Disclaimer I do not own the characters in this story. I wish the people who did would use them and create new series. I have just borrowed the characters.

A/N This was a picture Challenge with two pics. The first is Elizabeth Quinn relaxing in a hip bath covered by bubbles. The second is Michaela, Brian, Loren and Dorothy in a crowd.

Elizabeth Quinn had come to Colorado to try and encourage her Daughter to return to Boston and become the lady she was brought up to be.
But witnessing the transformation this rustic frontier town had achieved on her and listening to the people and how they adored her as well as the children Michaela had taken in, she was beginning to see what her husband had seen all those years ago when she had been young and stated she wanted to become a doctor just like her pa.

One day they had all assembled in the meadow awaiting the start of some Country and Western show. Elizabeth was wondering if she hadn't seen enough of the Wild West all ready. It was stifling hot and so she had excused herself and walked to the cemetery and around behind the church. Coming towards the back of the pavilion for the show she thought it looked cooler than sitting out in the front. Gingerly she moved a curtain only to come across the most glorious sight to behold for an old lady on a day like today. There was actually set up a copper hip bath as if inviting someone to partake of this divine delight. A tranquil scene was set around it and some ladies essentials soap, bubble bath and scents for the water the like of which she had left behind in Boston.

Waiting to witness anyone coming in to partake of this bath she hesitated. Finally her sticky clothing and the sight of the inviting bath became too much to bear. She shed her garments placing them within reach and dipped her big toe in with a sigh. The water was just right as she slid into the tub.

Leaning back into the glorious scented water she closed her eyes and dreamed of better times. Elizabeth was oblivious of the show beginning to commence with a drum roll and the stage master saying.

"Ladies direct from the grand houses of our fine cities we have here the best, the finest of accessories you will ever see here on the frontier. We have scented bath water, bubbles to entice the skin, we have sponges taken from the oceans of our fine country to caress the skin all here for you to try and buy. When the show is over please come and look at what is available for you to purchase."

With a grandiose sweep of his arm he drew the curtain back.

The crowd gasped seeing Elizabeth Quinn reclining in a hip bath with her eyes closed surrounded by bubbles.

Hearing gasps Elizabeth opened her eyes and became aware she was displayed on a stage. Humiliated beyond measure she slid down further as she looked at the ring master who was spluttering, trying to hastily close the curtain.

Out in the front row there was an equally surprised reaction: Mr Bray fainted dead away while Brian was trying to contain his mirth. Dorothy was leaning forward trying to get her friend's attention as she asked, "Michaela wasn't that your mother?"

And Michaela, with a stern face, thought, "Mother how could you embarrass me even further?"

The scandal made Elizabeth rush out of town, leaving behind her relieved daughter.

The end