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Ever since he joined the Titans, Beast Boy smells like lavender.

It follows him everywhere. From the soap in the bathroom to the socks he wears much too long. For such an innocent scent, it clings to his skin like a jealous lover. He just can't escape the soft aroma.

His clean laundry reeks of the flower's fragrance. Nothing seems capable of removing the hint of lavender from his uniform. Dirt and sweat have no effect. Blood just adds a tang of sharp copper to the bitter sweetness. Even after wrestling with Plasmus, he can still pick out the lingering flowery scent through the muck and slime.

His sheets even smell like the innocent purple flower. Every night when he collapses exhausted into bed, lavender welcomes him. It lulls and soothes against jumbled thought and jittery instinct. Something about the smell of lavender never fails to make him feel at ease and comforted. In his sleep, lavender winds itself through his dreams.

Before the Titans, his scent had comprised of normal things. Dirt, grass, and the understated bite of salt from the ocean he spends too much time around. Some days brought the faded scents of smoke, blood, and just the tiniest hint of desperation. Then there were traces that weren't so every day. Fur and feathers and sweat. It all blended and faded together to create something uniquely his own.

Except now his scent is all those things plus the perfume from a pretty purple flower. But lavender isn't really a problem. The problem is the reason behind lavender.

Like has gone with like since the beginning of time. It is the most sacred rule of the laundry room, a place where he has absolutely no power. So his dark uniform gets thrown in the wash with navy leotards and royal blue cloaks. Flowery detergent and fabric softener aren't his first choice, but they most certainly are somebody else's. Somebody he has enough ridiculous arguments with already.

The shampoo he steals shamelessly is dizzying from soft lavender and faint vanilla. He's too lazy to remember what type he likes or that he needs to get it. Reaching for the slim purple bottle is easy and instinctive now. Very little compares to finishing a long, exhausting day with a hot shower and stolen soap. It's been habit for years now, and he's never ever been told to stop. So he just keeps taking without asking.

The flower doesn't cause that itch inside his head. It's the fact that he's not the only one.

The swish of her cloak in flight is lavender. Warm breezes playing through her hair is lavender. The elegant lines of her uniform are lavender. Gentle eyes filled with untold wishes the color of lavender. Her dark room is steeped in ancient parchment and faded flowers. Lavender is the hint of her smile, so soft and just the right amount of bitter to sweet. She is poise, elegance, refinement, control, everything he isn't and lavender.

He's undomesticated, unpredictable, and unable to understand big words. Nothing he is screams lavender. Such a soft and understated scent doesn't suit somebody so rough around the edges. Lavender seems to call for poise and elegance. Beast Boy isn't lavender. That's just how the world is supposed to be.

Yet the scent of lavender never seems to completely fade from him or his surroundings. It's a fact he doesn't hide tied to secret he can't bring himself to admit. Lavender may have never picked him, but he most certainly picked lavender when the time came. Yes, it's a little embarrassing but it was also a little inevitable. He was going to do it on his terms.

It feels like he started stealing her shampoo a lifetime ago. Years since he meekly accepted the feminine touch of flowers on his clean laundry. It's going to take a lot longer until he can voice what that means. Until then, Beast Boy will just cling to his secret like the lingering hint of lavender to his skin.