Lightning split the sky as hero and villain faced each other. It was a scene that the heavens had witnessed many a time in ages past. Darkness and light, power and courage, evil and good stood at the ready, waiting for the opportunity to strike the other down.

The green-clad hero stood with the sword of evil's bane gripped tightly in his left hand, his sharp blue eyes focused on his opponent. The Triforce of Courage on the back of his sword hand was pulsing, dispelling any fear and letting him think clearly. The enemy was strong – too strong; he could feel the power emanating from the dark lord, but he did not despair. The hero had a reason to fight.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her. The princess, trapped in a veil of malevolent power, floating a short distance away from the impossibly high turret where her childhood friend was facing the shadowy menace. She and the entire kingdom were in danger, and the hero wouldn't let the fiend have his way.

He charged, and swung his sword. The dark lord countered, parrying his attack with ease and pushing him back, only to thrust forward in an attempt to run the hero through. The young man dodged with a jump to the left, rolled to absorb the impact of his landing, and came up behind the menace with a swirling strike. Again, his attack was parried, and he jumped back as the dark lord struck forward again and again, catching one strike with his sword and another with his shield.

The duel raged, neither gaining nor losing any ground; the dark lord was too powerful, but the hero too swift. The sky lit up with another shaft of lightning, and rain began to fall. The two locked swords; the dark lord lifted his foot and kicked the hero in the chest, sending him flying back into the wall of the turret. He managed to catch himself by grabbing the lower part of the turret wall and spat out a bit of blood, breathing heavily. The hero knew he had to end this quickly; he was getting tired, and that last kick had knocked the wind out of him.

He turned to face his opponent, but was stopped in his tracks by a splitting pain that erupted from his stomach. He looked down to see the dark lord's sword piercing his torso, blood staining the green of his tunic a dull crimson. The hero's eyes widened; the shock caused his hands to go slack, and the Master Sword and his shield clattered against the slick stones of the turret. Ganondorf let out a triumphant howl, and ripped his sword from the hero's body and kicked him in the chest, sending him flying off the tower and plummeting towards the ground below.

Zelda's desperate scream echoed in his ears as he fell for what seemed like an eternity. He tried to keep his eyes open, but the pain and exhaustion were winning him over. As the princess's voice faded from his mind, Link closed his eyes.

"I… failed…" Was the hero's last thought as silence overcame him.