:::Author's Note:::

The following story is a blatant Alternate universe in which the Kyuubi attack occurred 15 years prior to the graduating class of the normal Naruto cast.

The Graduates are all 13 save for Naruto and Sasuke who are 15, the reasons for their joining of the younger students will be explain in the story, though Naruto failed to years running, (like in the Canon storyline.)

This story is also a Smart Genjutsu wielding Naruto, If you don't like that concept then piss off now before you start getting up my grill about it. The other thing is that this story will be a Naruto/Kurenai story, I say this because like with the aforemention nature of the story I am trying to weed out the idiots who don't like this stuff.

Now that the 'un'pleasantries are dealt with, lets finish with the disclaimer and only for those that cannot read the summaries (Mother &%$#ing IDIOTS!)

I do not own Naruto, it is owned by Masashi Kishimoto, and I am not making any money from this literary production.

:::October 10th, 5 years after the Kyuubi attack:::

Uzumaki Naruto was walking through the streets of Konoha, the Kyuubi festival was just beginning and the noise had attracted the young blonde boy. When he approached the area where the festivities were taking place, two men stood in front of him. Both men had a light pink tinge on their cheeks and their breaths smelt strongly of alcohol, they stood in front of the boy and outright refuse to let him enter the boy through.

"Look at the demon trying to get in here." One of the men spoke up.

"If he wants to take part in the these celebrations he can forget it. There's no way we'll the demon in here just to ruin it." the other man replied.

Naruto was confused, he didn't know who they were talking about when they said demon and he couldn't understand why they thought he would ruin the celebrations. The boy's mind was working in overdrive trying to comprehend the situation, his mind being far more developed and allowing him greater cognitive processing abilities, his intelligence rivalling even the Nara clan's. Unfortunately for Naruto, he was so caught in his thoughts that he didn't realise that one of the men had started to strike out at him until the punch connected.

"Get out of here demon. We aren't letting you in and if you try again, we'll finish what the forth started." The first yelled at Naruto, his knuckles had some blood on them from having just slugged Naruto across the cheek.

"Why'd you punch me? I'm not a demon, and I didn't do anything wrong!" Naruto yelled back at the men, and the effect it had was not something that Naruto had expected. When the men heard this, their faces nearly flushed completely with anger.

"Didn't do anything wrong? Not a Demon? Don't give me that crap, I know exactly what you are and that's going to be dead soon." The first man lunged at Naruto, who just narrowly jumped out of the way to avoid being punched again. The man continued the thrash about, attempting to hit Naruto, but he only ended up sloppily wailing at the at air until Naruto finally started running away from the men. Both took chase after him and threw whatever they could get their hands on at any given moment, but neither could hit their target. Eventually Naruto ran himself into a blocked off street, and with no way out he was cornered by his pursuer's. When the men came upon the alleyway that Naruto he cornered himself into, they slowly approached and as they reached him, the second man threw a punch, which made contact because there was little room for the boy to move in. The men then started beating on the boy relentlessly, until he was finally beaten to unconsciousness.

Naruto woke up in what seemed to a be a run-down sewer system, the walls were lined with pipes and in each there could be seen a blue fluid flowing through them, except one, which had a glowing red fluid and was flowing in another direction to the other pipes. Naruto started to think about his situation. 'Alright, let's gather the facts. I was beaten until I fell unconscious, and then I wake up in a sewer system that has probably seen better days, in which there are creepy pipes running along the walls that has a very suspicious pipe that is obviously out of place among the other pipes.' Naruto thought through everything that might have happened, but he couldn't make sense of it, so he ended up deciding to follow the red pipe to where ever its source was.

The red pipe continued down the sewer for a fair distance for the young boy, but eventually it ended, on the opposite side of a giant gate which had a charm paper, with the kanji for seal on it, bridging both sides of the gate together. Naruto approached the gate slowly and when he was within several metres of the gate, a giant clawed hand flashed from the other side and slammed into the ground in front of the boy. The hand raised itself up and gave way the image of a giant fox sitting behind the barred gate.

Blinking a few times, the small blonde boy brought a hand to his cheek before saying, "Maa, that was surprising." his voice was vaguely laced with the appropriate emotion, however it was said in a more deadpanned manner that almost had the fox behind the gate fall over from the sudden release of tension in its body. After the a while, the fox finally spoke up, "HN, I'M IMPRESSED. MOST OTHER WOULD HAVE AT LEAST FLINCHED." The fox's voice boomed, dripping with power.

Naruto didn't say anything, but tried to figure out exactly where he was. Taking a close look at the fox's giant form before him, he could make out a multitude of tail behind it. Naruto instantly recognized the importance of this and deduced that the being before him was the Kyuubi no Yoko. With having deduced the identity of the being before him, Naruto started to think through everything he had seen, the seal paper, the kyuubi was behind it, in a place he didn't know. This line of think allowed him to reach several conclusions; 1, the fox was probably sealed within him, 2, if the fox was sealed within him then this must be his mindscape, 3, Naruto couldn't think of a reason behind why he had been chosen to have the fox sealed within him and remembered that the Yondaime, who was most likely the one who sealed the fox, was a very noble man who would sacrifice of himself before asking anyone else to do so, this lead to the conclusion that he might be the son of the Yondime Hokage.

"Well, I suppose that would explain why they called me demon, and pretty much everything else that has happened so far." Naruto muttered to himself, but he was loud enough that the fox heard it.

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, NINGEN" The fox spoke up, questioning what the boy had said.

"Oh nothing really, just that I was cast to the wolves, so to speak, when I could barely walk, I was refused any service to food, probably thought I wouldn't be able to find any food so I would starve, and there's also the fact that I was just recently beaten to unconsciousness for apparently being a demon that killed lots of people 'round here. Sound familiar?" Naruto spoke with sarcasm dripping off his voice.

If the fox was surprised that the mortal child before him could survive such an ordeal so early in life, he didn't show it. The fox then thought about what the consequence of his container dying would be a decided that he would try to help the boy, if only for self preservation. "ALRIGHT NINGEN, I HAVE DECIDED THAT I AM GOING TO HELP YOU, AND BEFORE YOU ASK HOW, I WILL TRAIN YOU IN THE ART OF ILLUSIONS, AND ALL THAT ASK FOR IN RETURN IS THAT YOU CHANGE THIS PLACE INTO SOMETHING MORE HOSPITABLE, AND ALLOW ME ACCESS TO YOUR MIND, SO THAT I CAN SPEAK TO YOU WITHOUT HAVING TO DRAG YOU BACK HERE."

The only indication that Naruto was even remotely surprised was the slight rising of an eyebrow. A few moments passed before Naruto spoke up, "So I guess it's from the goodness of your heart that you want to help with such little return, ne?" Naruto laced his question with sarcasm causing the fox twitch slightly.

"NINGEN, I OFFER YOU INSTRUCTION AND IN RETURN, YOU MOCK ME?" The fox's voice was closer to growl, a threat of great pain hidden behind the words that were spoken.

Naruto glared at the giant fox before speaking, "Okay, first, you decide you were going to train me, you didn't offer it, and second you have given me any reason why I should trust you in the first." After he had spoke, the fox's eyes widened slightly upon realising that what the boy had said was true.

"I SUPPOSE YOU HAVE A POINT, NOW AS FOR WHY I DECIDED THIS, IT IS FOR BOTH OF OUR BENEFIT. MY TRAINING WILL ALLOW YOU TO SURVIVE LONGER AND THAT IN TURN WILL ALLOW ME TO SURVIVE LONGER, AT LEAST LONG ENOUGH FOR ONE OF US TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET ME OUT OF HERE." Naruto rolled his eyes when he heard this as the fox had avoided admitting that it was wrong and didn't offer and condolences to having over reacted to the boy's caution.

"Alright, I'll accept your training and clean this place up, but try to be a little personable okay, I don't like talking to stuck up egoists." Naruto said calmly before continuing, "So what are we going to be working on first?"

Kyuubi grinned, as best that a fox can given the lack of appropriate facial muscles, before it spoke up once more, "GOOD, BUT I SUPPOSE IT WOULD BE EASIER FOR YOU TO TALK TO ME IF I WERE TO ASSUME THE FORM MORE AKIN TO YOU NINGENS, NE?" The kyuubi's question was immediately followed by a flash of light that engulfed the fox, leaving behind a woman in her early twenties, she had long blood red hair that reached her waist, atop of which she had two fox ears with fur the same colour to her hair but with black tip to them. The woman's face was soft in appearance, but long and angular, given her a feminine yet regal look. She was clothed in a soft red kimono that hung loosely from the side of her shoulders barely covering her breasts. The kimono was wrapped with a black obi, closing the cloth just beneath her impressive bust line and opening again about her knees, showing off her slender legs and bare feet. From behind her, nine long fox tails could be seen

When the transformation was complete, Naruto was simply awestruck by the new appearance of the Kyuubi no Yoko. Seeing the look upon the young boys face, the Kyuubi softly chuckled before speaking up, "Are you enjoying the view, ningen?" her voice no longer boomed through the area and the power behind it could no longer be felt, instead it was soft and melodious. Naruto snapped out of his stupor when he heard the Kyuubi speak, and blushed because of the implications of what had happened.

The Kyuubi chuckled again at the blush that formed on Naruto's face and proceeded to inform the boy of what they would start with in his training, meditation. Naruto's face scrunched up when he heard that and asked why they would be doing that, only to be given a vague answer that it is part of the basics that must be known. Deciding that she most likely knew what she was talking about, Naruto started to try and meditate on to be laughed at by the Kyuubi.

"And just what's so funny." Naurto demanded, he had just tried to do what was asked of him and being laughed at wasn't very nice.

"While I do think that such eager determination is good, I did not mean that you would be meditating in here, because that would be fruitless." The Kyuubi smirked at the boy when he blush upon realising just what she meant. After that, Naruto bid his goodbyes to the anthropomorphised fox and disappeared.

"Perhaps this wont all that painful, and maybe I can have some with him along the way." The Kyuubi said to herself after Naruto had left.

Outside Naruto's Mind

Naruto woke up once more, only this time he found himself in a bed surrounded by medical equipment and white walls. After looking around the room, and trying to gather his bearings, an old man in a long white haori walked into the room. This man was the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, the old man was a close acquaintance of Naruto's and often tried to do what he could to ensure Naruto's safety and wellbeing, though he could only really do so much.

"Ahh, Naruto, I see that you have finally woken up." Hiruzen said as he approached the boy's current bed.

"Yeah, but what happened to the two guys that did this to me?" Naruto asked, he didn't really care what happened but he thought it would be polite to at least try to continue the conversation.

"They were arrested and are currently being questioned as to why they attacked a fellow villager of the leaf." The explanation was simple and true, but Hiruzen knew the reason already, but he didn't not want Naruto to become embittered to the villagers for something that he did not have any control over.

Naruto looked at the old man suspiciously, but decided to keep any suspicions to himself and resorted to smiling and speaking in a loud manner, "Okay Jii-chan. Ne Jii-chan, can I go home now?"

Hiruzen laughed at the manner in which Naruto acted and told him he could leave. Naruto collected his clothes and left the hospital, and when he arrived at his home, he immediately sat on the floor and tried to meditate. After a few minutes, Naruto realised that he had no idea how to meditate, so he tried calling out to the Kyuubi with his thoughts.

'Kyuubi, can you hear me?' Naruto was skeptical that this would work.

'Yes ningen, I can hear you. Now what did you want to talk about?' Kyuubi's soft voice rang through Naruto's head surprising the boy.

'Well, I don't know how to meditate.' After Naruto had said this, he felt a little embarrassed as the Kyuubi started laughing.

'It's really quite simple, all you need to do is relax your body and focus your mind, eventually you will be able to feel a power, it will probably take you a while to find it but…'

As the Kyuubi was speaking, Naruto was attempting what was being described and as soon as Kyuubi had explain that had should feel a power, he realised that he could feel it, but the only way he could describe it was as a bright blue light in a field of darkness. Naruto exclaimed at his discovery and immediately started to tell the Kyuubi about it, 'Yatta, Kyuubi-chan, I did it!'

When Naruto exclaimed that he had achieved the final aim of this meditation exercise, she was surprised and asked for him to explain what it was that he had found. Kyuubi's surprise only increased when Naruto explained, proving that he had indeed found what he was supposed to be looking for, his Chakra. Quickly getting over her surprise, Kyuubi informed Naruto exactly what it was that he had found and that they could now move on with the training.

This event was one of many and during his training under the tutelage of the Kyuubi, Naruto grew by leaps and bounds, he quickly grasped concepts and ideas and could easily apply theory into practice with little to no difficulty. Kyuubi told Naruto that he should use his knowledge of illusions to help him acquire anything that he might need from store's for survival, this was how Naruto managed to prevent himself from being overpriced at any of the markets, and he continued to fool the villagers into thinking that he was both a simple idiot and an incompetent fool with no talent at any of the ninja arts.

Three years after his first meeting with the Kyuubi, Naruto had a fateful encoutner with Konoha's own Genjutsu Mistress, Yuuhi Kurenai. This meeting sparked was a single instance, which became a friendship, which developed into something even more.

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