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Sarah sat hunched over the bar at some club her friends had dragged her to – again – and ordered another Scotch. It was stronger than her usual, but she needed it tonight. The club seemed to draw an unusual crowd, and she kept seeing long blonde hair and tight leather pants wherever she turned.

Stephanie and Tyler had taken her out for her birthday. And then ditched her at the door. Some friends.

But it wasn't that different from the norm. At least they'd bothered to make sure she was settled at the bar before they'd gone to dance this time. Sarah sighed and swirled the amber drink around, a sullen look on her face, before tipping it back and finishing it off. She'd regret it in the morning, but right now it was the only thing keeping her sane.

The alcohol scorched her throat as it went down, but she reveled in the feeling. She raised her hand to flag down the bartender, Drake that night, to order another, but a man beside her beat her to it. "Another one, for the beautiful lady over here."

It wasn't the first time it had happened, and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

"Drake, is there something wrong with me?" Sarah was comfortable with all the bartenders – they came to The Underground enough – but she was actually friends with Drake. She spent more time with him than she did the two friends that she was actually there with.

"Look around, what do you see?"

Honestly, not a whole lot of anything. Nothing that impressed her anyway. The club was named the Underground for a reason, and the décor reflected the heart of the club. Dark gray stone was only illuminated by flickering candles along the wall, and the floor was as old as she was – possibly older – based on the old creaking oak wood that threatened to snap with just one wrong move.

The people there were odd as well, and she stuck out more than any of the women with purple Mohawks, tight leather corsets, and spiked jewelry. Her normal club attire was a simple black dress with a pair of four-inch stilettos. Nothing near as wild as anyone else, but that's what made her stand out. That and the air of mystery about the challenge she portrayed.

"I see a group of people that are far too alike dancing in a way that would make most people cringe."

Drake nodded as he cleaned a glass. "But what about you? Obviously you don't fit in, and you never dance with anyone. How do you see yourself?"

Sarah sighed, but didn't respond immediately. She never danced for the pure reason that none of the men who asked were ever interesting enough. Sure, they all looked like him, but there was always something just slightly off. Sometimes it would be the face, the eyes never quite right. Other times his hair just wouldn't fall just the right way, or his pants didn't fit him the right way. But no matter what it was, there was always something wrong.

And so she wouldn't dance, not when the only man she'd ever given her heart to would never show up again. And she couldn't blame him – she'd been cruel, cruel enough to shatter the man. But it was too late to change things, what's said is said.

She'd learned that lesson well.

It was then that she looked up, realizing that she'd never given Drake an answer. "I see a girl who gave up the best thing she'd ever had just because she'd thought it was a joke. And that same, boring girl who turns down every dance night after night because the guys just aren't perfect enough."

Drake nodded. "Would you take back what you did, if you could?"

The smile on her face was enough of an answer, the regret and guilt showing plainly. "What's said is said. Nothing I do can ever change what happened. So here I am, the trophy for a pathetic bet. The unattainable oddity, but so plain that the only thing that keeps them interested is that I never dance."

There was a scraping of a barstool being pulled back, but Sarah didn't even flinch. She was far too used to the sound to care anymore. "Don't you think you've had enough?"

His voice was familiar, and had it been any other night she would have sworn that it was him. But the half-empty glass reminded her how little her memory could be relied on at the moment. "No. Not tonight."

A soft chuckle came from her right, and the man placed a leather-clad hand over the top of her glass. I think you've had enough, Precious." He took it from her hand and tipped back the rest of her drink.

She finally turned to the man beside her, and decided that as far as drunken hallucinations went, he was nearly perfect. There was a slight blur around him, and his hair was a bit more tamed since she saw him in person, nearly ten years ago. She faced forward again, trying to make it clear that she didn't want him there. Even if he wasn't real.

The Goblin King sighed. "My dear, if you're going to be stubborn, I promise you won't like the consequences."

Rolling her eyes, Sarah shook her head. "Just go away, Goblin King. I don't want you here." Not tonight, of all nights.

"I suppose you want to be alone. You've changed." The slight tilt of her head urged him to go on. "You're ice-cold, and it suits you."

Sarah sighed. He was the reason she was the way she was, but it gave her no pleasure to hear his words of praise. She wouldn't let anyone near her – not when she still loved him.

Her breath caught in her throat as the words crossed her mind. Sure, he was the only one she had loved, she could admit that, but almost ten years had passed since she'd last seen him.

But not a day would pass that she wouldn't think of him.

And now she was talking to a figment of her drunken mind.

She groaned and leaned back, forgetting that there was nothing to keep her upright. In the moments fell, Sarah saw flickering candles and a shocked Goblin King, both who seemed off. Oh, right. She was upside down.

She felt a strong arm wrapped around her shoulders, holding her aloft. "That was a very stupid for you to do, Sarah-mine."

She nodded, her head pounding from the effort. "I know. But you're surprisingly strong for a figment of my imagination."

The Goblin King turned to Drake, who had rushed over to make sure Sarah was alright. "How much has she had to drink?"

"Too much, Your Majesty."

He nodded his thanks and picked Sarah up, cradling her to his chest. "Precious," he whispered, "It's really me."

She didn't hear him, between the pounding of the base and her own semi-conscious state.

Jareth turned and used his back to open a door to the side alley. The cold wind revitalized the young woman in his arms, making her open her eyes to look at him. She reached her hand up and caressed his cheek. "You're really here," she whispered. "I'm not imagining you, am I?" He shook his head, blonde hair flying to the sides. "Why?"

"Do I need a reason?" She hesitated, then nodded her head. "I…watch over you when you come here. The veil between our worlds is thin here, and more than one of its regulars are subjects of mine. I don't want them to cause you any trouble."

Damn. He hadn't planned to say that much.

But it was true.

Sarah started to squirm in his arms, so he let her jump from his arms, albeit somewhat reluctantly. "Goblin King, why are you really here?"

He flinched. "You don't believe me?"

She shook her head. "I know who you are, Goblin King. And I don't want you here."

Her words stabbed him in his stone-cold heart that he'd sworn had stopped beating many years ago, but he covered up his pain with a smirk. "Hm. You think you know me so well, don't you? A tiny slip of a girl like you, understand me, the almighty Goblin King?" He laughed and pushed her away from him. "You do yourself an honor you don't deserve."

She hit the brick wall with a sickening thud, but part of Jareth didn't care in the least, and that was the part that was in control. The other part of him, the weak part, wanted to run over to her side and whisper words of apology.

"Goblin King, you have no power over me!"

It was a pathetic attempt at a show of power, really, and it only made him laugh even harder. "You're here on my terms now, Precious." He snarled the endearment. "Those words have no power over me. Not anymore."

Sarah struggled to rise, but her legs slipped from under her. What a fool she'd been, to fall in love with him all those years ago, and to fall even harder when she looked into his eyes after nearly ten years. And he'd just proven how cruel he really was. The many times she'd daydreamed and scribbled in her notebook had built a world in which he loved her back – something that was painfully untrue. He'd proved it when he lied to her about his reasons for being at the club that night.

"Then just leave, would you? It's obvious you got what you came here for. I'm at your mercy, Goblin King. You've proven that you cannot be beaten, that you'll always win. So take your pride and leave me alone."

He didn't say anything, and the silent minutes dragged on. Eventually he walked toward her and held out a hand. "I swear, I will leave you in peace. Just grant me one request."

It was dangerous to make deals with the Fey, and she knew that, but it didn't stop her from reaching out a hand to place in his. "What is it?"

"A dance, nothing more."

She nodded, and he pulled her to her feet. "Just one dance. And then you'll leave me alone?"

He nodded. "I swear. Besides," he smirked, "One dance is all I'll need." Sarah swallowed and let her fear of the goblin King show for the first time that night. "And call me Jareth. I do believe we have gone beyond such formalities now.

Using the hand he'd pulled her up with, Jareth dragged Sarah back into the club and onto the dance floor, but at the last moment, she pulled back. "I…can't."

He raised an eyebrow. "And why ever not? We had a deal, Sarah-mine."

Sarah hesitated. There were so many people, and most were already wondering who Jareth was, and how he'd gotten her to the floor. No one had done even that, and Sarah didn't want to voice her nerves. She hadn't danced since her run through his Labyrinth, and she wasn't sure how she felt about dancing with him now, in a room full of mortals and Fey.

She was saved the embarrassment of answering when Stephanie and Tyler ran up to her. The couple began to inspect Jareth. "Nice job Sarah. But whatever happened to the 'I only dance with one person' rejection line?"

Stephanie's words made Jareth smirk. "Oh yes, do tell."

She sighed. "He's an old…acquaintance. Besides, the only reason those men ever want me to dance with them is for the challenge. I'm too plain to actually warrant any real interest."

Jareth snatched her hand and dragged her to center of the dance floor, pushing his way through the mass of bodies, and then turned to face her. "Don't you dare call yourself plain!"

Shaking her head, Sarah smiled sadly and looked up at him. "Jareth, you just don't understand, do you? Even you're only here because you needed to overcome the person who beat you before. Everyone I know thinks the same of me, that I'm just the regular girl with nothing outstanding about her." She looked away and started to leave, but Jareth kept a tight hold on her wrist.

"Then let's prove everyone wrong."

Entwining their fingers, Jareth pulled her close and placed a hand on her waist. "This is where you've always belonged, Precious. Right by my side."

She shook her head, but let him lead her in a slow waltz, completely at odds with the heavy metal music playing. "But what about – "

"The people?" he cut off. "They can go to hell, for all I care. You're the only one who matters." He released her waist and spun her around, pulling her into his chest at the last moment. The crowd had stopped dancing to watch the out of place couple, but he barely noticed. Sarah was the only one he saw.

The smile on her face was infectious, and soon Jareth was grinning like an idiot, something completely unbecoming of the great Goblin King.

But he couldn't find it in himself to care.

Their time together blurred together, until Sarah couldn't tell how much had passed. She had more than fulfilled her end of their deal, but she never wanted to stop. But her night was nearing its end, and they could both feel it. Her steps began to slow and falter until she stumbled and fell into his chest. "Sorry," she mumbled.

He chuckled softly and brought her back to her feet. "It's time, Precious."

She shook her head vigorously and gripped his hand firmly. "No! I'm fine. I can keep going." She met his eyes and could feel the tears roll down her face. "I won't let you leave!"

His smile was a sad, gentle one, but he pulled his hand from hers. "I'm sorry, Sarah. Truly I am." She stiffened at the use of her name, with no pet names or endearments tacked on. "But it's time to let go."

The last thing she saw was Jareth leaning down to kiss her.

Sarah woke up Sunday morning to birds chirping pleasantly outside, with the smell of bacon wafting up to meet her nose. So Stephanie and Tyler had stayed over again. It wasn't unusual, and she always got breakfast from it. But something felt off, like there was something she'd forgotten.

Pushing her blanket off of her, Sarah sat up and stretched, but flinched when her head began to pound. She'd had too much to drink at the club, and all that Scotch was coming back with a vengeance.


She never drank Scotch.

What the hell happened last night?

She reached over to pull her curtains closed to block out the blinding sun, but stopped. Her window was open, and a branch on the oak outside was moving. But there wasn't any wind, and none of the leaves were moving either.

She shook her head to clear it, figuring she'd just forgotten to close the window before she'd left for the Underground with Tyler and Stephanie. No big deal.

But when she came back into her room after a quick shower and pain meds, she found a rolled up piece of parchment on her nightstand.


As promised, I will leave you to yourself from now on. I'm probably breaking the rules of our contract as it is, but I couldn't leave things as they were.

I love you, Sarah, and you're the only woman I have ever and will ever love. But only I am to blame for my current situation. What's said is said, and never have I hated those words so passionately.

It is, however, with this letter that I say my goodbyes.

We can never be together, and I believe you know that as well, somewhere in your heart. Even without our words to bind us, our worlds are too different. I am a king, and while I know both the goblins and the few Fey I rule would love you, you have a life, a future in front of you in the mortal world.

And I can't get in the way of that.

The best thing for me to have done was to place the sleeping spell on you and leave you without any memories of last night, but alas, I am far too selfish for that. The words that led to our contract were false on, hopefully, both our sides. It hurt me to be so cruel, but I was honest in my reasons for being there last night. But I wanted you to remember that maybe, deep down, the Goblin King isn't as evil as you thought. I wanted to leave you with a piece of who I can really be.

I love you, but what's said is said.

Forever yours,


Tears streamed down Sarah's face as she read his letter. The white barn owl perched on the tree branch outside, watching her one last time. But he'd made an oath, and he was forced to stand by it. No matter how much it hurt them both.

If only she'd said the right words.

But instead it had killed them both.

Goodbye, Sarah-mine.

If I retreat, words, wars and symphonies

Make room we're takin' over here

You're the galantine, cold and alone, it suits you well

Won't find me perching here again

May your feet serve you well and the rest be sent to hell

Where they always have belonged, cold hearts brew colder songs

Fate will weigh us out with a song of pure romance

Stomp your feet and clap your hands

Let's kill tonight, kill tonight

Show them all you're not the ordinary type

Let's kill tonight, kill tonight

Show them all you're not the ordinary type

Let's kill tonight

May your feet serve you well and the rest be sent to hell

Where they always have belonged, cold hearts brew colder songs

Fate will weigh us out with a song of pure romance

So stomp your feet and clap your hands

Let's kill tonight, kill tonight

Show them all you're not the ordinary type

Let's kill tonight, kill tonight

Show them all you're not the ordinary type

Let's kill tonight, kill tonight

Show them all you're not the ordinary type

Let's kill tonight, kill tonight

Show them all you're not the ordinary type

Let's kill tonight

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