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There is something wrong with how Beast Boy touches her.

Most of the time, it's unavoidable. The accidental brushing of his arm against hers as they pass each other in the hallways. The brief seconds where he'll lean across her at dinner, reaching for something a little too far away. Car rides where his body is a solid line of heat along her side.

Other times he isn't just a helpless bystander. Like the times when he grips her hand to pull her towards a movie poster. Or moments when he's wrapped his arm around her shoulders to steer her away from prying eyes and eager cameras. The unspoken reassurance of his back pressed against hers in a battle. She knows he isn't intentionally trying to make her uncomfortable so she lets those instances slide by with only a minor warning.

Beast Boy is usually the willing hand ready to pull her off the ground when she needs it. He's also the ready shoulder to lean on when she won't admit she wants it. More than once, he's been the arms that carried her to safety. That is all acceptable though. She has no reason to be upset with him in those situations.

He's usually trying to protect her. Or even better, attempting to pull her into the vastly different world he lives in. She'll never admit to it, but the gesture is almost as touching as he tends to be. Those are all times when he can get away with touching her and she doesn't want to argue. But she still does anyways.

Overall, there's nothing inappropriate about how he touches her in either the action or intention. He's been raised to be a hero, so he behaves as one.

She still lectures him constantly about personal space. Pushes away the offered hand and ignores his waiting arms. For the most part he listens. Sometimes he just doesn't bother to. But that isn't the real problem.

She's seen how his eyes will smolder, usually right before he dives head long into some sort of trouble. The playfully crooked grin that splits across his face when something has gained his full attention never escapes her notice. And maybe, just maybe, she has wondered what capturing his entire focus would feel like.

The problem is that she sometimes wishes he wasn't so utterly innocent.

Beast Boy doesn't have many secrets, but one is that he's constantly running a fever. Next to nobody knows it and even fewer understands why. Even she isn't completely sure, but she knows it has something to do with his powers. Regardless of the reason, he's always burning up. Every time he touches her, it's like some of that fever passes to her. And in his absence, the world becomes that much colder.

Sometimes she imagines what it would be like if he set her blood on fire on purpose. What it would feel like to constantly be enveloped in the warmth he radiates. How it would feel to completely surrender to the shocking heat he introduces to her cold world.

So she pushes him as far away as she can stand to. Not because he touches her too much. No, she's terrified to discover she doesn't think he does it enough.