By Joshua Williams


Chip: I'm 16 year old boy who is in 10th grade attending Hamilton High school. I know a lot of people on campus, and people like being around me. I am also shy when around people I don't know, but with my friends, I'm a fun guy to hang out with.

Jason: My best friend. Although he has a lot of friends, he is often misunderstood by most people, and even his parents, but mostly his Dad. He does have a lot of problems with his life, but when he hangs with his best friends, all the problems tend to go away, especially if he's around me. What people don't know is that he has a crazy side, a psycho side.

Greg: He is the smart guy. He is mostly focused on his work, and always helps us when we really need it. You may think he's a nerd, but he is a cool guy to hang out with.

Jane: She is a girl with lots of spirit. If your day seems to be down, she always knows how to put a smile on your face. She's also part of the cheerleading team, so every game we have, we go to support our team, and to support her.

Kenny: He is the only 9th grader we hang out with, but he isn't exactly the brightest kid. He has some problems with his classes and doesn't know how to make a lot of friends. Thank god he found us.


Everyday I wake up early in the morning around 6:20 or 6:40. I put my clothes on, brush my hair, brush my teeth, pack my stuff up for school, eat breakfast, and catch the school bus or the expo line to school. Today was a Friday, so I couldn't wait for the day to be over with so I can go to the football game after school. My schedule for today was 3rd period theatre, 4th period resource room, 5th period Algebra, and 6th period Biology. You see, my school has a block schedule each week. Each day we only go to 4 classes, each class is 90 minutes long. So after 8 hours of school, I finally made my way over to our schools stadium where I meet my friends Greg and Kenny.

"Hey wazzup guys", I said.

"Hey chip", they both greeted.

"What's wrong Kenny?"

"I'm pretty upset right now", said Kenny. "Ms. Chorna told us our grades today, and I still have an F in her class. I guess it's the vocabulary homework that I'm not doing."

"Dude, when I had her last year, I didn't really do that homework, but I still did good on her Vocab test. You should start studying those words and try to come up with sentences to use when the test comes up. That's what I did, and I passed with a D."

"That's not exactly a good grade Chip." says Greg.

"Yea I know, but a D is still somewhat a passible grade, even though I still got to make up one semester of 9th grade English."

"Yea well…Wait a minute, where's Jason?"

"I don't know, I mean I haven't seen him all day but…"



Jason just starts busting out laughing at how scared I was.

"Jason, please don't do that again."

"Man I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself. I just had to scare you this time."

"Yea yea yea, come on guys, we're late for the game, let's go.", Says Kenny.

We all go the game, and our team lost majorly. It was 0 to 49. We were pretty upset, but when the Cheerleaders went up, that was the Highlight of the whole thing. They did one of the best routines that I've ever seen them do. After the game, we all caught the Expo line to our Neighborhood.

"Man, our team sucks." Says Kenny.

"Come on Kenny, the game is over, we can all just forget about it" said Jane.

"She's right Kenny, the game was like two hours ago, besides, we have an awesome cheerleading team, and an awesome cheerleader." I said.

"Aww, Thank you Chip."

"No problem Jane."

"Woah, looks like its kinda getting late, I gotta go." said Jason.

"But it's only 7:30"

"Yeah, that's why I gotta go."

"But you usually stay out until…"



After he ran home, we all just stared at him in disbelief. He just yelled in our face about going home, he never done something like that before. Then they all just started to stare directly at me.


"What the heck was that about?" Greg asked.

"I don't know" said Jane, "But I'm starting to worry about him."

"Why bother even saying that, we always worry about him because he has a lot of things going on in his life." said Kenny.

"Well, I don't think you guys heard this, but Jason had a break down during his biology class." I said.


"I don't know, but I this is what I heard. Jason wanted to leave the class, we don't know why…but he just had to get out, and of course teacher wouldn't let him go, but five minutes later…he just lost it. He started screaming, throws his stuff around the room, and just ran out."

"That doesn't sound like Jason to me." said Jane.

"I know, but I am starting to think that there's something seriously wrong with him. I mean if you noticed, he's been acting pretty strange this week. Before the game he scared the crap out of me. Usually he's pretty quiet, but hearing that he was screaming in class….Well, who wants to come over to my house for a while? I got nothing to do so I could use the company."

So after three hours of watching TV, watching videos on YouTube, and playing games, they all start to head home. Of course we were going to hang out tomorrow, which made me happy because I had an awesome surprise for them that they would all enjoy. I plan on taking them to see the Space shuttle Endeavour making its way down the street. I actually got an early view of it. Me and my mom woke up at 1:00 in the morning and drove to Manchester Street, and it just crossed over the 405 freeway, and we waited 2 hours before it started moving towards us. We got some awesome pictures of the Space Shuttle, and I started thinking about how my friends would love this, especially Greg. After 5:30, we left and headed home. Before we got to our neighborhood, we saw a few police cars around our neighborhood. We just went pass and got home. As I was getting ready to go to bed, something on the news catches my eye.

"BREAKING NEWS. A father in a family of three was found lying on the floor dead. 'We having no idea how this happened, I was upstairs sleeping when I heard my son screaming, and we just found him lying on the floor with a knives stabbed in his chest. It was awful.' The police are starting to investigate around The Green Traditions Gated community Neighborhood. Reporting live from Hawthorne on KCAL 9 News. Now back to the program."

This is when I realized, it's in our neighborhood.



On Saturday, we all went over to the Fourm to see the shuttle. My friends were all amazed that they were able to see this. Although I was still amazed that I was looking at the shuttle, I still couldn't brush off the fact that someone murdered a father in our neighborhood. I couldn't even sleep after that. I'm not exactly that tired but I just couldn't sleep. I mean what if the murderer came over to my house and killed me in my sleep? Well I brushed off that fact, I felt like had to tell my friends. But then I didn't want to.

As we head back to our neighborhood, Jane is wondering why I haven't spoken lately.

"Chip, what's wrong?"

"What? Oh, nothing" I said

"Are you sure? You were pretty silent all day. Is there something bothering you?"

"Well…I heard something on the news and…nah I don't wanna bring it up"

"Come on bro, what did you hear? We wanna know" says Kenny.

"…Someone was killed, in our neighborhood."

Jason looked pretty worried, as I was about to continue, Jason had to tell us something.

"Guys, I know what happened."

"You do? How?" said Greg.

"Well, at 10:00 PM, he was arguing with his son about playing sports. His son doesn't want to play sports, he would rather play music but his dumb father wouldn't let him. He though that playing music wasn't as manly as playing sports, his dad always wanted to man him up, ALWAYS. HE JUST COULDN'T ACCEPT THE FACT THAT HIS OWN SON DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY SPORTS, HE COULDN'T GET THAT THROUGH HIS BIG DUMB STUPID HEAD."

If you thought I was scared before, you should see all of us while he was telling the story.

"So, what did he do? He waited until his father thought he was asleep, and then, at 4:30…..he takes a knife, and jabs it in his father's chest, because he just couldn't take his crap anymore. So after that, he hid the evidence and pretended to scream to get his mother out to see what happened to her husband, and he felt so proud."

"Umm, Jason" I asked, "How do you know almost every single detail of this event?"


Once Jason told us that he "Killed" his own father, Jane, Greg, and Kenny was starting to run away because they were terrified. But they then realized that I was laughing.

"Whats so funny?" asked Greg.

"You have got to be kidding me, do you guys actually believe that Jason did something like this? I mean, for crying out loud its JASON. We all know that this guy wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone kill his father, I can't even believe that you guys are this gullible."

"But I have proof" said Jason, "Check whats in that bag."

When I looked in there, I saw that his head was decapitated from his body and Jason had put his head in this black plastic bag. Jason has completely lost is, he just starts laughing like a maniac, and that causes us to run for our lives, well…the other guys actually. I was just staring at Jason in shock. When Jason realized that they were running away, he tries to bring them back.

"No no no, wait guys come back…Chip, I'm so…."

"Dude, stay the heck away from me, you're a freak"

After that, I ran far away from home and found my friends.

"He's a lunatic"

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