away her tears and tried her best to wrap the white row of bandages around her left arm. There was a deep cut going down from her shoulder to above her elbow. She wiped away her tears again and bit her lower lip to ensure that she doesn't make a sound. She knew that if she makes even a single small sound, she will be beaten again.

Suddenly, the light in the hallway were switched off and Haru let out a relief sigh. At least now that her mother went to sleep, she can at least relax for a few hours. She knew that she will have to get ready and leave before her mother woke up and beat her again for trying to sneak out. It wasn't that she wanted to sneak out in the middle of the night, but rather because she had made a promise to Tsuna and her other friends that she will go watch the sunrise with them.

As quietly as she could, she put on her jacket, trying not to agitate her left arm. "Whew," she breathed once she successfully put her left arm through the sleeve. She put on her sneakers and walked over to her bedroom window. She slides the window open and climbed over the window sill onto the tree branch that rested against the roof. She carefully made her way to the tree and climbed down.
As soon as her feet touched the ground she quickly made her way to the gate and quietly sneaks out. Once she was outside, she made a dash toward Tsuna's house.

"Damn it! Where is that stupid woman," Gokudera said angrily. Everyone, who was going to watch the sunrise with them, had already arrived and the only one missing was Haru.

"Maa maa Gokudera," Yamamoto put his hand on Gokudera's shoulder, "I'm sure Haru is just running a bit late. Let's wait for a few more minutes."

"If we wait any longer, the sun will be up already," Gokudera retorted back angrily.

"That is true but let's wait anyway. I mean it's not like it's the last sun rise," Yamamoto said with a grin.
Gokudera was about to retort when a distant voice startled the two and the other companions. "Haru is so sorry for being late," Haru apologized once she reached them.

Tsuna gave her a small reassured smile, "It's okay. We'll still make it."

Haru looked at Tsuna and gave a big happy grin, "Thank you Tsuna-San!"

"Is everyone here," Dino asked, coming out of the Sawada residence.

"Yes," everyone chanted together.

Dino ginned brightly, "Then what is everyone waiting for? Let's go!"
Everyone cheered excitedly except for Gokudera, who just humph, and Reborn, who just smiled. Haru cheered but inside, she was becoming very nervous. Her left arm was starting to hurt again and she was trying her hardest not to show any pain; a fight that she was going to lose. Tears threaten to leak out when Kyoko grabbed her left hand and pulled her along towards Dino's awaiting limo.

A couple of minutes later, Haru found herself staring down at Namimori town. The sun will be rising any second now and she couldn't help but get excited. This was going to be her first time ever seeing a sun rises.

She gasped in awe when the sun appeared behind the horizon. "Woah," she breathed, "Beautiful."

"It certainly is," Reborn agreed, jumping onto her left shoulder and making her winced.

Haru tried her best to hold back the pain that shot through her whole left arm. Reborn frowned before he quietly spoke, making absolute sure that she could only hear him, "Haru, come with me." He said before jumping off her shoulder and started walking away from the group. Haru tilted her head in confusion. Why would Reborn want her to follow him? But she shrugged at her own question and followed the infant.

Once the two were far enough from the unsuspecting group, Reborn turned to look sternly at Haru, who fidgeted nervously under his gaze. Silence dawn between the two. Haru began to feel that her nervousness was going to get the best of her. "How long," Reborn asked, finally breaking the silence.

It didn't take a genius to know what he meant by those two words. Haru unconsciously clenched the bottom of her jacket. She bit her lower lip, not wanting to answer him. She didn't want him to know about the pain she experienced every day. She didn't want him to feel worry or feel sorry for her. He was just an infant to her. A very strong infant of course; but she still doesn't want to burden him with her sob story. She was going to become the wife of a mafia boss, so she should be able to endure something like this.

"How long," Reborn repeated, with more force this time. She flinched and clenched her jacket tighter. "Umm..." she gulped nervously, "H-Haru is alright... S-So Reborn-chan doesn't have to worry about Haru," she gave him a reassured smile. However, Reborn didn't buy it and insisted that she answer his question.

Haru tried to find another way out from having to answer his question, but when she saw the determined look in his eyes; she sighed dejectedly, "Ever since we came back from the future," she said quietly, staring down at the ground. Even if she tried, she won't be able to look at him in the eyes. "Why didn't you tell us," Reborn asked quietly. Haru bit her lower lip, "H-Haru didn't want to burden Reborn-chan and everyone with Haru's problem." Reborn frowned and look at her petite form. Her body was trembling and it didn't take a great genius to know that she's holding back her tears. He sighed and pulled his fedora hat to cover his eyes. "You idiot," he said after a moment of silence.

Usually when someone called her an idiot, she would automatically retort back angrily; but at this moment, she didn't feel angry but rather she feel sad. Tears fell from her eyes and she quickly wiped them away. "Please Reborn-chan," she pleaded softly, "Please don't tell Tsuna-San and the others."
Reborn didn't look at her and kept his eyes covered. She looked at him and pleaded again, "Please."

Silence dawn between them once again. A sudden fear creeps into Haru and she began to tremble uncontrollably. What if Reborn told Tsuna-San and the others about her problems? She can't have them worry about her. They already had a lot on their plates and she doesn't want to add her problems to it.

Reborn finally sighed, "I promise I won't say anything." Haru's expression quickly brighten at this; at least now her secret is safe; however, before she could thank him for keeping her secret, he added, "Whether I keep your secret or not, they will find out the truth eventually."

Her expression changed and she stared forlornly at the ground, "Haru knows." She once again clenched the bottom of her jacket and looked back at him with determination in her eyes, "That is why Haru want to keep it a secret for as long as Haru can."

Reborn watched her for a vew moments. he wanted to see just how deep that determination of hers was. But that determination of hers remained unwavering. He sighed once again at the girl's stubbornness, "Very well. You should get back to the others."

"Eh," she tilted her head in sudden confusion. But then she quickly understood that he's putting an end to the conversation and that her secret is safe with him. "What about Reborn-chan," she asked.

"I'll be right behind you," he replied with a small smile. Haru smiled and bowed, feeling happy again, "Thank you for keeping Haru's secret," she said before running back to join the others.

As soon as she was out of ear shot, Reborn glanced at the trees behind him, "Come out."

A dark figure stepped out from behind the trees. Dino soon joined Reborn by the empty path with a frown on his normally cheerful face, "So you knew I was here all along."

"Of course; who do you take me for," Reborn glared before jumping onto his previous student's shoulder.

"Are you really not going to do anything about her situation," Dino asked, staring at Haru's retreating form.

"There is nothing I can do to help if she does not ask for it," Reborn replied.

"I like to help, but for now I will keep my distance," Dino said quietly, "After all, I'm not supposed to know about her situation."

Reborn gave him a nod, "It looks like you finally grow up."

Dino pouted, "What is that suppose to mean?"

"Figure it out," Reborn replied before jumping off his shoulder and making his way back to the group.